What's In My Wristlet?

In an effort to keep things new & exciting, I decided to blog about something slightly different! I know "What's in My Bag?" YouTube videos have become extremely popular - I watch them all the time. After a weekend full of shopping for furniture, Pure Barre, {cleaning} and PB's Anniversary Party I've gotten plenty of use out of my favorite wristlet. Now, when I think wristlet, I create an image of a small bag big enough for a phone, some cash and maybe some lipstick...this wristlet, is much more of a clutch and the perfect size!

When my dad is traveling through England he will do my mom and I the favor of stopping in the Burberry store in the airport {best dad award}. For Christmas last year he surprised me with the Haymarket Check Wristlet from Burberry. I was so stunned and entirely impressed! This wristlet is the perfect size, has beautiful detailing, gold chain and is made of thick pebbled leather.

So let's get to the goods - here they are!

iPhone 5 {of course!}
Cash & Credit Cards {duh!}
Hair Pins, Clips & Ties
A Couple Excedrin in my Pink Macaron
A Lipstick, Liner & Gloss
{Loving Faux, Boldly Bare & Shimmer of Hope}

Remember to ENTER to win my favorite nude lipgloss from Gerard Cosmetics.


  1. My favorite beauty item is without a doubt Rusk W8less Strong Hold Shaping and Control Hairspray. It is so versatile with my naturally fine, straight hair. On days I leave it straight, it does a great job controlling flyaways and gives movable hold to curls I add with my iron or hot rollers. And it never weighs my hair down, which allows me to build as much volume as I'd like. I use it every day! Love it!

    1. Yay! Hi love! I will have to give this hairspray a try, as I am continuously on the hunt for the "perfect" hairspray. So far, I'm convinced it doesn't exist hah!