May Favorites

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The items above I've been loving this month and just can't get enough. The Dior Nude Air Serum is literally a dream - highly recommend! I also sold my big Keurig and bought the baby version for my office. I absolutely love it and the white is perfect!

I hope you have a beautiful & fun weekend! 


I don't condone punching people, but I thought this was too funny!
Some days we just need a bit of a pick-me-up!

Thank goodness for Pinterest and inspiring and humorous quotes on days like these! Sometimes we all need are words of inspiration, maybe even affirmation to remind us we are on the right path or that our self worth is important. Some days life has a way of getting us down, but I'm convinced there is always a reason...some means to the madness and confusion of every day. On days like this we reach out to good & true friends. The ones who always tell you the truth and are there with a cupcake and a party hat (and maybe some wine) when they know life is getting you down. You girls know who you are :).

Lately my life has taken lots of twists and turns and at times has veered down a road or two I didn't expect. Sometimes I have to take life off cruise control and steer my Ferrari (haha kidding) back on track. Do you know what I mean? So I'm always on the hunt for words of wisdom and inspiration. 

I'm not a super religious individual, but I saw a picture pop up on Facebook today of God and a little girl and I found the message pretty powerful. God is holding a giant stuffed teddy bear behind his back, while the little girl is standing in front of him with a miniature version of the same bear. God holds out his hand and asks the little girl to hand over her stuffed toy saying "Just trust me" and she apprehensively says "But I love it God." Sometimes we have to give up certain things in life so that bigger and better things can happen. Trusting that something much more fulfilling is coming our way.

Soon I'd like to write a follow-up to my Resolutions post from the beginning of the year. To my surprise this post was read more than any other I've ever written and it made me realize that sometimes you have to connect with people on a level that is deeper than the surface. Makeup is only skin deep right? So stay tuned for how well I've stuck to my resolutions and some of the new things going on in my little life. Some are great and some are still very much a work in progress. 

BUT for now I'm focused on Friday. So grab your party hat, some peplum, your fanciest heels and some lipstick and let's party (reference last quote)!

FYI all quotes/photos are from Pinterest.


Favorite Lip Combo
It's been quite a while since I shared my current [favorite] lip combo. At the moment it is hands down...

drum rollplease...

MAC's glaze lipstick in Hue and NARS lip gloss in Turkish Delight!

I can't event tell you how perfect this color combo is, especially on skin with a fresh spring tan. Hue is an amazing staple lipstick and such a wearable color. For work or play it's perfect! I would describe the color as a "light nude pink." I actually just repurchased this color because I love it that much. All you beauty obsessed babes out there know how hard it is to go through all of your lipstick when you have accumulated so many. Luckily I had MAC packaging to recycle to I got my new Hue for free!

I posted really recently about NARS Turkish Delight - you can read the post here. After posting about my fresh new tube of pink sorbet love (this is also a repurchase), I was getting into my car in the dark after a baseball game and my gloss flew out of my cross body and on to the pavement. Luckily I found it, but sadly the tube completely broke. I tried to repair it...I tried everything. I couldn't believe I had just busted a brand new NARS gloss. When I couldn't salvage the tube I scrapped all of the product into a travel container so that I could still use it - as inconvenient as this would be. Don't worry there is a good ending to this story! Fortunately, Sephora took my travel container and lip gloss tube back (even though the sales associate was rather confused as to what I was handing her), letting me exchange for an unbroken turkish delight. I was "delighted" (hehe).

If you love pink and nude lip shades like I do I would definitely recommend giving this one a try!


This past Sunday was a very lazy day for me. Saturday was one of my best friend's weddings and I had the pleasure of doing her makeup, as well as the bridal party (and a couple others). It was absolutely amazing and I was overjoyed at how stunning she looked. Once her pictures come out I will have a blog post all about bridal makeup so stay tuned! Needless to say it was a joyous, yet long day, so Sunday I laid around with Miss Heidi, caught up on some good ABC Family movies and decided to play with makeup and hair (as seen above). Below are a list of the products I used. The star of the show is hands down my Dior eye palette. I haven't used it as much as I should, because it is quite pricey and I want it to last forever. The colors are gorgeous and look even better on the eyes than in the pan.

Highlighting Powder // Anastasia Contour Kit (banana color) 
Highlighter // Hourgloss Luminous Light
Eye Shadow Base // MAC Pro Longwear (NW 20)
Top Mascara // Maybelline The Rocket
Bottom Mascara // Dior Addict It-Lash 
Lip Gloss // NARS Turkish Delight
Setting Spray // Urban Decay All Nighter

Here is a quick preview of my beautiful friend Emily's bridal makeup!

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day!


Pink Memorial Day

TGIF! It's not just Friday, but it's the Friday before Memorial Day.  This means two things. 1) you can wear white! 2) three day weekend! woohoo!

Today's outfit inspiration for Memorial Day weekend encompasses so many things I love. Peplum, distressed jeans (i own these from H&M and they are my favorite), jelly sandals, aviators, and of course, a pink lippy! The YSL balm above smells like starburst and gives the lips a beautiful hint of pink. It goes on very sheer.

I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday weekend full of lake time, boat rides, popsicles, good food, family, friends, and of a little bit of pink!


So you might be wondering why in the world I'm wearing a big red nose and if you haven't heard yet...

Today is #REDNOSEDAY airing live tonight on NBC at 8/7c!

#REDNOSEDAY promotes a world free from poverty and the creation of positive change in the world. It uses the red nose as a fun branding tool that bring awareness to a cause that is far from comical. The money raised through Red Nose Day goes to organizations that help children and young people in the US and across the world. These organizations strive to keep children safe, educated and healthy. A cause I find extremely powerful and important. Children do not choose poverty and it is the hope that Red Nose Day will raise a great deal of money to help remove them from impoverished environments. AND they will do it by having fun...wearing red noses (you can find them for $1 at Walgreens) and by having a live dance-a-thon!

You can donate to the Red Nose Day Fund by visiting here.

Make sure to check out celebrity videos promoting #rednoseday. I'm loving this one by Heidi Klum!
I hope you have a wonderful Thursday and tune in tonight to learn more about the cause and why it is so important.


I cannot get enough of this magenta Starbucks Refresher Cold Cup!
Love love love this pom pom kimono from Target! The best weekend piece.
Target's sandals this season are so comfy! Yay for this strappy pair.
I throw on these sparkle Toms when I get home from work to walk Miss Heidi. 
My favorite pair of summer sandals. I waited over two years to finally pick them up and I love them!
My first Cabi purchase ever - these bell bottom jeans are everything! And the fit is perfect!
Hello little gold turtle!
I might wear these jeans more than any other - H&M got it right.
The best work bag of all time - protected laptop pocket and all! Plus some awesome Aldo shades.
One of my favorite new colors, kelly green and monogrammed necklace from Southern Belle Glitz.

Another installation of pardonmuahinsta today! I'm loving bright colors, bell bottoms, pom poms and distressed jeans. Not to mention my Gigi New York Parker satchel that I literally cannot leave home without.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and are able to soak in the warm weather. If you have a chance to catch some rays please do so for me! My office really needs a sun roof, or windows for that matter - I've asked maintenance to just knock a wall out, but that idea didn't go over so well.

Happy Hump Day!


Simple Micellar Water

Sorry this post is going up so late today! It has been one of those weeks (yes, I know it's only Tuesday), but I've been playing catch up since I got into work this week. Last night I went straight home and napped on my couch before I went to bed haha - so the post just had to wait.

As I was getting ready for bed last night I realized I have yet to talk about Simple's Cleansing Micellar Water. I saw this product on YouTube and wanted to give it a try. My usual makeup removing routine involves 1) MAC makeup wipe and/or MAC cleanse off oil  2) cleanser  3) toner  4) moisturizer  5) eye cream.  Not long ago my MAC makeup wipes ran out so I've been using the Micellar Water in it's place. And I love it!

The best part - you don't have to rinse! (I need to find this in a travel size)
I have very sensitive skin and this has not broken me out once. I use a cotton round (or two or three) and deposit a good amount of product onto the pad. My makeup glides right off with little effort, with the exception of my eyes. I use a lot of mascara so I still use my cleanse off oil to safely and gently remove all of my eye makeup. 

This product also claims to hydrate which is great if you are traveling or don't have a chance to moisturize. Plus it's filled with multi-vitamins! I really recommend and think everyone should give this a try. I purchased my first bottle from Target for $6.99, but you can also get it at CVS for $7.99. It is a dollar more, but on my last trip it was buy one get one half off so I didn't feel so bad!



Hello Monday!

I posted this picture on Instagram not long ago and had a request to share the recipe. It's super simple and quick - I got the original recipe off Pinterest. These make a wonderful breakfast for guests or a late night snack. The how-to is below. Please let me know if you have any questions!

What You Need

1 can of Grands Original Biscuits
Vegetable Oil
Cooking Pot
Cinnamon & Sugar
An appetite

  1. Take biscuits out of can.
  2. Take a milk cap (or a cap of similar size) and cut out holes in the center of your biscuits. I usually save the centers to make donut holes and also to test the oil temperature. 
  3. Mix half cinnamon half sugar mixture together in a bowl (as much as you would like)
  4. Fill your pot halfway with vegetable oil. You want enough oil that it will cover your donut once submerged. Oil should heat to 200 - 250 degrees - the best way to do this is with a thermometer, but I usually test the temperature by dunking the donut holes in the oil to see if it's ready. If ready they will puff up quickly.
The Process
  1. Once the oil is ready place one biscuit at a time into the oil (using tongs is helpful so that you do not burn yourself). Your donut should cook after 20-30 seconds on each side. I always test my first one to make sure the center is cooked. The last thing you want is a beautiful donut with a doughy center.
  2. After pulling your donut out of the oil, immediately place it in your cinnamon and sugar mix. The left over oil will help the sugar mix to stick. I like to roll the donut around until it is nice and covered.
  3. Then move donut over to a cooling rack or plate.
  4. Enjoy!



Beach Wish List

Last weekend I was lucky enough to take a beautiful day trip to the lake with some friends!

Fortunately, I am only 40 minutes - 1 hour from gorgeous lake property. Thank goodness for great friends and their families who own lake side homes - I thoroughly enjoy each and every visit. So it got me to thinking about things I need for the upcoming summer, and if I'm lucky enough, a trip somewhere beachy! I picked several products above that I'd love to get my hands on.

I'm sure you've heard of Triangl Swim Wear, and if you haven't you definitely need to check out their website. Their suits have become ridiculously popular and buying one has been on my wish list for quite some time. Their suits are made of neoprene so they fit like a dream and hold you in in all the right places. Especially girls with a smaller bust where most other suits gap at the top. I'm drooling over the turquoise & baby pink above. This is a newer style with mesh detailing.

Another thing I really need and don't have is a great cover up. I usually just grab a pair of jean short cut offs from Victoria's Secret and a flowy top, but I'm loving these pom pom shorts from Nordstrom! Plus pom poms are also all the rage right now and I'm totally okay with it.

Time by the water isn't complete without sunscreen, bright polish and sunnies! And it doesn't hurt if the sunscreen bottle is super cute like Sun Bum. I've actually never tried this brand, but I've been wanting to for quite some time. As for sunglasses I've been dying to try on the newer styles from Tiffany's. I'm a sucker for Tiffany blue and these aviators are amazing with the small lock detailing on the sides. Don't forget your nails! When all you're wearing is a bikini your nails are your best accessory. I love neon colors and bright pops of pink, turquoise and white.

Lastly on my beachy wish list are pink Jack Rogers. I saw someone recently on Instagram with magenta Jacks and I thought, "I need those!" I own two pairs of the flat sandals like the pair above and one pair of wedges. The fit and feel of Jacks is definitely an acquired taste, but they look so beautiful with any attire. A great alternative to casual flip flops.

Tell me what's on your wish list this summer!


Big thanks to my beautiful & amazing friend Nikki for this gorgeous teardrop jewel bracelet. She's listened to me swoon over the Alex & Ani Sour Apples bracelet (it has emerald green beads with swirls of white) and sadly they don't sell it anymore. If they do someone tell me! So she found this darling bracelet from Marley Lilly and gifted it to me since I couldn't find the other. AND it's monogrammed! It doesn't get better than that!

The bracelet is called the Monogrammed Teardrop Stone Bracelet.

It comes in serval colors and is currently on sale! As you've probably noticed I love arm candy and lately haven't taken off my Michael Kors Green Skylar watch and my Alex & Ani collection. This bracelet goes perfectly with my watch and my gold & silver bangles. Can't get enough!

If you've never checked out Marley Lilly's site you should! I'm dying for this sweatshirt.


Peonies & Ottomans Target
Leggings Kira Grace // Boots Ariat
Beach Bag Victoria's Secret (it has pineapples!) // Towel Target
Wristlet Victoria's Secret
Glass Peggy's Gifts
Shirt & Leggings Kira Grace

Ironing Board Cover TJ Maxx
Leggings Kira Grace (again heh)
As I started gathering Instagram pictures for today's post I realized how much pink I've posted recently and thought "Why not, let's make the whole post pink!" Clearly my favorite color is no mystery and lately I even love pops of pink in my home.

If you don't please follow pardonmuahinsta!

If you have any questions about where items are from let me know!