Picture courtesy of Pinterest.

I cannot even begin to explain how much I love Essie's Mod Square nail polish. Hot Pink is definitely going to be my main color this season (even for my home decor)

My beautiful & sweet friend Nikki bought me four (yes four) Essie polishes for my birthday. This was the first one I wanted to test out and it makes me feel like Barbie - which if you know me is absolutely thrilling! It's the perfect bright pink, because it's happy and work appropriate. Like most of you, I am so very ready for warmer weather and Spring. I've been wearing bright colors, hoping I can channel beautiful weather. It does seem to be working as it was 60+ degrees yesterday - I was in heaven!

I hope you have a warm and beautiful Wednesday!


  1. Love that nail polish color! It goes amazing with navy


    1. Thank you so much! I fell in love once I put in on my nails - and yes I couldn't believe how well it went with my C. Wonder heart bracelet!