Beauty Blender

Oh the Beauty Blender! So many uses, making blending a breeze!
Of the mommy & baby blenders, this is my favorite by far. As long as you have a sink available the Beauty Blender works wonders for foundation & concealer. It smooths out all of the lines you might get from using a brush and keeps your product from looking too cakey. If you've never used a BB before here is what you do:

Step 1: Hold BB under running water
Step 2: Squeeze out excess water so that BB is damp
Step 3: Dip into foundation or concealer
(or place product on face before blending)

Voila! Flawless face!

Use the steps above for the teeny tiny baby micro mini BB. Okay, the honest truth is that I don't think this doo-dad (such fancy language) is necessary. It's so incredibly small that one, it's a wonder I haven't lost it or that Heidi hasn't eaten it, and two it takes me a lot longer to blend in concealer. Yes, it gets into smaller creases, but the tip of the regular BB seems to do just the trick! BUT if you're looking to add a new tool to your beauty arsenal then definitely give it a try for yourself.

I'm sure many of you are using your Beauty Blenders tonight for your New Year's Eve makeup! I can't wait to see everyone's beautiful looks via social media. Drink some bubbly & be safe!


My "office space," if you can even really call it that, is quite small. 

I bought a cute and practical corner desk from Target (which I don't believe they sell anymore) that creates a small, but useful desk space in a section of my living room. The chair I purchased from TJ Maxx and it is so comfy! There are many similar ones at TJ Maxx & Marshalls in all sorts of colors and patterns. 

I keep a small lamp in the corner from Target for better lighting and usually flowers or candy in a dish to the left of my computer, which I keep charging while not in use. And if you can't tell, I am really particular about minimalism. I hate having things around that just take up space, especially on my desk, so this is a true representation of what it usually looks like.

On the wall I have a ballet painting from TJ Maxx, a wooden "A" from Pottery Barn and a sketch I purchased from Target that looks just like Heidi. 

I also keep a pillow on my chair, from my grandmother, that says Kentucky & makes me smile every time I see it. On the back on my comfy chair I keep a furry throw, also from TJ Maxx. They have amazing throws as great prices! I believe this one cost $15. 

Under the desk there are two shelves which I keep tan containers for holding stationary, pens, notepads, etc. which I purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I'm excited that tomorrow (NYE) is another day & a half off work! Lots of time to blog, cuddle with Heidi and catch up on sleep (which I never have enough of). I will also be watching Frozen for the second time! Okay, I've been trying to Redbox Frozen for months with no luck. I told my parents and they picked it up for me for Christmas - I watched it Sunday night and, like everyone else in the world, fell in love. Such a sweet & happy movie!


Road trip with Heidi (harness Petco on sale!)

Christmas Eve with Heidi girl - matching black & gold of course!

Christmas morning many years ago at my grandparents house.

Christmas this year at my grandparents house (Uggs)

My favorite color of the season!

New baby (Michael Kors on sale!), (Yurman) & new baby (Tiffany's)

Headed out with grandma for some mall shopping (yes it was crazy)! Booties (Steve Madden last year)

Marriott brunch with two of my besties.

The best gel manicure ever! The color doesn't have a name, but it looks like solid glitter!

Found this adorable pom hat at Altar'd State (hat on sale!) (scarf)

Can you believe it's already Monday!? Oh how I could vacation for another month or two...maybe on a tropical island (hey a girl can dream). It's back to work for me today - hopefully some of you are still on winter break or Christmas vaca with your loved ones. Luckily, this is New Year's week so another day and a half off - woohoo! I decided to share some insta pics from my holiday break with little Miss Heidi girl. We traveled to Kentucky to see family & friends and had a wonderful time. I'm a Kentuckian and I don't make it home enough so it was such a nice visit. Great shopping, good food, Sephora, brunch with my besties and a University of Kentucky Wildcat win (against the Louisville cards)! 

If you're still able to sleep in today please snooze some for me. 


Sephora Favorites Beauty Closet day 5 {final day}.

Formula X For Sephora Nail Polish
Cool red. This is my third Formula X nail polish and I love them! The quality and opaque colors are beautiful and some of my favorites. Thanks to Sephora for some awesome sample sizes!
Fahrenheit .4 oz

Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat 
Smudge free shine in five minutes, similar to a gel-like finish.
.12 oz

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Perfume
Violet, sandalwood and rich vanilla. Jury is definitely out on this one. I normally gravitate towards sweet scented perfumes with candy-like smells and this is very different. It's almost cologne like and fairly strong. I wore it to bed the other night and it totally threw me off every time I smelled it. We will see, it might grow on me!
Rollerball .24 oz

I hope you've enjoyed this week's beauty closet and I hope you've had a wonderful holiday!


Sephora Favorites Beauty Closet day 4.

Sephora Colorful Eye Shadow Mirror
Black Plum. Highly pigmented and long lasting is this eye shadow's claim to fame. I have yet to test it out, but plan to take it with me on Christmas vaca to see what I think!
.07 oz Pop Idol

Ardency Inn Modster Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner
Limited Edition for the holidays. I used this eyeliner a couple days ago and it is extremely smooth and the gold has flecks of sparkle which make for an awesome holiday eye. You can even smooth it over the lid for a glittery finish.
Gold (waterproof) .04 oz

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
This is one of my all time favorite mascaras. It builds amazing volume and is worth every single penny. If I could only choose one mascara I might just pick this one!
.17 oz

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel 
LOVE! I'm not big on doing my brows {maybe I should be}, so this makes my beauty brow routine super simple. I feel like filling in my brows on a daily basis for work is rather harsh, since I already have dark brows, so this gel is perfect for keeping my brows in line without adding any color.
.085 fl oz

Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!

I hope Santa was good to everyone and I hope some of you are enjoying beautiful winter weather. I know I will spend today thinking about all of the things I am thankful for in my life and reflecting on this past year. Heidi and I will also be thinking of all of the troops overseas who cannot be with their families today. From my military family to yours, Merry Christmas!


I've been using this for a couple days. I apply before my translucent powder to my cheek bones, cupids bow, and nose. I've been pretty impressed by the luminous shine and the fact that it shows through my powder. 
Opal .34 fl oz

This bronzer is beautiful! I've heard rave reviews from other beauty gurus and the coloring is perfect.
Park Avenue Princess .11 oz

I have yet to try this product. A lipstick that doubles as a blush. It's non-greasy and a tint of color.
Peony .07 oz

A berry-pink. Claims to have all of the benefits of a lipgloss, lipstick and a lip balm. The formula isn't super opaque, but gives enough color for a noticeable difference.
355 Framboise Etoile .10 oz

The look of just-kissed lips! I really like this bb lip balm. The formula is hydrating and luxurious and it gives just enough color so that your lips look alive. I'll be using this often underneath my lipstick!
.04 oz Flush 

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope all of you are staying warm and are enjoying some time with family & friends and your furry loved ones. Heidi and I have a full day of travel in a truck filled with puppies and my parents {this should be interesting}. We can't wait to get to my grandparents house for Christmas Eve, because it's the biggest holiday of the year for our family. Christmas Eve has always been quite the festive occasion with dinner and presents and socializing! 


Sephora Favorites Beauty Closet day 2.
I'm extra happy jolly today, because it's my last day in the office until next week. Heidi and I are traveling to see family & friends and cannot wait for a relaxing break full of Christmas movies & treats!

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
Mineral-based, water-resistant, SPF 15. I'm loving the formula of this primer. It is very very light, which I love, because I don't feel like my pores are being clogged with goop {yes I said goop}. It's a milky consistency and white in color. A little smooths all over the face for a smooth, primed surface. 
.3 fl oz

Moisturizes, primes, perfects, controls oil, and protects. I use to own this BB cream a couple years ago. The coverage is great and I don't think foundation is even necessary, unless you want a very full coverage look. Plus, I love that I don't have to use a separate sunscreen.
Light/Medium .25 fl oz

I used this tinted moisturizer over the weekend with a Beauty Blender. I like that the coverage feels very light (but not great if you want to cover any imperfections}. I think next time I'll try this with a brush for fuller coverage, since the Beauty Blender thins out the formula.
Nude 1 fl oz

This is the cutest little powder! The perfect size for throwing into your bag for touch ups. I also love that the Beauty Closet came with the color Translucent so that no matter how tan my skin may be, I can still use this product. So far I'm fairly impressed, but the jury is still out for now.
Translucent .15 oz

OMG! So cute & so little. I'm scared I will lose this baby blender if I don't keep it in sight. I've yet to use it, because I didn't want it to be dirty for pictures, but I'm sure I will love it just as much as it's mommy counterpart. I can't wait to use this for under my eyes and around my nose.

Stay tuned for Part 3 tomorrow!


I'm giving Sephora Favorites Beauty Closet two thumbs up!
A $298 value. I purchased this with my VIB $$, because the box contained a plethora of products I've been dying to try. I've also been traveling a lot lately so I enjoy having smaller products that I love that don't take up a ton of room {or weigh me down}. Let's be honest winter sweaters and boots take up a ton of room in your travel bag!

I've decided for this special holiday week to showcase each of the beauty closet products. Monday-Friday I will highlight different items and let you know my quick first thoughts.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster 
Apply this serum to your clean face in the morning. Five source Vitamin C complex. Smells like oranges! 
.5 fl oz

Contains Alguronic Acid. I've started using this in the morning and at night. A little goes a long way. 
.23 fl oz

This is my fourth bottle of Josie Maran Argan Oil. This is too thick for my face, but I love to use it on the ends of my hair at night. Especially with this dry winter weather!
.5 oz mini

I haven't tried this style extender just yet, but plan to over Christmas vacation. It claims to extend any style 2x longer with a thin weightless shield of OFPMA. You apply this generously to clean damp hair.
1 fl oz

My favorite product of this set is the Ole Henriksen collagen booster. I love Ole Henriksen facial products and the wonderful citrus smell helps to wake me up early in the morning!

Tomorrow I will share five more products from the beauty closet so stay tuned and safe travels if you are going out of town this week. I hope the weather holds off until Christmas morning {the only acceptable and welcome time for tons of snow in my book}.


Brushes Eyes
Okay ladies this list could go on forever.
There are so many eye brushes for so many things, but I've picked a few that I cannot and will not live without. Each serve a unique purpose and for some of them I even own duplicates because their just so useful.

Most used blend, blend, blend.

Blending, less dense.

Amazing for the corners of the eye or stark color in the outer corner.

Love this brush! tapered and great for blending & depositing color into the crease.

A smaller blending brush for really getting into the crease.

For detailed liner, very small tip.

Thin angled eyeliner for a thin wing.

Small angle brush for a thicker wing.

Fluff brush for applying shadow to the lid. I've had this for years!

The BEST eyeshadow brushes for placing color on the lid & so luxurious and soft.

Every girl needs this in her beauty bag for applying liquid concealer.

Simple. It's necessary, you need it. Great price!

Alright that's a wrap! Speaking of which I have lots of gifts to spruce up before next week {and even a couple more to buy}. I hope that all of you are gearing up for the holidays and are looking forward to spending time with family and friends. And eating lots of good treats! I don't know about you but I've already eaten so many Christmas chocolates and cookies in the office that I've been on a permanent sugar high.

Until next week!


Brushes - Face

It's been quite a while since I've talked about all of the brushes that I'm loving and using on a daily basis. I decided to split this post up into face brushes & eye brushes {eyes coming tomorrow}. I own more brushes than any girl will ever need, but the ones listed below I couldn't live without. They each serve an important and different purpose. I listed them in the order of when I use them in my face makeup process. I highly recommend each and every one!

Beauty Blender {duh!}
Every girl needs this! A beauty blender is amazing for foundation & concealer. A one stop shop.

Marc Jacobs The Face I
Omg! I don't think I will ever use another foundation brush {besides the beauty blender}. At first look this brush doesn't look exceptionally special, but once you use it it fluffs up and buffs in product flawlessly.

MAC 159
Amazing at blending concealer and the shape fits perfectly under the eyes. {also perfect for cream blush}

Real Techniques Setting Brush
Every girls needs this! Seriously, go out right now and buy this brush and a beauty can thank me later!

Sigma Tapered Highlighter - F35
My second favorite setting brush for concealer. I dip this into my loose translucent powder and it sets the under eye like magic! Very smooth & luxurious to the touch.

Bubbi Powder
I use this brush every day. EVERY day. Yes you have to order it from South Korea, but it's just so good! It's ridiculously soft and works wonderfully with NARS light reflecting powder. Right now the Bubbi site is down for the holidays, but be sure to check back! I bought her entire brush collection.

Sigma Large Powder - F30
Very affordable, big power brush. Staple of any makeup collection.

There has been a lot of hype related to the NARS Ita brush. It was sold out for a very long time before coming back to Sephora and Nordstrom. I'm not sure why the price point is so high, but it is amazing for contour. Be carful though! It creates a very stark contour {which I love}, but not for those who want a totally blended look.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush 
Super affordable, super amazing! I use this after using my NARS Ita brush to blend along the contours of my face and up into my hair line. The bristles are so dense it gives you the ability to deposit color right where you want.

Marc Jacobs The Bronze
Okay, I had to include this brush. You don't have to have it, but why wouldn't you want it?! The biggest most luxurious brush ever. This dome shaped brush is perfect for an all over bronzed look and it's just so flufffy! {insert the voice of the little girl from Despicable Me}.

MAC Proenza Schouler Blush
I am not sure if you can still find this brush, but it has turned out to be my favorite blush brush! It deposits color right where you want it and is incredibly soft.

Real Rechniques Blush Brush
This is my second favorite blush brush. So affordable I own two and the dome shape makes application easy. Great if you want to build color.

MAC 168
I recently purchased this brush specifically for highlighter. The angle makes hitting the highlights of the face effortless.

Part two {eye brushes} coming tomorrow!