Tried & True Top 10 Beauty Brands

Top 10 Makeup Brands

Deciding on 10 beauty brands was not easy, trust me. BUT, I wanted to challenge myself to select brands I could not live without. Brands that are great quality and brands that I gravitate towards, time after time. You don't have to have tons of $$$ to buy great makeup, but if you have a little extra, the high-end brands below are well worth your money. I personally prefer owning several products I love - even if they come at a higher price - than buying tons of inexpensive products I will never use. Everyone's preference is different and there are a surplus of brands to choose from. Below are my absolute favs! {click the brand to see more}.



An affordable brand I'd like to try is MAKEUP GEEK!  I know it's probably astonishing that I don't own some of her products already, but I always talk myself out of buying palettes full of eye shadows {clearly I need to give in on this one}. My favorite favorite beauty guru, Jaclyn Hill, ravs about her products - and whatever Jaclyn recommends is always amazing!

A high-priced brand I am dying to try is TOM FORD. Enough said!

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