St Tropez Tanning

I've always been a big fan of St. Tropez! The mousse is by far my favorite and until recently I used the original formula in the white bottle. Self tanning is definitely a learned technique of trial and error, but the St. Tropez formula makes it really easy. During Sephora's VIB Rouge sale I decided to try the Self Tan Express, because who wouldn't want to get tan quick!?

I am so impressed with the coloring and the quickness! I get a beautiful brown tan that (I think) looks authentic and wears well. The bottle states that in one hour you will achieve a light tan, two hours a medium tan and in three hours a dark tan. I find that it's best to self tan at night, sleep and then shower the next day {beware white sheet lovers}. The best way to apply any self tanner is with a mitt. You can spare your hands the ugly mess and the application will be smoother {just rinse out the mitt and hang to dry when you are done}.

Right now Sephora has a great deal on a St. Tropez Starter Kit! This kit is a great deal for the amount of product you will receive. A great stocking stuffer too.

I hope everyone is looking forward to Thanksgiving break {if you aren't already on it} and safe travels wherever you may go! Watch out for snow & stay warm.

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