I've been using this for a couple days. I apply before my translucent powder to my cheek bones, cupids bow, and nose. I've been pretty impressed by the luminous shine and the fact that it shows through my powder. 
Opal .34 fl oz

This bronzer is beautiful! I've heard rave reviews from other beauty gurus and the coloring is perfect.
Park Avenue Princess .11 oz

I have yet to try this product. A lipstick that doubles as a blush. It's non-greasy and a tint of color.
Peony .07 oz

A berry-pink. Claims to have all of the benefits of a lipgloss, lipstick and a lip balm. The formula isn't super opaque, but gives enough color for a noticeable difference.
355 Framboise Etoile .10 oz

The look of just-kissed lips! I really like this bb lip balm. The formula is hydrating and luxurious and it gives just enough color so that your lips look alive. I'll be using this often underneath my lipstick!
.04 oz Flush 

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope all of you are staying warm and are enjoying some time with family & friends and your furry loved ones. Heidi and I have a full day of travel in a truck filled with puppies and my parents {this should be interesting}. We can't wait to get to my grandparents house for Christmas Eve, because it's the biggest holiday of the year for our family. Christmas Eve has always been quite the festive occasion with dinner and presents and socializing! 

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