New Years Eve Attire

New Years Eve Attire

Jacket // Dress // Pumps // Clutch // Earrings // Fragrance // Lipstick

It's New Year's Eve ladies & gents!

If you're sad that Christmas is over you have another holiday to celebrate! For those of you dressing up I have a little outfit inspo for you above. The dress and jacket are from H&M and they are the exact ones that I will be wearing out to dinner with my friends. As for the shoes I thought this pink pair from Jessica Simpson were just too cute! I will be wearing a pair of open toe slingback pumps from Steve Madden. I got them several years ago and they are completely covered in rhinestones - true shoe love. I'm going to keep the jewelry minimal with a large pair of rhinestone studs and my clear & silver Michael Kors watch (check my Instagram Pardonmuahinsta for a picture of it I took yesterday). I'm planning to carry my black Kate Spade cross body my sweet brother got me for Christmas last year, but I found this $20 donut clutch and had to throw it in the outfit mix. Who wouldn't want a pink sprinkle donut clutch?!

For all of you going out, please be safe and don't drink your champs (insert Heather Dubrow's voice here) and drive. Uber is amazing and I'm sure their drivers will be out in droves. For those of you staying in, enjoy your down time & relaxation. I fully plan on taking my pajamas to the after dinner festivities as I would like to 1. breathe comfortably 2. sit comfortably while we play Cards of Humanity 3. eat large quantities of snacks.

See ya later 2015! It's been real, but it's almost over. Bring it on 2016!

Nordstrom Winter Sale

Nordstrom Holiday Sale
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

Nordstrom is having their Half Yearly Sale now until January 3rd. There are some really great items at fantastic prices! Some items are even 50% off! I've featured a few of my favorites above. If you are 5'2"ish #8 will not have to be hemmed and so flattering! Also, my go-to faux fur vest #1 is on major sale - it is the softest piece of clothing you will ever own. And how cute would #2 be for a New Years Eve party?! 

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

Pardonmuahinsta Travels

This is by far my favorite mug of all time. I was super excited when I unwrapped it - reference my face above (+ there was a Starbucks gift card inside!). Mug is linked here and on sale!

It's Monday again and the Christmas holiday is officially over (insert pouty face here), but luckily we get to ring in 2016 on Thursday night so it's another short week and there is celebrating ahead! 

Above I've posted some pictures from my trip to Kentucky. My go to's were my bell bottom jeans, a light jacket, a tee, and my Louis Vuitton Neverfull (the best tote everrr). The pom bag charms are from H&M and under $6! They look and feel like really good quality - I actually had someone ask me if they were Michael Kors. The dark grey one is here.

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas!


(illustration from DaWanda from Pinterest)

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to you and your family! 

Thank you for reading this year and for all of the love and support. 




My hair looks exceptionally undone, because it rained yesterday and I had to take Heidi to the kennel which meant no umbrella for this girl! Why does it always rain on hair cut & color days?!


The material used to cover the lightener is like plastic wrap for your hair...yes, you will look kind of silly for a little while, but it's totally worth it.

AFTER Voila!

This is, without a doubt, the most requested post of all time!

The most requested picture has been of the back of my hair and I'm sorry it's taken so long. I never seem to have anyone to take a picture of the back when it's fixed so I made sure to take lots of pictures yesterday when I had it freshened up! I didn't edit any of the pictures above, because I didn't want the hair color to look any different. We took them in front of natural light so they should be pretty accurate.

When I originally cut my hair I did it because I needed a change and I'd chopped my hair once before so I knew what to expect when I did. A lot of girls say they "could never pull it off," but you never know until you try! Plus, I've noticed lately a lot of other girls and even celebrities (aka J. Law & Carrie Underwood!) embracing the bob, the angled bob and the lob (long bob)

What I have done takes quite a bit of time and is definitely an investment. But I'm a big believer that you do not skimp on the quality or cost of your hair. When done properly, it can accent your face and natural features in a wonderful way. If you're not sure who to go to, ask around, even if they are a stranger with really gorgeous hair. Trust me, they will be flattered!

Here are some common questions I've had about my hair:

What kind of cut do you have? I have an angled bob. It's a very blunt graduated bob with very, very few layers. I like the lob on other girls, but when my hair hits my shoulders it starts to flip out and it drives me absolutely nuts. My hair has to be thinned out quite a bit when it's this short, because if not, it will be a big poofy mess, and won't have the shape I like (with volume at the top and less thickness towards the ends). Another thing I love about the angled bob is that the length isn't shorter in the front when I put my hair behind my ears and it appears longer in the front when it's not.

What is the color application used? I have balayage, which means "sweep," where my hair stylist hand paints the lightener on my hair in small sections. The color on the very top and the darker parts throughout are my natural color. I've had highlights in the past, but I don't want the color striped throughout and I prefer not to have ombre (which means "shadow"), because I think it can be too harsh. When washing, Taylor tones my hair a pearl blonde (called opal glow) so it's not too warm. I personally much prefer a whiter blonde to a yellow blonde, if that makes sense.

How long does it take? My appointments usually take about 4.5 hours - yes, you read that right. I normally schedule them at the end of the work day so I don't have to worry about running back to the office. The balayage itself takes about 2 hours. One, because I have a TON of hair, even when it's short. Two, because Taylor hand paints the hair and this is a tedious, careful process.

How often do I get my haircut & colored? I normally get my hair cut & colored every 2-3 months. My hair grows really, really fast so ideally I should get it cut every 5-6 weeks to keep the length where I want it.

How much does it cost? Pricing is different for every client so ask for a consultation! Your hair, to me, is an investment in yourself and your appearance.

Live is Southwest Virginia? Want to make an appointment with Taylor? Call her cell @ 540-793-5050 (she's super sweet!)

Merry Christmas Eve! Enjoy the valuable quality time you have with your family & friends and don't forget what this time of year is really about. Plus, giving can be so much more fun than receiving!


Christmas Eve is the most wonderful day of the year in my family. Ever since I can remember we've dressed up and travelled to my grandparents house for a huge, wonderful meal, followed by presents, cider and lots of laughs. Nowadays we are really guilty of being stuck to our electronics, so maybe this year we can unattach ourselves for just a bit. Although I'm very guilty of being on my phone and laptop a great deal of the time and this year I have a laundry list of things to do while I have the free time - blog planning, picture taking, website editing, and of course posting on social media. But maybe for Christmas Eve I will make an exception!

When I was little the adults would open all of their gifts Christmas Eve and I would open mine Christmas morning, but now I get to take part the night before! It's sort of non-traditional, but it's our tradition and I love it!  Normally I get fairly dressed up for Christmas Eve dinner, but this year I decided to plan something much more comfy & casual, but still festive. I couldn't believe I found this holiday sweatshirt at H&M so last minute and for only $9.99! It pairs perfectly with my Alo Yoga leggings, and of course the comfiest Uggs ever made. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's highly requested post all about my haircut & color!


Holiday Travel

I, for one, love to travel via the sky. Nowadays it's definitely not as much fun or as glamorous, but I'm still a big fan of flying. I was brought up on airplanes and started flying alone when I was very young, so I feel at home in airports (+ how much fun is people watching right!?).

With all of the new restrictions on liquids and the size of your carry on luggage you have to get pretty creative. I'm already a minimalist by nature so that part isn't so hard, but I still find paring down my outfits really tough. Even if I'm only leaving for a couple days, I always end up taking clothes for all sorts of events...and usually only end up wearing half of them.

My tips for packing?

1. make a list
2. pack and then repack
3. buy travel size bottles
4. bring clothing/shoes you can mix & match
5. use the rolling method
6. bring a spare bag for dirty clothes
7. pack a snack
8. start packing early!

So this year I'm really only taking the things I need. This year's Christmas vacation is, sadly, pretty short so I really won't need much and I doubt we will leave the house but once or twice. I will need a travel outfit, something cute for Christmas Eve (I found a sweatshirt at H&M that says "I want to be on the naughty list"), a comfy outfit for Christmas Day (we lay around all day), and something for Saturday in case we run errands, go shopping and/or decide to eat out. Luckily, I won't have to pack any heavy jackets, because it's supposed to be 70+ degrees! Which is awesome, but at the same time kind of sad, because I love snow on Christmas.

I'll be carrying on a large tote that fits my laptop, airplane blanket, phone, key pouch with money and credit cards, and quart size bag with all my liquids + my L.L.Bean suitcase. I highly recommend this suitcase as it's expandable and fits twice the stuff. It's small enough to be a carry on AND you can monogram it so no one ever mistakes your bag for their own!

As for my toiletries and makeup, I'm taking my Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer. All of my toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, etc. are travel size and fit nicely into the required quart size bag. One of the best travel container kits I've ever found was from CVS and I've purchased two! Most of the time travel bottles come in three ounces since that is TSA's limit, but really three ounces is a lot for a short trip, and takes up a ton of room. The travel kit from CVS comes with .5 ounce, one ounce, and two ounce containers so you can pack so much more! I hunted and hunted online, but couldn't find it, so make sure and check in a store near you!

Safe travels to all of you driving & flying for the holidays! 


Necklaces // Virginia State Necklace & L.T.B. (custom made)

Good Morning and Happy Monday! It's Christmas Week!

In honor of the holiday I'm going to be creating merry posts all week long. Beauty, travel, fashion and hair! I'm getting a hair cut & color on Wednesday and will be posting pictures of the front, side and back Christmas Eve - this has been the most highly requested post of all time.

For today's post I thought I would share my holiday beauty look. I only used products that I'm taking with me on Christmas vacation and I'm really happy with the way it turned out! Below I'm going to list the products used (+ brushes), in the order I used them, and any other details. Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Prepping the Skin

I like to start my beauty routine every morning by spritzing my face with MAC's Fix+. It's 90% water, 10% magic...leaving the skin feeling hydrated and ready for creams and potions.

This is a very sheer face cream so it's perfect for underneath your makeup. It repairs skin with a vitamin C complex, licorice root and pea extract (there is really no scent). Right now I own the baby sample size which is great for travel!

This gel instantly helps to smooth the look of puffy eyes. I've been using a 100 point perk from Sephora and I have a feeling it's going to last me a very long time! I stash these baby samples away for any time I have to fly and don't want to check a bag (which is almost always).

The Eyes

Normally I use my MAC paint pot in Painterly to prime my eyes, but since I'm traveling I don't want to take too many products. Most concealers will work just fine as eye primer!

1. Shell - all over the lid and under the brow (using Bubbi Dual Eyes brush)
2. Cafe - in the crease of the eye as a transition shade (using Sigma E40 brush)
3. Chai - in the outer half of the crease (using MAC 217 blending brush)
4. Pearl - all of the lid focusing on the inner part of the eye (using MAC 213 fluff brush)
5. Mink - draw a "V" in the outer corner of the eye and blend (using MAC 217 blending brush)
6. Spray a shadow brush with MAC Fix+ and dip it into your highlighter. Place on the middle of the eyelid for a pop of shine. I also placed this on the corner of my eye for a more awake and angelic look.

Side note: You want to make sure you are constantly blending out your shadow so there are no harsh lines. My favorite blending brushes are MAC 224 and MAC 286.

I've said it eight hundred times, but this is my favorite liquid liner of all time. You. Will. Not. Be. Disappointed. I normally free hand my cat eye, but if you do your eye makeup first you can remove the excess or mess ups with a makeup remover cloth or Qtip (I like to dip mine in micellar water). I also recently purchased this liner in Mad Max Brown which I figured it would be less harsh for the day to day.

Side note: Now is the time to clean off the excess eye shadow under the eye with a makeup remover cloth or Qtip. You can also use tape before you get started in a diagonal shape as a guideline for your eye shadow and liner. Regular scotch tape works great, but unfortunately, I think I have an allergy to the adhesive. The couple times I've tried it I end up itching the corners of my eyes all day.

The Face

I own this primer in the oil-free version, but got the regular one as a deluxe sample. It's only .5 ounces so it's great for travel. I rub this all over my face focusing on my t-zone. 

For this look I used Tarte's long wearing amazonian clay foundation, because it comes in a squeeze tube bottle which is easy for travel and I haven't given it any love in a long time. It gives great coverage, although not my favorite. [After creating this look I ended up purchasing Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Foundation Stick and will be taking this instead. It's a solid so I don't have to pack it in my quart size bag and I've heard AMAZING things. It's supposedly very full coverage and great for pictures. I got color 118 and will be testing it out this morning!]

Lately, I'm big on using an under eye brightener/highlighter before my concealer. I use pink toned products and I place it down my nose, in the middle of my forehead, on my chin, cupid's bow, and under my eyes in a triangular shape. MAC's Prep & Prime is a light weight formula so it won't feel too thick. If I'm using Becca Cosmetics version I only place it under the eyes, because it is a very thick & sticky formula (but beautiful).

I place this concealer in a smaller triangle under my eyes focusing closer in towards my nose. This is a very full coverage concealer and it doesn't take much! It's also incredibly long wearing. This is my all time favorite.

Using Sigma F35 Brush (to bake) & Bubbi Dome Brush (to sweep product away)
I've been using the "baking" method to set my under eye concealer, around my nose and sometimes on my chin and middle forehead as well (basically all the places I put concealer or brightener). In order to do this I place a generous amount of powder on my brush and pat it on without wiping away the excess. After I've powdered the rest of my face (and maybe eaten a snack...yesterday I ate a waffle while letting the powder set haha) I will brush off the excess, leaving my under eye nice, bright and set.

Using Bubbi Powder Brush or any large, fluffy powder brush
I brush this product all over my face and neck where I didn't place the brightening powder. I haven't used this for very long, but so far I'm impressed. My face seems to stay nice and matte all day - granted it is the winter time. My go to for a long, long time has been NARS pressed translucent powder, but I go through them so quickly I wanted to try something different. 

Normally I use a separate contour powder and bronzer, but again, for travel it's easier to use the same product. + this bronzer comes in the Lorac Pro To Go Palette that comes with two blushes & six eye shadows (used above), so it's a one stop shop!

Using MAC Proenza Schouler Blush Brush (similar)
I used the coral blush in the palette and it's beautiful! It has a really pretty sheen. 

I was tempted not to link this product at all, because it's expensive. Not just a little expensive, a lot expensive. Butttt it's absolutely beautiful! And once you buy the compact all you have to buy is the replacement product (can you tell I'm trying to justify my purchase?). Some other great alternatives are here, here and here. I love a strong highlight so I place this on the high points of my cheeks, cupid's bow, and the bridge & tip of my nose.

The Brows

I'll be honest I haven't used this brown pencil in forever. Actually, I haven't used a colored brow product in forever. I know I probably should, but I just hate filling in my brows and they are already so dark I feel like I can get away with it. And it's a couple extra minutes I usually don't want to give up in the morning. But for the purpose of this makeup look I felt like filling in the brows was essential. I don't hear people talk about MAC's Deluxe Brow Liner, but it's so easy to use and goes on super smooth.

Although I don't fill my brows in every day, I do set them with this clear brow gel. Every women need this product in their life!

Side note: Once I get to this point I take more of the Chai eyeshadow on an E30 brush from Sigma and place the color underneath my lower last line to really bring the eye look together. You can also line your water line in black or white for an even more pronounced eye.

Making Sure It's Set!

Right before I touch up my liner and put on my mascara I spray a couple more sprays of MAC Fix+ all over my face. The reason I do this is for a more flawless finish. After using so much product it's easy to have some build up and even excess product. The Fix+ helps to smooth out any of those areas and melts the makeup into the skin. I really, really do think this step makes a difference.

After waiting a minute for the Fix+ to dry I follow up with my makeup setting spray. You might wonder why in the world I do both of these steps, but they serve different purposes. Fix+ is not a setting spray so it won't affect the longevity of your makeup. The All Nighter spray, on the other hand, will. I usually spray 8-10 sprays all over my face. It's very refreshing!

The Lashes

Before I ever used this product I was using Revlon's version, which does come at a more affordable price point. But after reading reviews where people said this is the best they've ever used I wanted to give it a go. And even though I don't have a tried and true relationship with this little baby yet, I have noticed it keeps my lashes more curled! Overall, no matter the brand, mascara primers do make your mascara more pronounced and your lashes appear longer.

You all have heard about this a million times. The only mascara I will use on my lower lashes and I don't have any plans of changing it. Ever. 

This is the only mascara I've been wearing for months and months and months. The best I've ever used. I only own one other mascara now, because I was trying to find a cheaper alternative...and there's just no comparison!

The lashes I used for this look were the last pair I had left in my drawer. They are called Demure, but they barely show up. They aren't any longer than my natural lashes, but they did help a little bit by filling in any empty space. I originally purchased these for a bride, but we ended up using a different set. My favorite are Ardell's Wispies.

The Lips

Boldly Bare is a great universal nude. It's dark enough to wear with darker mauve and nude lipsticks, but also great if you want the "I have lip liner on" look (you all know what I'm talking about) with lighter nudes, pinks and mauves. This is a staple.

This lipstick is perfect for the woman who is apprehensive about red and who doesn't wear bright lipsticks. Im such a fan of nudes and light pinks that it's hard for me to get out of my comfort zone. But Faux is a beautiful muted mauve-pink satin. 

Side note: All the Bubbi brushes couldn't be linked (I wish I had known or I would have used other brushes, but if you need an alternative be sure to ask). The company is closed for Christmas and will be back up by January. They are amazing and ship from South Korea. So if you're interested, check their site in 2016 here!

Thank you to all of you who made it all the way to the end of this post! 

This was probably the most time consuming and verbose post of any I've ever written so I really hope it was helpful or maybe inspiring for your holiday makeup looks! I had a lot of fun creating it! Let me know if you all want more of these posts in the future. The Full Face Makeup post got so much love I figured I'd do another one like it. It's rather challenging to write these kinds of tutorials where I can't actually talk to you (Yes I do want to start a YouTube channel so I can actually do tutorials - but that will have to wait until next year (if you would be interested in watching please let me know) but hopefully it's still easy to understand. 

Have a very happy Monday and stay tuned for another merry post tomorrow!


The best frap everrrr! It's on my list of favorites here.

The perfect $14 sweater from Target here.

One of my favorite foundations - and on sale!

Need a blanket scarf? Check here!

View my new bedroom post & lots of animal print here.

One of the prettiest baby pink lip stains.

I want to buy this sweater in every color! Only $21.

Essie Chillato polish & tear drop hoops from Altar'd State (similar).

Another $14 Target sweater & J.Crew Factory booties (no longer available).

So many high-end products now 10% off at Nordstrom (they didn't pay me to say this hah).

Mint? Yes please!


The best water & coffee bottle you'll ever use! From S'well Bottle.
Makes a great gift for your guy - more ideas here.

Happy Friday Friends!

Enjoy some recent Instagram photos with links to products & other posts. 
See you next week!

Some of My Favorite Things

Some of My Favorite Things

1 (on sale) // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 (10% off) // 8 (10% off) // 9 // 10 (on sale)

I realized today, on December 17th, that I completely forgot to post my November Favorites - and I don't think I've ever missed a month! SO...I figured you all wouldn't mind if I post them now and then I will also create a post for my December favs (and get ready, because there are lots of new goodies).

I've tried to be really money conscious these past couple months and that definitely includes spending less on makeup. Actually, I really haven't spent anything on makeup, minus replenishing mascara (a life essential). I've been trying to use up products I've owned for a long time that have just been sitting around in my acrylic drawers. I cleaned out a lot, getting rid of things that were old, especially lippies, and I gave away & sold some things. I've pretty much decided I want to refine my makeup routine so that I have my go-to's and then a couple special extras. I feel like it's a waste of space and money to have so many things I never use.

My November "favorite things" are showcased above and all things I highly recommend. Many of them are close to running out, which is sad, but also a great sign I got my money's worth. Someone asked me on Instagram last night which primer I've been using and it's Dior's Glow Maximizer. It's very, very radiant, but when mixed with foundation it gives a beautiful glow, while also keeping your foundation in place longer throughout the day. Use a couple sprays of Fix+ and you're skin will look even more flawless!

Has anyone tried the frap version of peppermint mocha?! Oh. Em. Gee. So yummy! I almost think I like this better than the hot version. Not sure how that is possible, but it's incredible. I'll be sipping these until winter is over and they take it away. Another winter fav is the marshmallow fireside wallflower scent from Bath & Body Works. It wouldn't be my first pick based off the name, but my apartment has never smelled so good. I have three wallflowers in my 400 some square feet hah!

On a quick side note, I am seriously dragging today - anyone else feel like they need a long vacation?! For some reason I've turned into an insomniac the past two weeks and no matter how tired I am I just can't go to sleep. Probably because I'm always thinking and planning and thinking and planning...but turning off your brain is so much easier said than done. And I've tried everything - turning my phone on airplane mode, drinking tea, reading a book, and still my body remains wide awake. I'm hoping this is just a phase (or hormones hahaha). If anyone has any recommendations, besides taking two benadryl, please let me know! 

Stay tuned for tomorrows Instagram round-up! 


Today's post will be short & sweet!

I wanted to share a small, but super practical luxury item that I've been using for the past several months. I don't know why, but earlier this year I started disliking my wallet. Not the look or the brand, but just carrying a wallet in general. Whenever I would carry a clutch or needed to run a quick errand my wallet was always a pain. Switching cards in and out and sometimes forgetting something important like my license or credit card. And I felt like it took up too much space in my purse (even though most are the size of a small suitcase hah). I noticed a lot of bloggers I follow and one of my gal pals at work using the Louis Vuitton Key Pouch

So I sold my Kate Spade patent black zip wallet and decided to splurge! It ended up being worth every penny, because I no longer carry a wallet (actually, I don't even own a wallet) and my LV pouch fits all of my credit cards and what little cash I keep on hand. Plus I can attach it to my keys anytime I'm running around town and don't want to carry a bag. Lastly, the quality is amazing - I will seriously carry this key pouch forever. The leather and the craftsmanship are top of the line and if anything ever happens to your LV products the company will be sure to fix them!

Have a lovely Wednesday! (Oh, and Heidi says hello!)