I've gotten a lot of questions about how style my hair when I wear in its natural state. The pictures above show what my hair does when I let it air dry (with the help of a little product). I have what I would call "beach hair." Sort of unruly, but cool at the same time hah! I prefer to wear my hair naturally curly on the weekends. I shower in the morning and let air dry before I need to run errands or go out on the town (mind you my hair takes over an hour to dry). Letting it air dry during the day, as opposed to sleeping on it while it dries at night, guarantees fuller, more precise curls.

So what is my process for achieving the least amount of frizz and the best looking wavy curls?

Step 1

Step 2
Do not brush or comb fingers through hair!
I flip by hair over and without combing, squeeze out all of the excess water

Step 3
Place in a towel for a couple minutes while drying off, self tanning, brushing teeth, etc.

Step 4
Take hair out of towel, still do not comb! 

Step 5
Use a good size pump of Macadamia Leave In Conditioner and scrunch into hair

Step 6
Use a generous amount of Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding and scrunch into hair.
I use the purple one and it smells like grapes! This product is a game changer - the ONLY curl cream I use and will probably ever use. It leaves hair soft and smooth, even if you reapply cream after hair starts drying. I buy mine at Target.

Step 7
Let hair air dry.
I don't put my hair up in a clip or anything...I just have to be patient while the drying process takes place.

Step 8
Spray a frizz oil like OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Weightless Healing Dry Oil all over hair. I would use less of this if you have naturally oily hair. Spray oil is best because the more you touch your hair, the more likely it is to frizz.

And Voila!


Beauty Budget

I've been really pleased with this primer. It has a sticky consistency which helps your foundation adhere to your face and it hasn't broken me out at all.

This is my favorite drugstore foundation (actually the only drugstore foundation I like). I love the silky, light consistency and beautiful coverage. It dries matte and doesn't need much powder. I use color 20 Classic Ivory.

Just reviewed this product last week below. I wear color Fair.

This powder is amazing for setting under eye concealer and nice for an overall veil.

For $2.79 is is a great bronzer! The coloring is a little more red toned than I normally prefer, but still a great product. Color appears darker on the skin than in the pan. I wear 720A Sunny.

Elf makes really pretty blushes and only $3! Pink Passion appears neon pink, but with a light application appears beautiful on the cheeks.

Sweet As Candy absolutely surprised me. For the price I assumed the quality would be sub par, but the product is very creamy. The colors are not quite as pigmented, but they are great for every day. Plus the brow bone, crease and eyelid shades are designated for you so it's quick and simple. The trio I own has a light buttery brow bone shade, a milk chocolate crease color and a pretty pink for the eyelid.

This is the best drugstore liquid eyeliner that I've found. The application is very easy.

I was so happy to find a mascara for $2.99 that I actually like. It's almost impossible to find an inexpensive mascara worth wearing. Jordana's is build-able and thickening.

Doutzen's Nude is part of the Loreal Privee Collection. I would argue this shade is much more of a pink than a nude, but nonetheless it's beautiful. A light, sheer pink that is perfect for work. The only downside to L'Oreal lipsticks in the smell. A more chalky fragrance than other lippies I've used.

Grand Total $64.71

I know $65 may still seem high, but considering that's one high-end foundation nowadays I think it's pretty good! Plus you don't have to buy everything at the same time.

Have a lovely Tuesday!


Little Luxuries

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

This little baby will be on my wish list for a long, long time. Because it's ridiculously pricey. But I've heard it's well worth the $$$$$ and it's been given rave reviews. I don't buy many skin care products, because I like what I like and so does my skin. Changing things up only makes my skin angry.

YSL Gloss Volupte 101
I currently own this gloss in 20 Nude Carat, but am craving a baby pink. 101 is described as a light pink with iridescent shimmer. I was rather sad when the Sephora I visited last week was sold out. Not meant to be I suppose, but it's on my luxury wish list!

Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb
I'm very happy with my Flower Bomb roller ball. I didn't feel like dropping one hundred some dollars on a brand new bottle of perfume and the roller ball allows me to take my favorite scent everywhere. And roller balls actually last a very long time. At some point I will invest in the big bottle!

Blushing Scattered Crystal Ring
If you haven't viewed the Pink Peonies Collection you definitely need to. Rachel Parcell, the author of Pink Peonies blog recently created her own jewelry collection. Her blog is absolutely beautiful, like blogger eye candy. You must visit her blog and also her collection, as all of the jewelry is very affordable for the intricacies and stones. I'm swooning over this ring in blush.

Stuart Weitzman 
Ankle strap sandals are all the rage and I cannot believe I don't own a pair yet! Come on Amanda get with the program right?! I love love love this Stuart Weitzman nude patent pair. I've seen them in person at Yarid's shoe store and couldn't even touch them, because I knew when I did I'd never be able to let them go (I know slightly dramatic...). I've been hoping to find a less expensive pair so if you've seen some please let me know.

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend! Sadly, we got rain and humidity all weekend long, which proved relaxing, but also rather depressing. I'll be sharing my curly hair secrets tomorrow - I've gotten quite a few questions on my recent Instagram photos. 


Happy Friday Ladies & Gents!

I mentioned in a previous post here that I am now an ambassador for Burnthis, an awesome fitness inspiration app (very much like Instagram for fitness lovers). If you read my original post you'll understand that fitness and staying healthy have always been a big part of my life. Thanks to parents who were always very involved in sports and physical fitness, I was destined to head in the same direction. My fitness journey began with ballet, and as many of you know, has led me to become an advocate of Pure Barre (thanks to its many ballet-like components). 

Burnthis is a great place to support others on their fitness journeys and commend those who have made it to their workout destinations. You don't have to be an instructor or gym rat to join. Maybe you just want a little inspiration to get off the couch (that's me every night). 

Have a lovely weekend and I will see all of you next week!


Drugstore Concealer

My mom and I were talking a couple days ago about product reviews on my blog and she mentioned she loves drugstore reviews, because they are affordable and it's fun to find dupes for high-end cosmetics. So I decided to feature my favorite drugstore concealer which is a recent repurchase.

Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser has been a favorite among beauty gurus for quite some time. I first purchased when I started watching beauty videos on YouTube (I wear shade Fair). After testing out many concealers, high-end and drugstore, I can easily say this is the best among those at the drugstore (in my opinion). 

Why you ask?

This is a great every day, work day concealer. I love a stark highlight and am notorious for buying the lightest shade in every concealer I own, but it's not always work appropriate or you are in a hurry and want something quick. It's still great coverage, but it's more natural in its medium consistency. A lot of full coverage concealers are very thick and can become cakey. This one also comes with the easiest applicator! Swipe it on, blend, and you're ready to go! 

Have a great Thursday and make sure to grab one of these concealers for yourself!


Happy Wednesday Friends!

Sorry for the lack of posts. Vacation happened - lots of driving, lots of coffee, lots of fun and lots of missing Miss Heidi who stayed at the kennel this trip. SO now we are having lots of cuddles while I unpack and work and sort through my to do list. A new post will be up tomorrow - I'm thinking about sharing what I got from the Sephora VIB Rouge 15% sale.

Have a lovely day.


It was the Nationals birthday so Screech wore a birthday cake hat and they brought out little Screech (I mean does it get any cuter?)

Not a bad view right?! (hehehe)

My family and I had the best time at the Nationals game in DC yesterday! The weather was slightly overcast, but perfect for baseball watching, because we weren't sweating in the sun. Our seats were fantastic (thanks to dad) and we had the perfect view of the whole game. Plus we didn't have anyone directly in front of our seats so us shorties didn't have to peer over super tall heads (if you're short you totally get what I'm talking about).

This was my second nationals game so luckily I already had a ball cap and decided on my outfit from there. I wasn't sure about the weather so when I was packing I put together several options (always need options). I ended up pairing my white Madewell pants (similar here) ($15 from J.crew Clearance Store!), my new navy & gold Jack Rogers (you need them), J.crew jean jacket (similar and 30% off) and blue & white striped tank from Victoria's Secret (similar). It ended up being the perfect outfit and I felt comfortable the entire time.

No one wants to have their hands full while at a sporting event - well I don't because then how do you carry your hotdog, tots and cider?! So I took my Coach leather cross body (love this one). The color pairs well with pretty much anything and it holds quite a bit.

I'm already looking forward to my next game and even more so my next vacation. I'm not even off of my current vaca and I'm already wishing for the next one hah! Probably not the best mindset, but hey, always good to plan ahead right?

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and for those of you currently on vacation too, I hope you enjoy every second!


Today is another exciting fashion post with Girl-ish blog!

If you missed the first one you can view it here

Like I said before, Girl-ish is such a wonderful blog to follow and always beautiful to look at as well. They promote foodies, fashionistas, beauty gurus, world travelers and more. If you aren't already, make sure to follow them on Facebook here and on Instagram at girl.ish.

Please check out the link HERE for today's full post and outfit details. As always, Heidi stole the show.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sephora VIB Rouge Sale

NARS Gloss // Urban Decay Concealer // Giorgio Armani Foundation 
Smashbox Contour Sticks // Flowerbomb Rollerball // Hourglass Primer

I thought I would share my picks for Sephora's VIB Rouge Sale (15% off). It may not seem like a huge sale, but when you add up what makeup costs, boy you're getting quite a discount! Don't forget to shop before the 21st if you're a Rouge member. Sadly, I won't be buying all the products above, but I wanted to share what I would be buying if I had tons of cash to spare (thanks bills). The gloss, foundation, primer and perfume I have tried and loved. The concealer and contour sticks I've heard rave reviews.

Happy shopping!


It's hump day and it's already been a long week ladies & gents! Taking a quick break today and I'll be back with more tomorrow. I hope you're having a lovely week, unlike our little furry friend above (couldn't resist he's just too cute).



Ulta Haul
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

I spent this past weekend really cleaning out my apartment. Electronics, clothing, makeup, shoes, hair accessories, bath accessories, home decor, etc. You name it, I probably cleaned it out! I then took my old electronics and clothes and sold what I could at stores around town. It always hurts because you don't get near what things are worth, but hey it's better than getting nothing I suppose. 

I also made an Ulta trip, because I had the 20% coupon (always worth it) and I needed to pick up some items for my friend's wedding. She's been so sweet (and trusting) to have me do her bridal makeup and her bridal party. I'm having them bring their own foundation, as I'm not a makeup artist by trade, but I went ahead and got several shades of hd concealer and the new NYX contour palette. Having this palette will allow me to pack less products and should match every skin tone. I also grabbed some makeup sponges since I anticipate we will be pressed for time and brush cleaning is a process (you beauty obsessed girls know what I'm talking about). I did, however, also grab some brush/sponge cleaning spray in case I need to sanitize between uses (not pictured). 

I also splurged on the Too Faced Sugar Pop palette, because I've been obsessing and dreaming about it since I saw the macaroon packaging. I wore it yesterday and got several compliments so I'm convinced it was a good purchase. I'm not one for buying lots of eye palettes, because I don't use them on a daily basis, but this one was just too sweet!

In addition I picked up more Elnett Unscented hairspray which I go through like water and some OGX argon oil of Morocco dry oil spray since I just ran out of the frizz control oil. I like this so much better because it's a spray and saves you from getting slimy product all over your hands and doesn't undo any styling. And it smells sooooooo good!

Have a gorgeous Tuesday! 


Wishing for Foundation

Lately, I've been all about using beauty products that I already have in my collection. It seems silly (did I really just say that?!) to buy anything else right now unless I'm replacing something I already have. But, Sephora's 15% VIB Rouge Sale is now in full swing and that's the perfect time to pick up higher priced products you might want to try or need to restock.

Right now I have my eye on Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation. Jaclyn Hill, YouTubber, has raved about this for about two years now, but I've never convinced myself to take the plunge. Above are some other beauties I've been wanting to try and will definitely be picking up samples from Sephora the next time I am in the store. I find this is the best way to test them out and you usually get quite a bit of product.

Have a beautiful Monday!


Thanks to Kira Grace or the most beautiful yoga wear. Magenta leggings - enough said!
I love styling my work out gear for the trip to and from class!
"This is my gym shirt" - from Target
Hunter Boots make the perfect rainy day shoe for work out leggings.
Love this top I purchased at the studio and these amazing Kira Grace cheetah leggings.
An off the shoulder Karma Wear top (zips in the back) and lilac leggings from Beyond Yoga.
Alo Yoga got it right with these pink cheetah leggings. If I were leggings I'd be these (hah)!
These Alo Yoga pants fit like a dream. Something about the color is crazy flattering.
Sometimes you have to style your barre outfit for the season.
Taking comfy to another level. Lululemon leggings, UGGs and a oversized sweater.
Beautiful Karma Wear top (I also have in cream).
Karma Wear leggings in PB red! They are see through down both sides (scandalous).
Stay at home gym day with my bright Nike's and some Vicky's leggings & t-shirt.
Kira Grace leggings (rawr) and hot pink Lululemon jacket and of course some Jacks!

Yesterday I shared some recent posts from my Instagram and while I was scrolling through photos I realized how many pics I take in my Pure Barre gear. SO...I decided to dedicate an entire post to my favorite work out wear. Luckily, Pure Barre is the kind of work out where you can truly dress to impress (and let's be honest when you look good you work out harder). When I go to the "normal" gym you'll find me in my bright nikes, flared yoga pants and a cute tank, but nothing too artistic. In the studio, though, you'll see off the shoulder tops, bright leggings, cut out shirts and lots of PB socks. 

Besides being great for your body, Pure Barre will also help you accumulate an ungodly amount of work out wear (I'm thinking about selling some of my stuff, let me know if you're interested!). I should have cut myself off a looonngg time ago, but what is the fun in that?! As I stated above, I'm a big believer in dressing the part, whether you're going to work or going to the gym. Taking care of yourself, your body and your appearance can do wonders for your mood and usually contribute to greater results & gains. 

Now, there is nothing wrong with a good ole t-shirt and work out shorts (keep in mind PB is pants/crops only), but sometimes you gotta have a little fun. Plus, most gyms and studios are surrounded by mirrors to help you check your form so you'll be staring at yourself most of the time. Especially in barre classes - it's imperative you check your posture and form the entire class. And once you leave the gym/barre/etc you can throw on some skinny jeans and wear your super cute top to run errands or out on a casual date!

Some of my favorite work out wear brands are below. And yes you will probably wonder why in the world yoga pants and tops cost so much, but if they are designed properly they are worth your money, trust me. They will hold you in all the right places and let you go in the places you would not like to be held. The quality of the materials is superior and they have intricacies you won't find in most gym attire. 

Most people have probably heard of Lululemon. They have been hugely popular for quite a while now, especially with collegiate crowds and barre goers. Their tops and bottoms are designed for runners and yoga takers so they breathe in all the right places and hug tight where they should. Quick Note: Don't freak out when you don't fit into your normal size. The first time I visited a Lululemon store I felt incredibly self conscious, because everything fit so so tight, but it's normal to go up a size (or a couple). I normally wear a 00/XXS and in Lulu I wear a 2 or 4. 

Some brands newer to me are Alo Yoga, Karma Wear, Beyond Yoga and Kira Grace. All four relatively similar, but different in their own ways. I have so many pieces I love from each company. They create tops and pants that are functional but pretty and creative. 

Some less expensive options are Target and Victoria's Secret. They carry some super cute, bright colored pieces so check back often. The PINK collection by VS carries some really cute sports bras that fit really well and come in a wide variety of colors. They are also more supportive than non-bra specialist companies.

Lastly, Pure Barre has their own line of clothing, some through Splits 59 (another brand to check out), and the items I have purchased are really well made. Plus they say Pure Barre or have the PB symbol so you can rep around town!

Phew! I literally feel like I wrote a book today. Clearly I have a lot to say about work out wear and narrowing the pictures down was so difficult! If you have any questions about how things fit or sizing please let me know.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Found this adorable kimono at Target...I saw the pom moms and I was sold!
Nothing is better than beautiful fresh roses around the house. 
First warm day wearing my Coach peep toe booties. I wear these all the time.
The best baby around - and she knows it! #divadog
Full Easter outfit post and details here. This is the only watch I've worn since Christmas!
Snagged these adorable bow studded heels from the J.Crew Clearance Store.
Peach Malibu featured in my post here.
Beautiful Easter weekend with the pups! Making them all sit was a task and a half.
Mid day Dunkin run for sunshine and a quick pump of caffeine.

I hope you have a beautiful Thursday! Guess what?
Tomorrow is Friday! Yayyyyyyyy! (can you tell it's been a long week?)


Lately, I've been obsessed with hot rollers!

I feel like they are the best kept secret in hair - or forgotten since mine sat in my closet for months without use. I started using a curling wand and forgot how beautiful hot rollers make your hair. And so much volume! The only down side is the size of the packaging. Not easy to travel with or carry in your overnight bag, but hey when you're home these bad boys should be your best friend!

I bought the jumbo hot rollers (More Big Curls by Conair) from Ulta a couple years ago and I'm such a fan! They were relatively inexpensive and work really well. They have a velvet covering and heat up hot and fast. Usually in the morning I will wake up, get a glass of water, put in my contacts, brush my hair and then plug in my hot rollers. I give them about 10 minutes to heat up while I do my foundation and then I head back to my bathroom to roll up my locks. The set I have comes with 12 hot rollers and I usually only use 8-9 of them and I have a ton of hair. I use fairly thick pieces of hair, because I like to have full, bouncy curls - no Shirley Temple curls for me! When I first wash my hair I blow dry and straighten the top half which keeps my hair from getting curly near my roots (I do roll the curlers all the way up to my scalp). I put in the rollers from the top of my hair to the bottom, this makes it faster and easier. 

I leave them in while I finish getting ready (ideally 30 minutes). I use my Elnett hairspray before I take them out. I don't brush them out at all...I tease the roots and then use my comb to smooth everything out on top. Once again I spray with hairspray and the style stays all day!


I have to say, the Easter bunny absolutely outdid himself this year with the Easter basket. 

I was shocked when I saw the size of the basket and squealed when I saw all the gold, white and mint! The bunny knows me so well (even the Easter eggs were gold). I thought it might be fun to show what all was hiding in this basket of goodies - it was like opening a huge Christmas many surprises! 

So per usual, there were lots of edible treats - Junior Mints, Andes Mints, Spearmint Leaves, Route 11 Dill Pickle chips (the best chips of all time), Milky Ways, Orbit gum [are you seeing the mint theme going on here?] and Gevalia Caramel Macchiato pods for my Keurig (these are amazing).

Nestled next to all my yummy sweets were a loofa, Simple Cleaning Facial Wipes (I can't wait to try these) and a ridiculously cute bunny turtle that speeds across the floor (the dogs were not a fan).

My mom found awesome gold & white bathroom accessories from Pier 1 and I'm so thankful, because I've been on the hunt for a new soap dispenser and tray. She also got me a beautiful gold, sparkly LOVE sign that now sits on my bedroom side table.

Lastly, my Dad bought me something super special on his recent trip to Germany. He noticed that I've been wearing my Pandora bracelets more frequently and picked up two charms, one that is a globe clip and the other is the Eiffel Tower. What makes them even more special is that you can't buy them in the states - only on European trips (apparently there is also a set for England and for Asian countries). 

The basket itself came from Pier One and comes with a chalkboard plaque! I'm so excited to use this for storage and my Mom even thought to buy me a chalk pen which comes in so handy and makes writing on chalkboard so much easier!