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I cannot even tell you how hard it was to narrow my list down to my Top 20 Beauty YouTubers! I subscribe to a plethora of beauty gurus on YouTube - some of who have been favorites for a very long time and some who are new to my subscription list. With that said, I wish I could list them all, but that would take alllll day. My top 20 are listed in no particular order {much like the top 10 of Miss USA}. I have large aspirations to one day start a YouTube beauty channel and the women below are such an inspiration! They are all beautiful, knowledgeable, comfortable in their own skin and so much fun to watch.

I literally sit in bed for at night {sometimes for hours} and watch various beauty channels. My fiance even makes humorous comments about dialog and tutorials while he sits next to me watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  1. Jaclyn Hill  {jaclynhillmakeup} \\ okay she's listed at #1 for a reason - Miss USA of the beauty world
  2. Missglamorazzi 
  3. Teni Panosian {missmaven}
  4. Lauren Curtis
  5. Alexandrea Garza
  6. RAEview {theraeviewer}
  7. Amanda Ensing
  8. Misslizheart {fromapurplechair}
  9. Nicole Guerriero {naturallynicole}
  10. Casey Holmes {caseyholmesbeauty}
  11. Thatsheart {thatsheart}
  12. Kandee Johnson {kandeej}
  13. Makeupbytiffanyd {makeupbytiffanyd}
  14. Shaaanxo
  15. Makeup Geek {makeupgeek}
  16. Ciaoobelllaxo
  17. Tati
  18. Mallory1712
  19. RositaApplebum
  20. LisalisaD1
I would love to know who your favorite beauty YouTubers are! I'm always looking to subscribe to new channels. Please leave your comments and recommendations below. Thank you!

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