Can you spot my selfie?
Friday! Thank goodness! I thought the end of the week would never come.

Today's Can't Live WithOut is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light. OMG! The most beautiful finishing powder I have ever used. Great for so many skin tones and it doesn't over-highlight the face. You can use it all over for a literally "luminous" finish. I've tried several others shades in the Ambient Lighting Powder family, but this is by far my favorite. I also have Diffused Light which is great for setting under eye concealer, but still not as "wowing" as it's sister powder Luminous Light. I purchased mine from Sephora and will absolutely repurchase when I run out!

Have a beautiful weekend and Happy Superbowl (yes I am channeling my inner sports fan)!


Good Morning! 

I don't know about you all, but I am thrilled that today is Thursday. My Monday-Wednesday was basically madness...working, traveling, teaching, running home to tend to Heidi, cleaning, cooking, doing my hair (yes this is a time investment) and did I mention sleeping?...well there wasn't much of that. SO, needless to say, I am so glad this week is on the other side of hump day. 

One of the products that makes my busy life so much easier is NYX's HD Concealer. This concealer is not only easy to apply and blend, but comes at an incredible cost! I run through these pretty quickly, but let's be serious, it's not the worst thing in the world when repurchasing a concealer costs you $4.99 (compared to NARS Creamy Concealer $29). The only difference between this product and NARS is that the consistency is not quite as thick. I prefer NARS for true blemish cover up, but NYX concealer is amazing for highlighting and concealing darkness. 

I buy mine in the color porcelain, because I love a light conceal/highlight and my skin is normally pretty fair (even when I fake tan). I highly recommend this product, especially for those of you who don't see the point in spending an arm and a leg (sometimes your whole body) on beauty products. And for those of you who are used to spending your life's savings on pretty little products, you need this too! 


For all of you low & high maintenance women, you need this brow gel. This is one of the best, yet easiest products in my beauty arsenal. I received mine in a Sephora Favorites kit and have used it every day since. Every day ladies & gents!

Yes, I do own gels and powders that match the color of my brows, but I'll be honest I just don't have time for all that shaping and brushing every morning...and I know the brow gurus everywhere are shaking their heads saying, "Oh, girl no you didn't." But it's true. Plus, I have dark, shaped eyebrows genetically so they really don't need much thickening or accentuating. 

One of the most appealing features of this product is the staying power. Your brows won't move! They stay tamed and brushed all day long and it doesn't feel stiff or sticky.

If you don't have this brow gel - you need it!


You might be wondering what in the world the title of this post means. I decided for the rest of the week to have a "Can't Live WithOut Series." Featuring a couple staple products I couldn't wouldn't get ready without. The first is my Dior Lash-Addict Mascara.

Seriously, the best for the lower lashes (and the top), but I emphasis the bottom, because the formula doesn't transfer under your eyes throughout the day at all. I tried to live without this product, but nothing else measured up. 

The brush is very separating and thickening. I've never used a mascara over top of dry mascara (even hours old) that actually separated and made my lashes look less clumpy. It might be pricey, but sooo worth each and every penny. If you're a makeup junkie you need it!

My first tube lasted for quite a while and I use this every day. I don't think I've ever even put it in my mascara drawer.


Trying out Estee Lauder Double Wear (I wear Desert Beige)
Morkie Mug

Amazing birthday gift from my bestie!
The best smoothies & wraps everrrr.

A little Pure Barre fun with my favorite girls.

Blanket Scarf - You need it.
Distressed Jeans & Booties (sold out)

Another Monday. Another Instagram update!

If you don't follow please do @pardonmuahinsta. I hope the start of your week goes well - I never know what to expect from keep your fingers crossed. Today's insta photos are a pretty random mix, but I enjoy sharing more than just beauty sometimes.

See you lovely readers tomorrow.


Happy Friday Beautiful Ladies!

I am exceptionally excited, because today is my first day with my new iPhone 6. I waited for a bit while the hype died down, but finally couldn't wait any longer. I ordered the gold one and bit the bullet spending what I consider to be an exorbitant amount of money for a cell phone. Yes it's wonderful and the picture quality is amazing, but seriously $$$$. 

Side note: don't try and activate your new phone via the internet like I did. Somehow I got everything all mixed up and ended up having to call technical support - but Verizon tech support is truly awesome and so so sweet! They didn't make me feel technologically incompetent. 

SO on to the purpose of today's post - my Gigi New York iPhone 6 Embossed Leather Case in Magenta! OMG gorg! And for all of you who are wondering, my last initial is for my adoptive last name since it means so much more to me. The case is very thin which i love and the quality seems quite nice. The only thing I wasn't expecting was the silver monogram (I thought it would be gold) and also the color is darker than the bright magenta I've seen on Gigi's clutches.

Still, I would say this is well worth the money and so glamorous!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend filled with puppy cuddles, Starbucks, Pure Barre, girl time and some yummy food...wait...maybe that's just me hah! 


Lime Crime Great Pink Planet
YSL Rouge Volupte 7
Gerard Cosmetics Fiji
Loreal I Pink You're Cute
MAC Sheen Supreme Behave Yourself

I  know I've said this recently, but who is ready for Spring!?

The warm, sunshiny weather this week has been such a tease. I didn't even need my coat two days! Oh how I'm pining for "no coat" weather. I love wearing my cute winter outer wear for about two weeks and then I'm completely over it. AND it's just so much to keep up with.

In honor of the warm weather I decided to pull out my favorite pretty pink lip products. Mostly lipsticks and one bright pink gloss. They span the cost spectrum from drugstore to high-end. 

My absolute favorite? YSL's Rouge Volupte 7 Lingerie Pink
The quality of the formula is like none other I've ever used. And yes I do think they rival the new NARS Audacious lipsticks. One swipe, and BOOM! major color payoff. If you don't like "bubble gum" pink you probably won't like #7, but there is a wide range of colors. I know the light nude is another cult favorite! And they smell like candy - oh you need to go to Sephora right now and try one out.

I hope you're enjoying beautiful weather too and starting to sport your pink as well!


Picture courtesy of Pinterest.

I cannot even begin to explain how much I love Essie's Mod Square nail polish. Hot Pink is definitely going to be my main color this season (even for my home decor)

My beautiful & sweet friend Nikki bought me four (yes four) Essie polishes for my birthday. This was the first one I wanted to test out and it makes me feel like Barbie - which if you know me is absolutely thrilling! It's the perfect bright pink, because it's happy and work appropriate. Like most of you, I am so very ready for warmer weather and Spring. I've been wearing bright colors, hoping I can channel beautiful weather. It does seem to be working as it was 60+ degrees yesterday - I was in heaven!

I hope you have a warm and beautiful Wednesday!


FAB Milk Oil Conditioning Cleanser
FAB Face Cleanser
FAB Facial Radiance Polish
FAB Ultra Repair Cream
FAB Ultra Repair Lip Therapy

Let's talk FAB - First Aid Beauty!

The first FAB product I tried was the Ultra Repair Cream. I loved the price point and the fact that it is safe for sensitive skin (I have to be pretty careful about what I put on my face). After loving their moisturizer I started building the rest of my FAB collection (from Sephora). If I could only pick one brand of skincare to use I would pick FAB, because I love all of their products I've tried and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. 

I am convinced the Cleanser will last me forever, because a little dab goes a longggg way...especially if you use it with your Clarisonic. And the formula is so luxurious and silky on the skin. 

My newest addition is the Milk Oil Conditioning Cream and OMG! I might have just found a dupe for MAC's Cleanse Off Oil...AND the milky consistency doesn't bother my eyes. This removes all of my eye makeup and strips a days worth of grim. This is a must have!

The Facial Radiance Polish I received as a deluxe sample and even the sample will last me for quite some time. What I love most about his product? The gritty consistency doesn't scratch your face - somehow it's very smooth.

Lastly, I received the Ultra Repair Lip Therapy in a duo pack with the Ultra Repair Cream. My lips have been chapped out of control this winter and let's be honest, who wants to look at your flaky lipstick lips - nope, no one. This lip repair cream is so different from a balm, as it's like moisturizer for your lips. I suggest exfoliating the lips too!

Somehow this has already been a long and draining week for me - yes I know it's only Tuesday morning. Here's to hoping it flies by so we can enjoy the weekend.