Cleaning Brushes: The Down & Dirty

Brush Cleaning Essentials

  1. WATER - I prefer warm water.
  2. MAC BRUSH CLEANSER - My favorite! The consistency of this cleanser is very thin, making it easy to wash out and not sticky. Johnson's baby shampoo is an inexpensive alternative, but I find the thicker, soapy consistency harder to wash out.
  3. SIGMA SPA BRUSH CLEANING GLOVE - At first glance this seems strange, but it really works! The glove is made up of different textures for different size brushes. It also washes, rinses and refines bristles. Plus it keeps your hands clean!
  4. TOWEL - I like to soak up extra water with a wash cloth or towel and I leave my brushes laying down to dry overnight. You can also use a brush stand so that the bristles drain downwards. Never place brushes upright to dry.

I have an enormous obsession with makeup brushes {as I do with many other beauty products}. The more luxurious the brush, the more enjoyable makeup application becomes. The options are endless and new brush brands seem to pop up every day. The downside to owning and using numerous brushes, for me, is cleaning. I have to say I am quite negligent when it comes to washing my makeup brushes every week. I equate the process to vacuuming or cleaning the tub - and if you know me these are tasks I wish did not exist! Nevertheless, the shampooing, rinsing, and drying is inevitable, and essential. Cleaning your brushes ensures you aren't depositing old makeup onto your skin and keeps breakouts at bay.


  1. WATER - First, I run my brush under warm water.
  2. CLEANSER - Second, I squeeze a small amount of cleanser onto the brush. If you poor a thin cleanser onto the glove itself, it will run off.
  3. SPA GLOVE - I use the wash section of my spa glove running the bristles side to side getting out all of the excess makeup. You may have to repeat steps 1-3 several times if your brush is really dirty. 
  4. RINSE - Once your brush is nice and clean, give it a good rinse to get out all of the cleanser and soapy residue.
  5. DRAIN - Using the side of my spa glove I squeeze the bristles of my brush together to drain out all of the water. squeezing in the natural direction of the bristles. You can also do this by hand.
  6. REFINE - Before I dry my brushes I run them lightly along the refine section of my glove, which is made up of tiny bumps that help to reshape your brush.
  7. DRY - Lastly I pat my brushes dry on a wash cloth or towel and leave them on their side until fully dry. This takes several hours, especially for synthetic brushes. I find that real hair brushes dry faster {and are much easier to clean}.
It's always a good idea to use a brush cleaner spray or even your cleanser for spot cleaning daily. Simply place some of the cleaner/cleanser on a wash cloth and gently run your brush in a sideways motion through the solution until clean. 

Happy Cleaning! 


The Victoria Statement Necklace is an absolutely amazing piece! This beautiful statement necklace pairs great with a chambray shirt or as the icing on a little black dress. The Victoria is quite versatile and worth every penny in my opinion. Click the photo above for more details!

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Fancy Friday Giveaway Winner #1


Pretty Polish for Work & Play

Pretty PolishSo many pretty polishes! Summer is the time to play with color and show off your bright citrus colors. Whether it's work or play, make sure your nails are looking gorgeous. I've gone through many stages of acrylic and gel nails, but I've decided to save my money and paint my own! I am very guilty of waiting until the very last minute to freshen up my coat of paint and it's definitely something people notice. Especially if you work in a business environment where you shake hands on the daily. Depending on your workplace and your career some summer colors may not be appropriate. I've grouped together my favorite weekend shades and the ones I wear Monday - Friday. I've also included some nail polish must haves!

  1. OPI - Bubble Bath *Best Work Color!
  2. OPI - Mod About You {the perfect opaque light pink}
  3. Essie - Marshmallow
  4. Essie - Cocktails & Coconuts
  1. China Glaze - Shocking Pink
  2. OPI - I Just Can't Copeacabana
  3. FACE Stockholm - Mint Condition {J.Crew - the perfect tiffany blue}
  4. Butter London - Trout Pout *Favorite summer color!

  1. Orly - Bonder {Put this on before your nail polish or base}
  2. Orly - Sec n' Dry
  3. Essie - quick-e {dry your nails in seconds with a couple drops}
So what are you waiting for? Go get out those pretty polishes and doll up your fingers! Tomorrow is Friday so a little something fun is always more acceptable {at least that's my belief}.

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Extinguish Razor Burn - My Favorite Razor

Favorite Razor

It's hard to believe it's already Tuesday. The weekend flew past - between working, venue shopping, and the daily chores I was unable to post Sunday and Monday - but here we are! I wanted to highlight one of my favorite shower accessories {my razor}.

For the past couple months I have suffered from worse than usual razor burn on my legs, even if I moisturized directly after showering. I had almost given up hope of finding a razor or a shaving cream and would save me from these red, itchy, ugly bumps. My mom had suggested a razor long, long ago, that I just couldn't convince myself to buy. One day while on one of my many CVS shopping trips, the box caught my eye {it was labelled "sensitive"}. At this point I had no other options and opted to, once again, buy a new cool razor.

To my joy and astonishment, the Schick Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care Razor, was by far the best and most user-friendly razor I have ever tried. The razor itself if surrounded by a solid shaving cream - so instead of lathering your body before shaving, the razor is 2-in-1. Thank goodness!

The downside: Because the razor is surrounded by an unprotected solid shaving cream {and your razor usually sits in the shower}, the shaving solid quickly disappears, and as we all probably know, razors are way too expensive! But, until I find something new, the razors, to me, are worth repurchasing!

Schick Razor

Sunless Tanning 101

Happy Summer! You may have been fooled by the summer-like weather the past couple weeks, but today is officially the beginning! Summer brings many things - the pool, vacation, warm weather and a beautiful tan. I used to yearn for a darker complexion or at least skin that would easily tan. Unfortunately, tanning for me is a difficult and long process. Not to mention, tanning is horrible for your skin, no matter your skin type. Sadly, I went through the "tanning bed" phase for several summers, and I so regret that decision. There are so many ways to achieve a gorgeous tan {year round} without baking your skin. Trust me, I enjoy a lake day as much as the next girl, and yes, I still naturally tan in the sun, but not without SPF 30+. My lake days and beach vacations are sparse due to a strenuous full-time work schedule, and a sporadic part-time work schedule.

Thankfully, SPRAY TANNING is the best and most wonderful alternative!

Morning after spray tan with San Tan's Whitney Combs, my personal tanning technician!
I actually got my first spray tan in high school. It was one of the original spray machines and boy did I get dark! I had no idea what I was doing and ended up way too tan and definitely splotchy. Since then, I have spray tanned numerous times for college occasions, and now weekly to keep a healthy glow. If you've never spray tanned before it may seem like a strange concept and there is an "art" to spraying. The tips I have learned over the years are below:
  1. Whitney says "Always shave and exfoliate the night before." You want your skin to be smooth and hairless before taking on several sprays of color. This also keeps you from shaving the next day, which will take off some of the color.
  2. Moisturize! The night before, after you shower, moisturize your skin and face so that you won't have dry spots the next day. I recommend Body Shop's Body Butter - the moisture will literally last you all day!
  3. The day of, DO NOT MOISTURIZE. You don't want any deodorant or lotion on your skin.
  4. Try a tan extender. Tan extender's are a specially formulated lotion you coat on your skin 60 seconds before spray tanning. Your tan will last longer and some even keep you from having that spray tan smell.
  5. Completely dry before getting dressed. The worst thing you can do is put on clothing while still wet from a spray tan. This can cause weird streaking and you will get the solution on your clothes.
  6. DO NOT GET WET FOR 6-8 HOURS. Absolutely do not shower or swim or get stuck in a rain storm {yes, this did happen to me} for 6-8 hours. I usually spray tan after work, and I don't shower until the next morning. Don't worry, you will have some spray tan come off in the shower, but that is completely normal.
  7. Whitney says, "Moisturize after showering!" Moisturizing once you have showered will help your spray tan last. Make sure to moisturize every day.
  8. Enjoy your tan! - see below for some spray tan essentials.

Spray Tanning Essentials

  1. Sephora Collection Everything Under the Sun Tanning Set - If you self spray, spray in a stand up machine, or get sprayed by a technician this is a must! Comes with a quality spray tanning mitt {so much better than your hands}, an exfoliating mitt and a white sponge to get rid of "mistakes."
  2. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse - My favorite at home tanning mousse. The mousse goes on smoother and easier than a traditional lotion and the St. Tropez color and formula is far superior to most - this will turn you golden brown, not orange. I also use this in between sprays with my technician.
  3. See below for a special spotlight!
San Tan Whitney Combs
I cannot say enough good things about San Tan's Whitney Combs. Whitney and I met through Pure Barre and quickly became friends through beauty products and tanning. Whitney started an at home spray tanning business through San Tan and I just had to make an appointment! I have spray tanned via tanning technician for quite a while, while living in Kentucky. So I've had my fair share of great spray tans and, well, bad spray tans - my girlfriends can attest. 

With full honesty and to my amazement, my spray tan with Whitney may be the best I have ever had!

She treated me to a pre-treatment spray, then a specially formulated spray based off of my color request, and lastly a moisturizing spray to help my tan last longer. She graciously dried me with cool air and even powdered creases so that my tan would stay even. The next morning I was so incredibly pleased! The most wonderful color pay-off {not too dark, not too orange}. Even my fiance commented on how nice my tan looked - which to me speaks volumes.

So to all my Southwest Virginian ladies out there, I highly recommend Whitney for all of your spray tanning needs. To learn more about her services, discounts, and pricing please visit her here.

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Southern Belle Glitz

I am so incredibly excited to announce that I am partnering with Southern Belle Glitz Jewelry to create weekly posts! Each Friday I will post a "Fancy Friday" jewelry post, featuring new and beautiful pieces from the collection. I posted previously about the company, but here is a little more information:
  • Kentucky based
  • Collection offered online {} or via trunk shows or personal appointments
  • Owned by Natalie Tipton, entrepreneur, and glitz enthusiast
  • Boutique Line - prices range from $10-$50
  • Formal Line - up to $295
  • $3 shipping anywhere in the US
  • Official distributor/creator of the Kentucky State Necklace 
I would describe Southern Belle Glitz as very "J.Crew," but with a much more affordable price point. I don't believe in spending tons of $$$$ on trendy pieces and colors that will go out of style in a year or two. SBG gives you so many wonderful options and the customer service is suburb! I can honestly say the jewelry is worth the money and pretty much the only glitz I wear {besides my Michael Kors watches, engagement ring, and various high-end baubles}.


Check out my choice for the first FANCY FRIDAY! The Lilly Statement Necklace, is by far my favorite piece! So colorful and bright, you can't help but smile. The perfect glamorous glitz for summer!

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Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation: Most Wanted Product

In an earlier post I discussed my LARGE Sephora haul in Kentucky. I picked up numerous products I'd been drooling over, but there was one that escaped me. The Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation in the color Beige 50 was sold out! Much to my dismay I accepted the consolation of 3 large samples to take home. In retrospect, I think samples are a great idea. Especially when the price tag of a foundation is $57 {yes i know, that's a lot}. Like I always say, makeup doesn't have to be high-end to be noteworthy, but there are some amazing products well worth the jaw-dropping cost.
YSL - Wish List Foundation

See above for the tools I use to apply my Le Teint Touche Eclat {click the bold titles to purchase}:

1. YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat - Beige 50
2. Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Brush OR
3. Beauty Blender - Original

After using the majority of my samples, I have concluded that this foundation IS worth it! I cannot even tell you how glowy your skin will look and what a beautiful finish is left behind. No joke...we were driving home from a surprise engagement this past weekend {it was humid, hot, and raining} and I could not believe the fresh, dewy face looking back at me in the mirror. I have never had a "glow" like this. {Unless it was from oil, and let's be honest, that's not the glow you want}.

The best part about this foundation...a little goes a long way! Even though the price may be high, the lifetime of this product should be worth the while. In my estimation, one or two pumps should be more than enough!

The glories of wedding planning and saving have kept me from quickly ordering, but once it's in the budget {next paycheck perhaps} this baby will be allll mine! As mentioned earlier I am the color B50. Naturally, I am probably one of the lightest shades, but I habitually spray tan in the summer and am quite a few shades darker. The coloring is much more brown than orange which I loveeee. I also have a normal skin type with a little oil or a little dryness depending on the time of year.

Have fun making your makeup wish list!

Drugstore Shampoo Review

Drugstore Shampoo Review

Hello Pretties! Let's talk shampoo. If you're like me, and you have color treated and highlighted hair, a great, color-safe shampoo is a must! The past couple years I've been using expensive color specific shampoo from my salon. Recently, I ran out of my $38 bottle {yikes!} and decided to give a drugstore version a try. While scouring the aisles at CVS for new products, I came across this OGX Brazilian Therapy Shampoo.


This shampoo will leave you wanting more. I actually look forward to shampooing my hair, and that has never happened. The smell is intoxicating and rich. Literally liquid caramel. This shampoo is perfect for thick & coarse hair types, leaving hair feeling soft and smooth.

This product can be found at a drugstore near you {and Ulta} for $7.99!

Always Sparkle - Amanda


Makeup: Heat & Water Friendly Products

Heat Proof Makeup
  1. Clio Razor - This is such a great product for only $10 at CVS! This small and portable electric razor is perfect for touching up under your arms and around your bikini line.
  2. Shiseido Sunscreen SPF 42 - This has become an every day product for me. This SPF 42 has zero sunscreen smell and is made to sink like silk into the skin. I put this on once, along with my tinted moisturizer and didn't burn a bit. I was in the sun and water allll day long.
  3. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil - Free SPF 20 - This tinted moisturizer has a rather thick and sticky texture, but this proves great for the water & heat. I checked out my complexion at the end of the day and could tell I still had coverage.
  4. MAC Cream Blush For Your Amusement - This blush is amazing! Unfortunately, limited edition as part of the Playland Collection 2014. This light pinky-peach cream blush is stunning. Stays perfectly on place with a translucent powder over top. 
  5. NYX Translucent HD Powder - Amazing value! Comparable to Makeup Forever's HD Powder. I actually think this sets my under eye concealer better. A little goes a long way and is great for light non-cakey coverage.
  6. Physicians Formula BB Bronzer SPF 20 - The best thing about this bronzer is that it offers SPF. The color doesn't blow me away, but it's not too orange and I like the added sun protection.
  7. Maybelline Falsies WATERPROOF Mascara - The regular falsies is a tried and true favorite. The waterproof version is just a good - just harder to take off at the end of the night (try using a makeup oil like MAC's Cleanse Off Oil). This mascara stays put...even through a jump into the water!
  8. Jack Black Lip Balm Black Tea & Blackberry SPF 20 - This balm is very hydrating...perfect for a hot day in the sun. Always remember to protect your lips!
Sometimes there's no better place to be than on the water! Whether you're basking in summer rays at the lake or taking in the sun & and sand at the beach, heat & water friendly makeup products are essential.

First, let's make a note that makeup is not necessarily a necessity when poolside, lakeside or beach side. 

I've enjoyed many bright vacation days without a drop of foundation or a swipe of mascara, but if you choose to paint, powder and gloss, there are many great options! You don't have to cake on your base or pencil in dark eyeliner to look glamorous on the water. Less is most definitely more.

This past weekend my fiance and I spent a relaxing weekend on the lake with newly engaged friends. I decided to test out some new products so that I could accurately post about the results.

Always Sparkle - Amanda


Lime Crime Lipstick Review

Lime Crime Lipsticks

Time to paint on your Pretty Pout!

The three colors I own are above:
  1. Babette - Pinky Nude. The newest color from the Lime Crime family. I was slightly disappointed, not in the quality, but in the fact that this color was nothing like the picture when I put it on my lips. I even purchased a nude liner to fill in my lips first, and still...not the same. The color is pretty, but not what I really wanted - very similar to Coquette.
  2. Coquette - Orangey Nude. Best work color in my opinion!
  3. Great Pink Planet - Barbie Pink. My personal favorite! The truest Barbie pink I've ever found. A great color to brighten up your lips for summer!
And can we take a moment to drool over the packaging? Purple unicorns!?
Hello Beautiful!

If you regularly immerse yourself in the world of beauty blogging and lipstick buying, you've probably heard the name - LIME CRIME. Lime Crime is a beauty company that sells a variety of products {lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, nail polish and more}. The company was started by Doe Deere, who took the path less traveled into a world of bright colors and creativity. Her products are well worth the money and a quality all their own.

You are mistaken if you think a lipstick is "just a lipstick." The quality and ingredients placed into your favorite mouthy treat will either wow you or fall flat. Not to say there aren't many great drugstore lipsticks out there...there are. But, in my book, many of the higher end still prevail.

Lime Crime is no exception to great quality and pigmentation. The opaque lipsticks, of which I own three, will wow you! They glide on smooth as butter, and the color payoff is baffling. In my opinion, great for play and for parties, not always the best for the corporate work environment. I say this because the pigmentation is so great, it will pull noticeable attention to your lips.

Ballet Bun 101

Bun 101 - Olivia Culpo

P.S. How cute is the Tasha leopard bun shaper from Nordstrom!

My #1 BUN pick of all time goes to the incredible Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012. She looked stunning in her deep cut, long sleeved, velvety, floor length gown. Her breathtaking bun allowed her dress, and her face {& personality} to shine! She's an idol of mine for more than just her beauty.

I have to say, I feel quite qualified to write this post. As a former ballerina, I've created quite a few hair buns in my day! Monday - Saturday for 15 years, and sometimes even on Sunday. Bobby pins, gel, hair spray, and ponytail holders quickly became my best friends! The process evolved into a precise science of twisting and pinning, spraying and gelling. 

When the ballet bun {or sock bun} craze first started I wanted nothing to do with it, to be honest. When you're forced to pin your hair up in a pretty circular shape each and every day, you become quite okay with your hair being down. To me, the bun, was a staple of hard work and a part of my daily uniform.


Today, I embrace the bun, especially on days, like today, where my hair is on it's last leg and in need of a lather and a scrub. In order to make the process faster and in an effort to use bobby pins sparingly, I purchased my first bun shaper. I have very thick, long hair, so a more cumbersome bun shaper works well for me. Socks and pantyhose are cheaper alternatives and better for shorter hair!

Although the bun shaper's role is to assist in the creative process, it takes some time to tame the beast called The Bun. Easier bun-making details: coarser hair, dirty {but not oily} hair, dry shampoo, hair that is all one length, long hair, hair-sprayed hair and, of course, a mastered technique!

  1. TIE HAIR INTO HIGH PONYTAIL - pull ponytail tight
  4. SLIDE BUN SHAPER TO TOP OF HAIR - holding your ponytail & shaper above your head
  6. {all hair should now be secure and bun like}
  8. SPRAY WITH HAIRSPRAY & SHINE SPRAY - for all day staying power
- You're all done! -

Southern Belle Glitz: Tuesday Tassel

Alright pretties, let's talk about beautiful jewelry. Southern Belle Glitz, a Kentucky based jewelry company, opened a little over a year ago. The business was a dream of my sweet sweet cousin, Natalie. Not only do I support her because I lover her dearly, but I trust and stand by the jewelry she sells. Her prices are affordable and her customer service is superb. 

In the coming weeks we will debut the Southern Belle Glitz Lifestyle Blog, which I have the honor of writing! Please stay tuned for Fancy Friday posts with a combo of jewelry, beauty and fashion.

Today I'm wearing my newest favorite piece from her collection. This tassel lariat necklace is great quality and absolutely perfect for work, the weekend or nighttime. 
Check it out on or click the photo above!


Corporate Make-Up: The Do's and Don'ts

Products I Reach For Monday - Friday:

Corporate Makeup
  • MAC Prep & Prime Natural Radiance Base
  • MAC Face & Body Tinted Foundation
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
  • Benefit Blush - Dandelion
  • MAC Blush - Harmony {amazing for contour}
  • MAC Highlighter - Soft & Gentle
  • Loreal Carbon Black Liquid Eyeliner
  • Maybelline Volume Express Pumped Up Colossal Mascara
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
  • Dior Lip Addict {any & every color is beautiful}
Black, white, navy, grey, tan...LOVE neutrals, but sometimes you need a little color to brighten up your day, right? Well, corporate America usually thinks differently, especially when you work in healthcare. The industry has yet to embrace creativity in the way of makeup, hair and clothing while on the job. This does have a purpose for many clinical professionals. It provides a sterile and non-offensive atmosphere for patients. BUT...what about those of us who work in support roles?

This can be tricky, and there is a fine line between professional and well...not. As a marketing manager in a for profit corporate healthcare system, I try to incorporate fun colors and statement necklaces, while remaining classy in my approach. The same is true for makeup. I love my glittery eye shadows and pigmented bright colored lipsticks as much as the next girl, but simplicity is usually more positively received.

It's easy to lose yourself in a sea of navy blazers and eye lashes is much need of mascara, but there is always room for a little bit of fun, as long as you incorporate it the right way.

Here are my tips for corporate cosmetics:

Pay attention to coverage - let your natural beauty shine
Opt for thin eye liner - the feature of the face people notice first
Lose the lashes - natural lashes are best
Intensify your look by using a light contour or highlight 
Stay polished - nails should always be manicured
Have a touch up - keep travel size products at your desk
Eye shadows in neutral - light browns, tans and creams
Dare to wear colored lips - a great place to be bold!
Always Sparkle - Amanda


Flawless Skin - My Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine
  1. MAC Cleanse Off Oil - $30
    • This cleanse off oil has completely changed my nighttime routine. I am guilty of pulling and tugging at my eyes to remove my mascara - which I generously swipe on in the morning. The cleanse off oil is well worth the money and has lasted me for months - mine is still half full! Apply to face while dry to emulsify your makeup and even waterproof mascara! This is a must have. 
  2. MAC Makeup Removers (100 wipes) - $29
    • After I apply my cleanse off oil, I use my MAC remover wipe to get all of the makeup and oil off of my face. I have tried NUMEROUS makeup wipes from the drugstore, but none compare. The wipes MAC offers come in a 100 pack and stay moist throughout the makeup removal process - only one wipe needed for a full face of makeup!
  3. Clarisonic Aria - $199
    • I received my Clarisonic Aria as a gift last Christmas. It was a Special Edition by Josie Maran and included a travel bag and Joise Maran products - definitely a deal! So far I have noticed an improvement since using. The biggest difference is that it truly leaves your face clean and fresh. I didn't realize my oil & wipes were only taking off part of my makeup.
  4. Cetaphil Cleanser - $10
    • An oldie, but a goodie! Dermatologist approved for sensitive skin. No high-end cleanser needed.
  5. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish - $24 
    • The hype about First Aid Beauty is true! They offer amazing products for all types of skin, especially sensitive. This exfoliating polish is so smooth - it doesn't leave you with redness! I use this two or three times a week to smooth out my skin.
  6. *Glam Glow SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment - $69
    • OMG! SOOOoooo many good things to say about this product! I cannot believe I have gone so long without this in my life. Yes, the price tag is scary and the container seems small, but YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE! This supermud mask literally pulls dirt and blemishes out of your face, while you watch in amazement. I use this mask twice a week and leave it on for 20 minutes before washing off. I thought I had nice skin before, but now I know how much better it can look! 
  7. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream - $12
    • Just like the radiant polish, this repair cream is amazing. I had thick, sticky moisturizers that take forever to sink into your skin. This cream is wonderful for morning, noon, and night and leave your face feeling refreshed and smooth to the touch. 
  8. Glam Glow THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Mask - $69
    • Please refer to the SUPERMUD review above. I can't say much different about this hydrating mask. It smells like heaven and revives your face like nobody's business. I lather this on twice a week and leave it on all night long. Beware, it smells so tasty your fur baby may try to lick it off!
  9. Ole Henriksen Fresh Start Eye Cream - $38
    • Eye cream is a product I thought only 30-somethings and beyond needed to purchase. I'm embarrassed to say this is something I was completely uneducated about. It makes sense that you should start caring for your face and your skin before the damage is done. Your under eye is the equivalent to tissue paper and must be cared for carefully. The Ole Henriksen eye cream is a great every day product for someone who is starting early to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
As we all know, there are A LOT of skin care products out there, and many of them will cost you a pretty penny to purchase. Is the hype really true? The best way to find out is to ask for a sample. Many beauty stores, like Sephora, will gladly make you a nice size sample of creams and liquids to try out. While in Kentucky last week I decided to splurge on a couple of items {not all items shown were purchased on this trip} and crossed my fingers I would love them, since I wouldn't have time for returns.

I have to say, my skin has never looked better!

I've never had major issues with acne or blemishes, but occasionally encounter break outs, redness, and imperfections. I've never been very diligent about skincare and my nightly routine consisted of a simple cleanser and a moisturizer for sensitive skin. There were many essential products missing from my skincare collection...although i do believe sometimes less is more with skin.

I don't always use all of the products featured, but when I want to deep clean my skin, these are the things that get it done! In case you are wondering, my skin type is normal with some oil in my t-zone. It is also very sensitive! I have to be careful with the products I use.

Above are the products that have drastically changed the way I see my skin. Within days I could tell a difference, and even my grandmother {a tough German critic}, commented on my skin's appearance.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it inspires you to take great care of your skin. For all of my makeup obsessed friends out there, your face is a canvas, and the canvas must be prepped and ready for the liquids, powders, and glitters you choose to use.

HUGE High-End Beauty Haul!

You can take the girl out of Kentucky, but you can't take Kentucky out of the girl!
This past week I took a much needed trip home to Lexington where I got to visit with the best of friends, purchase a wedding gown, take part in a photo shoot for Southern Belle Glitz, and shop until I dropped. The allure of Sephora was just too much, and a gladly gave in to my high-end desires. 

I am newly engaged and gave myself this last weekend to splurge on many new items I've been drooling over via You Tube. Sephora's Kelly, aka beauty advisor, indulged us in hours of recommendations and makeovers. Needless to say, some serious damage was done...if my fiance knew he would surely send me to shopaholics anonymous!

I am thrilled to share what I got with you and to tell you there is not one product I regret buying. Some I love more than others, but I will leave that for a later day. All products will be listed below!

Skin Care Haul - Lexington. KY
  • Ole Henriksen Fresh Start Eye Creme
  • Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment {Worth the $$$$}
  • Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UVProtector
  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream 2.0 oz
  • Jack Black Lip Balm - Black Tea & Blackberry

Base Makeup Haul - Lexington, KY

  • Beauty Blender
  • Givenchy Mister Light Stylo Correction Lemiere - 4
  • Dior Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer
  • YSL Touche Eclat - B50
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free - Tawny
  • NARS Sheer Glow Foundation - Santa Fe

Face & Eyes Haul

  • Tarte The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer - Park Ave Princess
  • Dior Addict IT-LASH Mascara - 092
  • NARS Translucent Powder - Crystal
  • Anastasia Brow Powder - Medium Brown
  • Givenchy Le Prisme Blush - 24 It Girl Purple

lippies haul

  • Chanel Glossimer - Mica
  • Dior Addict - 343 Spring Ball
  • Givenchy Rouge Interdit - 11 Rose Desire
  • Buxom Full-On Lip Cream - White Russian 

big splurges

  • Dior 5 Couleurs Transat Edition - 564 Sundeck *Limited Edition
  • Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour - N 01 * Limited Edition
I am confident many of these products will make the cut for my June Favorites! This haul was much much much larger and $$$ than my usual hauls, but a wonderful accumulation of products I've been waiting months to get my hands on. To me, it was well worth it!

Summertime CVS Haul

CVS Haul - June 8
I attribute my shopping problem to my fiance's numerous night shifts, which leave me plenty of time to wander aimlessly around CVS. During every trip I make, I feel the need to check out each new display and search for products coveted by numerous you tubers. Today I found myself picking up several necessary summertime items. During the summer I consistently spray tan, which calls for new bronzers and tan friendly highlighters. The items I purchased today are above! I will post later with reviews on my favorites!

Products featured:
  • Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs - Tan Glow
  • OGX Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo
  • Physicians Formula Bronze Booster BB Beauty Balm - Light to Medium
  • Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls - Beige Pearl
  • NYC Bronzing Face Powder - Sunny
  • Milani Color Statement Lipliner - 03 Nude
  • Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Mascara - Glam Black
  • L'oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara - Blackest Black
  • PalmPerfect Cordless Electric Shaver