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The Blog Societies Conference 2018 Recap

amanda marshall erica ligenza the blog societies conference
Photo Cred: xxiiiphoto

I'm finally getting things organized and back on track today at PMHQ. Yesterday I played catch up and clean up after a long weekend away in Atlanta where I attend The Blog Societies 2018 Conference. It was an incredible experience where I learned more than I ever thought I would and made amazing new blog friends I look forward to traveling with and staying in touch with regularly! Today I thought I'd recap what the conference was all about in case any of you are interested in going in the future. 

So for all the fun details just keep reading!
BTW all of my outfits are linked under SHOP THE POST.

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The Prettiest Floral Jumpsuit Under $100

nordstrom cece mayfair ditzy jumpsuit

Finally getting a second post up for the week! I've been running around like crazy getting ready for a trip and taking a quick breath from the Nordstrom Sale (btw lots of things are starting to restock!). I flew into Atlanta this morning for a blogging conference with The Blog Societies and can't wait to share some of my trip via IG stories and next week here on the blog. I'm really excited to meet some new blogger friends, chit chat with some fab brands, and learn about what's new in the industry. 


Five Ways To Grow A Following On Social Media

nordstrom pst by project social t goal digger sweatshirt

Get ready! Today's post is a long one y'all. 

One of the most requested post topics I've had is how I've grown a following on social media (and my blog). So I wanted to take some time and chit chat about five things I feel are important to cultivating a loyal audience and what I've done to get where I am. I'll say this now... there isn't an easy, one size fits all answer. It's a lot of trial and error, a lot of long nights, a lot of work, but also A LOT OF FUN! The opportunities are endless as an influencer and you have total control of your content. You'll meet amazing men and women from all over the world and even develop meaningful friendships with followers and influencers alike! It's a wild, but very rewarding ride.

If I missed anything you're still wondering about please feel free to message me, email me, dm me, send a smoke signal lol, and let me know what you'd like to know!


What's In My Bag | Last Chance To Shop The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

nordstrom tory burch small marsden tote

nordstrom tory burch small marsden tote

I'm sure you've already heard... it's the LAST DAY of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I thought I'd share a couple of items that are still in stock, specifically my new Tory Burch Small Marsden Leather Tote. It's been one of the most popular items on Pardon Muah and for good reason! It's high-quality, a nice supple leather, small enough to take everywhere, and big enough to fit all the essentials. Speaking of which, I thought I would share those too! Continue reading to find out what's in my bag. 

And if you'd like to see what's still in stock for clothing you can check out my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-On... and plenty of other sale posts at the end of this one!


Best Beauty Buys From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I've said this many times throughout my blogging career but TODAY may be my favorite set of photos ever. One, because I clearly didn't take myself too seriously, and two, because I took the photos all by myself! I normally I edit everything I take on my own, but these were definitely on a different level and it was really cool to see what I was able to create with some lights, my camera, and a wireless remote. I'll be sharing more about how I take my own photos soon (for now all of my blog equipment is here). 

Anyhow, onto more important things - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty buys


Nine Items In Stock From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

nordstrom anniversary sale in stock items

There are only four days left in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (it ends August 5th) so today I'm sharing nine items that are still in stock and well worth buying. By now I've had plenty of time to use my beauty buys and repeatedly try on clothes and shoes, so I feel confident you will love all nine of these as much as I do! They are all great transitional pieces you can start using and wearing now and into Fall. All items are linked below and in-depth reviews are listed - just continue reading!


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