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How I Cut & Color My Hair

blended balayage angled hair cut

This may very possibly be the most requested post of ALL TIME. I get quite a few questions about my hair regularly (ya'll are so kind, thank you), and after I had the cut & color freshened up last week, my direct message inbox has been flooded by questions asking what I had done. SO, as promised, today I'm writing a post about all things hair, with help of my sweet, sweet stylist, Kristen. I asked her to help me explain what she did in case you want to take the info. to your own stylist. 


A Bow Embellished LBD

I shared this dress recently on Instagram while attending NY Now in NYC with grace + hudson. It was such a hit that I wanted to share it in a post so you could get a closer look. I love it so much because it's a good price point for a designer dress, and extremely versatile. Perfect for all the occasions to come... Mother's Day, Easter, weddings, dress rehearsals, bridal showers, and even a nice date night! The bow embellishment and shoulder cutouts give it just the right amount of pizzazz while keeping it conservative and classy. 


Caring For Damaged Hair

This post is sponsored by Mirum, but all opinions expressed are my own.

dove intensive repair shampoo and conditioner

dove intensive repair shampoo and conditioner

Another week, another Monday. Boy, how they roll around so quickly! Hopefully, you've had a large cup of coffee by now and are ready for a fab week ahead. I've had SO many questions lately about my hair and what products I use that I wanted to share a new shampoo and conditioner by Dove I picked up at Ulta. My goal is to always give you lots of options and reviews so you can choose what's best for your routine and your hair. Today's products come at an amazing price point and are also formulated to take good care of your damaged hair - and who wouldn't want that?! 

A Mini Transition

tyler boe leopard skirt

I'm so excited to share today's post because I've gotten quite a few questions lately about how to transition a mini skirt from winter to spring. Or just how to wear one in cooler weather. It's definitely more of a challenge as more of your body is exposed to non-mini temps but there are several ways you can make it appropriate, and also classy. I like to think that the shorter the skirt, the flatter the shoe, and the longer to the top. Obviously, as it gets warmer and warmer wearing less can be okay, but for now, more is more lol.  


Feeling The Love

j.crew wrap skirt in jacquard hearts

baublebar layered necklace

Happy Valentine's Day, Friends! I hope you have a nice day planned... a fun date night, a Galentine's day movie night, or even just a bubble bath with a glass of wine. Justin had to travel for work today so we went out to a fabulous Vday dinner Saturday at a restaurant I'd never been to before. It was so good! I'm ready for the next holiday so we can go back. 

Many of you have already seen this adorable bow wrap heart skirt on social media as I couldn't wait to share it several days ago. My sweet grandmother sent this to me for my birthday and I fell in love with it instantly. Then I received this beautiful black ruffle sleeve blouse and they made a perfect pair! 


Fashion Week Inspired Hair

This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own. 

TRESemme micro-mist hair spray hair tutorial

As many of you know I was in New York City last week for work and sadly had to leave right as Fashion Week was starting. But even though I can't be there for all the shows and parties, I can still look the part! With the help of TRESemme's NEW Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Spray, I've created a fab Fashion Week inspired hair tutorial. It's easy to learn and can be achieved quickly if you're in a hurry heading a show... date night, or an elegant event about town!
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