Beauty Budget

I've been really pleased with this primer. It has a sticky consistency which helps your foundation adhere to your face and it hasn't broken me out at all.

This is my favorite drugstore foundation (actually the only drugstore foundation I like). I love the silky, light consistency and beautiful coverage. It dries matte and doesn't need much powder. I use color 20 Classic Ivory.

Just reviewed this product last week below. I wear color Fair.

This powder is amazing for setting under eye concealer and nice for an overall veil.

For $2.79 is is a great bronzer! The coloring is a little more red toned than I normally prefer, but still a great product. Color appears darker on the skin than in the pan. I wear 720A Sunny.

Elf makes really pretty blushes and only $3! Pink Passion appears neon pink, but with a light application appears beautiful on the cheeks.

Sweet As Candy absolutely surprised me. For the price I assumed the quality would be sub par, but the product is very creamy. The colors are not quite as pigmented, but they are great for every day. Plus the brow bone, crease and eyelid shades are designated for you so it's quick and simple. The trio I own has a light buttery brow bone shade, a milk chocolate crease color and a pretty pink for the eyelid.

This is the best drugstore liquid eyeliner that I've found. The application is very easy.

I was so happy to find a mascara for $2.99 that I actually like. It's almost impossible to find an inexpensive mascara worth wearing. Jordana's is build-able and thickening.

Doutzen's Nude is part of the Loreal Privee Collection. I would argue this shade is much more of a pink than a nude, but nonetheless it's beautiful. A light, sheer pink that is perfect for work. The only downside to L'Oreal lipsticks in the smell. A more chalky fragrance than other lippies I've used.

Grand Total $64.71

I know $65 may still seem high, but considering that's one high-end foundation nowadays I think it's pretty good! Plus you don't have to buy everything at the same time.

Have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. and you can always use the Ulta coupons!! I love your drugstore makeup posts!

    1. Thank you! I know i need to do more of them. And I always seen to forget my Ulta coupons when I go in there hah.