August Monthly Favorites
  1. CHANEL ILLUSION D' OMBRE {mirage} - This is now one of my all time favorite eye shadows. I wasn't sure if all the hype was true, but it sure is! I rarely wear eye shadows to work due to the time consumption, but this is so easy to apply. I swipe it on with my finger (or the mini brush it comes with) and it blends like a dream. And the ombre affect it creates on the lid is mesmerizing.
  2. CHANEL SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL - I devoted an entire post to this bronzer here.
  3. DONUT SHOP COCONUT MOCHA K-CUP - I keep a Keurig in my office and almost every morning make myself a cup of coffee in my {i woke up like this} mug. Lately, I've been loving Donut Shop's coconut mocha k-cup with some caramel delight creamer!
  4. NUME 25MM CURLING WAND - Originally I wasn't sure how I felt about curling wands in general. My hair was much shorter and I didn't really know how to curl my hair without burning my fingers. Now I love love love my curling wand and use it all the time to produce Victoria Secret like waves that last for several days.
  5. NARS CONCEALER {chantilly} - This is a cult favorite of beauty bloggers and YouTubbers. The coverage is superior to most concealers. I chose the lightest shade, because I am normally pretty fair and I love a stark highlight.
  6. DIOR GLOW MAXIMIZER LIGHT BOOSTING PRIMER - Beautiful! This literally makes your skin glow. A little goes a long way. The tone is golden and works best mixed with your liquid foundation of choice.
  7. MAC LIPSTICK GLAZE {hue} - This might be the only lipstick I have almost used up. The other day I realized there is almost nothing left - and that never happens. Hue is the best most versatile color for all occasions. It is perfect for work which is why I've used so much. It stays in my cosmetic bag that I tote to and from the office.
  8. CLE DE PEAU LUMINIZING FACE ENHANCER - Okay. Some of you may call me crazy on this one. But you know what, "I would stop shopping, but I'm not a quitter" - quote courtesy of Instagram! This is by far the most expensive makeup product I have ever purchased, but let me tell you...pennies well spent. I purchased this after saving and watching several reviews by the RAEviewer. It makes your skin glamorously luminous and once you own the case you only have to buy refills of the powder.
  9. SOCK BUN DONUT SHAPER - Thanks to the extreme humidity lately I have opted to wear a sock bun a lot more than usual! I use a thick donut bun shaper I purchased at a boutique, but the one I found linked is affordable and very similar.
  10. PRADA CANDY PERFUME - This has become my summer fragrance. My mom originally purchased the scent and then I just had to have it. I usually spritz two sprays on my outfit before I head off to work each morning. 
I hope you've enjoyed these favorites! Let me know if you've tried any of these products or if you have any recommendations for this month. 

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