Bite Beauty VIB Rouge // MAC Lip Pencil Redd // Makeup Geek Razzleberry // NEW Baby Lips Crystal
Butter London Knees Up

My favorite candy of all time! Absolutely delicious!

I decided to keep this year's Halloween costume simple & cost effective. 

If you're like me and you dressed up every year of college for a Halloween date party, you've spent quite a bit of money & time on costumes. I also work in a corporate office, so dressing up is usually frowned upon. In an effort to be professional AND fun, I opted for a simple headband and a bright lip! 

These Devil horns were only $4 and the lipstick came free when I became VIB Rouge at Sephora. Ive been dying to try a bite beauty lipstick and this was my first time applying the product. So far I am impressed. It smells good, feels good {rather matte} and it's worn through my morning coffee. I paired it with the perfect Redd pencil from MAC. I also placed a little bit of Makeup Geek's Razzleberry under my lash line for a pop of color - I love it!

I hope everyone has something fun planned today. If you don't celebrate Halloween, you can always celebrate fall and the beautiful sweater weather. Please be careful as you take part in the festivities, and as always, each lots of candy! {by far the best part of Halloween}


I'm wishing the happiest of birthdays today to my bestie and partner in crime, Hadia!

I seriously don't know what I would do without you and have missed you so much {now that we live in separate states}. I am so sorry that I cannot be in Kentucky for your big day, but hope you enjoy your gift! Please eat a cupcake for me and we will celebrate again the next time I am in town. 

I love you! Thank you for your never ending friendship. You are truly a part of my family.

Happy Birthday Love!


Desk Beauty
I used to keep a ton of beauty products in my purse - cover up, powder, eye liner, lipstick, mascara, you name it, I had it. After realizing this was a lot to tote around and realizing I didn't need to reapply every step of my beauty routine throughout the day, I became much more of a minimalist. Now, I only keep lip products and cover up in my purse. 

I decided to keep a few other items in my office drawer at work, should the occasion arise that my skin gets super oily, my lips get chapped or I forgot to lint roll before leaving the house. Luckily, I do have my own office where I can stash away all the beauty products I like. Today I decided to show you what items I have on stand by in my office drawer just in case. Because I have quite the addiction to makeup, I have back ups and extras of certain items {like powder} so I don't mind living without these particular items at home.

If you were to peer into my drawer these are the items you would find:

Stress Ball
Bobby Pins & Hair Ties
Extra Pair of Nude Patent Flats {want these}

If you can't tell by the list above, my job is a little stressful {hence the excedrin, tums & stress ball}. Surprisingly, I don't keep too much makeup in my office, but an all over powder and some lip balm I cannot live without! I hope you've had a wonderful Wednesday and I will see you all tomorrow!


I'm sure you saw many mentions of Gerard Cosmetics and their lipgloss Shimmer of Hope last week during my giveaway. I decided to devote an entire post to my collection of lighted lip glosses. I honestly don't know how I accumulated six different ones, but hey it happened! 

Besides being great glosses, the crowning feature of this product, is the lighted tube & mirror. When you open the product a light will come on so that you can apply your lip gloss any where any time. And the mirror is the perfect size! The consistency and pigmentations are surprising. They are fairly thick, long wearing and very pigmented {in a good way}. I definitely think you get your bang for your buck.

As you can see they are mostly in the same color families - nude & pink. I'm very much a creature of habit when it comes to buying lip products and my comfort zone is very neutral {I am dying to buy some of their darker colored lip glosses in the berry family so I'll let you know if I do!}.

You may be wondering why some say Whitening Lightning and some say GC {Gerard Cosmetics}. Originally Whitening Lightning produced all of the lighted lip glosses and just recently all of the lip glosses have been moved over to their cosmetic line Gerard Cosmetics {known for their beautiful gold packaging}. I'm so glad they did, because I am a huge sucker for packaging! 

As you will see in the pictures, each gloss I own was swatched  so that you can see the color variation. And yes, three of them in particular look very similar so let me help explain the difference!

Butter Cream, Shimmer of Hope & Nude look very very similar in the packaging and on paper. I actually had to look at the bottom of Butter Cream and Shimmer of Hope to know which was which. BUT, on the lips there is a huge difference. Shimmer of Hope is a beautiful, light nude {without much brown}. Butter Cream is much more of a pinky nude - I actually think it's a little bright for my liking. Nude is a browner nude gloss - a cult favorite among YouTubbers.

I stared by favorites next to their names. Sugar Mama and Shimmer of Hope! Okay, let me preface this with saying I love light colors on my lips. I have pretty fair skin and light lip pigmentation. Sugar Mama is a very light pink - we are talking bubble gum lips. I recommend using this in the center of the lips for definition when wearing it for work, because it is a little too Barbie for corporate America. Shimmer of Hope, as I stated, is a beautiful light nude...I think a staple of every makeup collection.

Lastly, Pink Tiara & Fiji are pretty pretty pinks. Pink tiara is a great every day pink, while Fiji screams, well, summer time. It is very bright, but perfect for a pop of color.

I hope this was helpful! If you have a favorite Gerard Cosmetics gloss that is in the berry family please let me know, because I am on the hunt! 


Monday is here once again, much too soon as always. But, what's a girl to do!

I'm really excited about today's post, as it is the first in a series of apartment posts I will be sharing. I decided to start the area of my home where all of my beauty routines take place - my powder room {well bathroom, but powder room sounds sweeter}. 

First, I must explain why I normally get ready in my bathroom as opposed to my bedroom where my vanity resides. My apartment is loft style and in my unit, like many others, I don't have windows in my bedroom. I know this sounds very strange, but the massive window in my living room that overlooks the mountains makes up for it! Because I have no windows, it is hard to achieve the right amount of light to get ready via vanity, so I usually prefer my powder room. Though there are no windows in there either, the lighting is much much brighter.

Now, being separated from my vanity and makeup collection is not always ideal, but as you can see in the last photo, I circulate different products through the top drawer of a small drawer set. It actually makes getting ready much easier, because I've already decided which items to use the night before.

My bathroom is rather small, and I greatly dislike clutter, so working with the space as a beauty obsessed woman can be rather challenging. Recently I redid most of my bathroom to make it brighter and more "girly." White always brightens up a dark room and gold is my new favorite accent color.

Below are the items shown in the pictures above and where to find them:

Shower curtain & hooks- TJ Maxx
Lips canvas - TJ Maxx
White fluffy rug - TJ Maxx
Toothbrush holder - TJMaxx
Plant & pot - IKEA
Sparkly mirrored tray - Hobby Lobby
Turtle jewelry dish - Francesca's 
Brushes - Bubbi Brushes
Brush holder - old Bath & Body Works candle
White drawer set - Target

Stay tuned for most posts on other rooms in my home & have a beautiful Monday!


I hope you all have been anxiously awaiting the giveaway winner...I know I have!

I'm so excited to announce that the winner of Shimmer of Hope from Gerard Cosmetics is {drum roll}


Yay! You'll be expecting an email from me shortly!

Thank you to everyone who entered and for your continued support. I strive to post pictures and products that I love & I hope you all will to! Have a fabulous weekend {sleep in, paint your nails, read a magazine, cuddle with your puppy, eat chocolate, play with makeup, ltb, & go to see The Best of Me - that's what I'll be doing}.


Falling For Fragrance
Good Morning & happy Friday Thursday!

...does anyone else feel like today should be the end of the week? {I do!} In an earlier post, here, I mentioned the fragrances that make up my collection. It is by no means a large collection, but I prefer to have one fragrance for each season. 

Since fall is upon us, I've switched from Prada Candy to Burberry Brit Eau De Toilette {a light interpretation of the traditional Brit}. This scent is much warmer - it makes me want a comfy cable knit sweater, a pumpkin spice latte and my favorite pair of Uggs. I've had this fragrance for several years and still think it's wonderful. The notes that make up Burberry Brit are as follows: 

{crisp notes} green almond, icy pear and Italian lime
{heart notes} sweet sugared almond and lush white peony
{warm undertones} mahogany wood, amber and vanilla bean

So spritz yourself with your favorite fall fragrance, grab your booties and sip some yummy Starbucks!

& remember today is the LAST DAY to ENTER the GIVEAWAY! If you haven't tried Shimmer of Hope from Gerard Cosmetics or, better yet, any of their lip glosses, you're missing out! I can't wait to see who wins and am so grateful for your support.



Fall Lippy Love

Fall lip colors I'm loving!

Milani Sangria {deep berry purple}
MAC EveryDay Diva {bright red mineralize}
MAC Myself {mauve nude lustre}
MAC Woodrose {brown nude lustre}
MAC Faux {deep mauve berry satin}

Faux is by far my favorite with Boldly Bare featured in my blog post here.

What are your favorite fall lip colors?

Speaking of lippys...just one day left in the GIVEAWAY to win Shimmer of Hope from Gerard Cosmetics! Make sure to Enter below and tell all of your lippy loving friends!



Loreal Visible Lift Blur Concealer & Blush
As always, I couldn't help but scan the beauty aisles of CVS while I was making a trip to pick up a prescription - it sucks me in so easily! I've seen some beauty gurus mention Loreal's Visible Lift Blur line, but hadn't ventured out to try any of the products. The concealer and the blush both caught my eye. I've become quite the concealer connoisseur and decided to give the Blur Concealer in 301 Fair {the lightest shade} a try. The second item I picked up was the Blur Blush in 501 Soft Peach. The name itself won me over, as well as the pretty pink and gold packaging. I'm normally not a liquid blush gal, but I was interested in testing out the consistency.

I can honestly say this is an amazing concealer. I've been wearing it for several weeks and am so impressed! I put this on in the morning {set it with a powder} and the product stays on all day. No creasing, no smearing. The color is not too white so it creates a flawless finish, seriously blurring in the skin. Blur is the perfect description!

I have to say the concealer is definitely my favorite of the two, but the blush was unexpectedly gorgeous! I didn't expect the product to be so silky smooth and to blend so seamlessly into my cheeks. It isn't sticky so the product blends beautifully! The color is also a winner. It is soft in color, but it keeps you from over applying and allows for extra application.

Let me know if you've tried any other products from Loreal's Visible Blur line!

Want your very own Shimmer of Hope lip gloss from Gerard Cosmetics?



What's In My Wristlet?

In an effort to keep things new & exciting, I decided to blog about something slightly different! I know "What's in My Bag?" YouTube videos have become extremely popular - I watch them all the time. After a weekend full of shopping for furniture, Pure Barre, {cleaning} and PB's Anniversary Party I've gotten plenty of use out of my favorite wristlet. Now, when I think wristlet, I create an image of a small bag big enough for a phone, some cash and maybe some lipstick...this wristlet, is much more of a clutch and the perfect size!

When my dad is traveling through England he will do my mom and I the favor of stopping in the Burberry store in the airport {best dad award}. For Christmas last year he surprised me with the Haymarket Check Wristlet from Burberry. I was so stunned and entirely impressed! This wristlet is the perfect size, has beautiful detailing, gold chain and is made of thick pebbled leather.

So let's get to the goods - here they are!

iPhone 5 {of course!}
Cash & Credit Cards {duh!}
Hair Pins, Clips & Ties
A Couple Excedrin in my Pink Macaron
A Lipstick, Liner & Gloss
{Loving Faux, Boldly Bare & Shimmer of Hope}

Remember to ENTER to win my favorite nude lipgloss from Gerard Cosmetics.



shimmer of hope gloss

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows // Tarte Holiday Blush // Younique Fiber Lashes
I'm sure by now most of you have heard of Gerard Cosmetics {or Whitening Lightning}. Their lip glosses are amazingly pigmented, long wearing and the tube has a built in mirror & light! Who wouldn't want a light up lip gloss so that you can reapply while on the go? I originally purchased Nude, Pink Tiara & Fiji. Nude is a cult favorite on YouTube, but sadly I'm not in love. The nude tone it a bit too dark for my liking. The other two colors are pinky pinks - and are great for the summer and outfits that scream Legally Blonde. I liked the glosses, but wasn't over the moon, UNTIL...

They came out with Shimmer of Hope! I'm not lying when I say this one of my favorite nude glosses. The coloring is just perfect! A lighter nude, but not so light that it washes you out. It's almost like liquid lipstick in my opinion. Perfect for work & perfect for play! A staple for any beauty collection.

I am so so excited to offer my readers a chance to win a Shimmer of Hope lip gloss for themselves! As always, your support means the world to me and I hope you enjoy the giveaway - ends next Friday!

Also, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Gerard Cosmetics is donating a $1 from every pink lip gloss purchase. Help a wonderful cause & try out their amazing products!

Love you all and hope you have a fantastic weekend!



So sorry today's post is so late! It was one of those days and I'm running behind, so I decided to share some recent Instagram outfit photos. If you'd like to know where anything is from please let me know! I hope you've had a wonderful week and are ready for FRIDAY! My mom is coming into town to visit me and I just can't wait. Mommy daughter time is the best. Make sure to stop by tomorrow for little spotlight on Gerard Cosmetics lipgloss.