Macadamia Natural Oil - Holy Grail

              Macadamia Natural Oil - Holy Grail #2

If you were to buy any product that I recommend on this blog, this is THE one. Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque is by far the most amazing hair product I have ever tried! Aside from a Keratin treatment, but let's be honest, those cost major $$$$$$. For a similar effect, you can spend around $36 and {ta-da}...amazing results. I kid you not, this masque has made my hair, which is thick and wavy, so much more manageable and so much shinier. I have naturally frizzy hair & it senses rain from miles away. This masque keeps my hair from looking frazzled and damaged.

How I use it:

Shampoo hair as usual & rinse well
Ring water out of hair while in shower
Run your fingers through your hair in a comb like motion
Grab a dollop of Macadamia masque and massage through hair
Keep the masque on while shaving, exfoliating, etc.
After 5-7 minutes {or less if you choose} rinse out mask
Style hair as usual & ENJOY!


  1. I just got this mask...I haven't used it yet! But my next shampoo day, definitely giving it a whirl! Can't wait to try it....I made the splurge thanks to you! :)

    1. I am confident you will love it! It's done wonders for my hair!

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  3. I used it today, it smells so good! And when I blow dried my hair, it made it very soft and not frizzy at all...I'm sure it takes a few tries to get it going and work well in one's hair.

    My next splurge will be the Moroccan Oil Treatment...it's pretty expensive that one! Does it last you a long time?