I've shared my living room and coffee table in previous posts, but not too long ago I switched things up and I've been loving my new arrangement - so I thought I'd share! The color palette all originated from Target. I was shopping for something totally unrelated to home decor one day and spotted these two tufted fuchsia stools. I may have gasped out loud. I decided to buy one and then ran back the next day for the other. I think they would look great in all sorts of places throughout the home. And I love how they give me two extra seats when guests come over and they don't take up much space.

My coffee table is from Pier 1's Hayworth Collection. I got it for an amazing deal, because it was on sale and it had a slight imperfection so I got even more of a discount. I love it and have been so happy with my purchase! It has a super cute drawer that fits coasters, magazines, knick knacks and the remote. Plus a shelf on the bottom that I don't use, because it's at Heidi level, which means she would steal, chew or carry away anything I place down there. Basically everything in my life belongs to her. #diva

On top of my coffee table I have an assortment of beautiful items. The flowers also came from Target, as well as the gold turtle - they were all in the same collection. Luckily all the accessories were on sale and the turtle even opens up so that you can hide small items inside. I'm a Delta Zeta Alum and if you didn't know, our mascot is the turtle...I used to be obsessed!

I also have a patterned mirrored tray that I picked up at TJ Maxx last year. I don't necessarily love the mirror on mirror of the table and tray, but for now it works! Inside the tray I like to show off some of the books I've read or will read - can you tell I love a cute book cover!? Leave Your Mark has the most adorable color palette and illustration on the front. Next to the books I keep my gold & white coasters that my mom got for me at C. Wonder and they sit atop a candle stand from Bath & Body Works.

Last, but absolutely not least I have a photo of my dear friend Katie, whom I love and is always such a bright light in my life. I believe pictures really make a house a home. 

For now this is how my coffee table will stay - until a holiday comes along or I find something new that needs to be added! Right now I'm really into neutrals with pops of color. I loved that the stools and flowers came in the same collection so that the colors go seamlessly in the space. 

Have a lovely Tuesday and I'll see you tomorrow for June Beauty Favorites!


Dress H&M // Shoes Steve Madden

Girl Talk Round One!

Girl Talk Round Two! Dress Vineyard Vines // Shoes Aldo

The star of the show and one of my favorite people, Miss Joy Sutton.

My Pure Barre bestie and love, Miss Meggan, who is a producer on the show.

I feel so fortunate that I was asked to be on The Joy Sutton Show yesterday! Joy is my coworker and counterpart at my full time job and has become one of my very close friends and confidant. She is basically a life mentor and coach, always giving me amazing advice and guidance. She was so kind to ask me if I wanted to be a part of her Girl Talk segment with two other lovely ladies - and of course I accepted! 

I was joined by Melissa Douty, Comedian & Deja Hatch, Model. They were such a joy to hang out with before the show and made me feel very at ease during the question and answer segment. We got to film for two shows and I can't wait for them to air! I will be sure to post a link once they put them up on Facebook - make sure to like The Joy Sutton Show

Joy's talk show is filled with inspiration, laughs, feel good stories and lots of girl talk! I like to think of Joy as the next Oprah and I always tell her to remember me when she makes it BIG :). 

Stay tuned for a future post containing clips of today's shows!


One of my coworkers sent this to me and we had the biggest laugh! I just had to share it with you.


What a loaded topic right?! I felt like sharing some inspirational quotes that I've found recently on Pinterest that all surround love, the possibility of love and never settling until you've found the love that you deserve. 

I was talking with two of my girlfriends last night and I asked them if they realized how much of our time, conversations and energy are spent on love & relationships. Not that it's a negative thing, but because the feeling of love or liking someone can shape your mood and your day to day activity. I know that when I'm feeling "in love" or have met someone new, my days seem brighter and I'm a much happier girl. 

Now, don't get me wrong finding happiness [alone] is vital, in my opinion, to the game called love. If you cannot love yourself it becomes very hard for someone else to do if for you. You'll find that you can more easily make exceptions for bad behavior and your decisions may never be your own. These are things I have learned in the past nine months I have been single. Surprisingly, getting unengaged was one of the most empowering decisions I have ever made. I gained confidence in myself, independence, new friends, and the power to decide who and what I want in my life.

I'm not a love guru by any means and I've made lots of mistakes along the way, but I do have a few words of wisdom for any girl looking for love. ---> Hold yourself in the highest respect (and I don't mean this in a conceited way). You are beautiful, smart and capable, and if someone else does not see this then maybe they aren't for you. When you learn your self worth you will stop making excuses for those who do not know what a gem you really are. And if they aren't right then hold your head high and keep on strutting your stuff! There are plenty of fish in the sea [boys in the club, guys on the beach, athletes on the court] get the idea hah.

I'm a true believer that there is someone out there for everyone, even if it takes certain people longer to find their match. You can't force love and you can't force feelings. And every relationship and experience you have along the way teaches you valuable lessons and shapes you into the person you are and will be. 

And when you do find love it's exhilarating. happy. exciting. mind blowing. comforting. tingly. etc.

I hope to find love again soon (and maybe I have...) but that will be a story for another day! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will be back next week with more beauty and makeup stuff for you.

All photos are from Pinterest.


I posted these two photos recently on Instagram and was shocked at how many people are loving colored aviators this season! I kept seeing bloggers I follow wearing them and kept looking online for sales. Sadly, no such luck. My signature color is pink so I really couldn't imagine buying any other hue. One of my girlfriends has these in bright blue and they really do look amazing as well. Luckily I found these pretty shades at Sunglass Hut at my local mall - they had every single color! Sadly, the link above takes you to Nordstrom who is also sold out, but hopefully they will restock soon.  

If you want to try these or have been on the hunt make sure to check out a Sunglass Hut near you or any other Ray Ban retailer. I was honestly hoping to hate them when I tried them on, but it was love at first sight! When you know you know right!?

Hopefully your week is going well and you're looking forward to Friday. I don't mind Thursdays all too much, because I usually attend a baseball game with my girlfriends, grab a $1 beer, and chow down on a hot dog. I love to support our local sports teams and it's a lot of fun.

See you FRIDAY!


I can't say enough wonderful things about these adorable Ray Ban aviator shades! I've seen them on a couple bloggers and drool over them every time. I haven't bought sunglasses in quite some time and these were irresistible. You can't find them online anymore (as far as I know), but I found them at Sunglass Hut in the store. They literally scream "summer"!

I recently lost my beautiful gold chain hand sanitizer holder from Bath & Body Works so I ran into the store during their annual sale in hopes of finding it again. No luck, but I did find this hot pink one with a baby tassel - and it was only $1! 

H&M never disappoints! Great tops at affordable prices. And this bright yellow is perfect for summer  - you can't help but smile!

The famous Tom Ford lipstick! Nude Vanille is the shade for me. Make sure to read more about it in yesterday's post.

Loving braids this summer!

Shop Local Kentucky has the coolest Kentucky tees & accessories. If you don't know, I'm a Kentuckian and bleed blue! I love having shirts to show off my home state...and what is better than a pink, sprinkle donut shaped KY!

Ben & Jerry's...Mmmm! Enough said!

I got a sample of Benefit's Roller Ball Mascara at Ulta and tried it out this past weekend. I'm really impressed. I normally layer mascaras, but I used this all by itself. Very lengthening and also fairly thickening.

This picture got a lot of love on Instagram so I wanted to share once more. My sweet, sweet dad sent this David Yurman ring to me as a surprise gift in the mail. I almost passed out! It's clear topaz and also the ring from my Luxury Wish List post - which he read! He's the best!

You've probably seen this Target kimono is many of my photos. It's a great go to - really cute, but super comfortable. And the pom poms make it! I paired it with a navy tank top and sandals from Target and white jeans from Madewell ($15 from the J.Crew Warehouse Store)

I purchased this travel bag from Personalized From Me To You. It's such a great size and I'm so happy with the colors I chose. Plus, anything monogrammed is a-okay in my book! Heidi looks super excited but don't let her fool you. She loves the car, but hates her crate - she's not a good copilot.

I got this muscle tee from Target and I was shocked at how cute. Give me gold & white and I'm in heaven! It pairs wonderfully with all my colored Pure Barre leggings.

Thanks for reading another edition of pardonmuahinsta - if you don't follow please do!


Tom Ford Nude Vanille

Lately I've had a lot of questions about the lip product I've been wearing in a lot of my Instagram (pardonmuahinsta) photos. Unfortunately it is a very extraordinarily pricey item, but it is my favorite lipstick of all time. I've been trying to ration it, because I can't justify repurchasing until a later date, but it has been my go to the past few weeks. The lipstick is from Tom Ford and the color is Nude Vanille. If your skin tone is darker than mine the color may be too light, but I consider it my perfect nude. I like to wear it with Boldly Bare lip liner from MAC or Tonga lip liner from NARS. Sometimes I will top it with a gloss, but many times I wear it alone. The quality is phenomenal - long wearing, creamy, opaque (I know it sounds strange, but it even feels expensive on the lips). The only downside is that there isn't a sweet fragrance like many of YSL's products. Otherwise, it's perfect!

If you're looking for a dupe I'd say Hue from MAC is pretty close. It's not quite as long wearing, but the color is similar in tone and it makes a great every day lipstick. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The weekends are so much fun in the summer. Lake days, eating out on the patio, going out with friends (no coat required), sweet cocktails, and lots of colorful attire. I don't know about you but I'm already ready for the weekend again! It's always good to have something fun to look forward to to get you through the work week. 

Have a happy Monday!


YSL Blush

Oh how I love a baby pink blush!

It's not for everyone or every skin tone, but definitely my favorite color for my cheeks. I spoiled myself by by purchasing one of YSL's Blush Volupte Heart of Light Powder Blushes and am absolutely hooked. The quality is phenomenal, it smells like candy and the color payoff is perfectly pink. I find that a lot of blushes, no matter the color in the pan, end up looking red and flushed on my cheeks. This is the first that actually shows up baby pink and I love it! I've been reaching for this non stop and prefer it even when my skin is nice & tan.

The color I chose was Light 04 - the most "baby pink" of the collection. You may or may not be able to tell by the picture, but there is a highlighted square in the middle of the pan which give the skin a luminous glow. I mix it together with the matte portion and it looks beautiful! Even though the blushes are made to be very pigmented, the product is fine enough that it is build-able. They call it "color light prism technology."

If you live near a Sephora or order from them often, definitely give this blush collection a try. I can see myself purchasing more in the future and it's definitely worth the money. I use mine all the time and you can't even tell that I've made a dent! 


Summer Fun

Today's post is one of my all time favorites to look at! So colorful and full of items I'm absolutely loving for summer. Fringe, tassels and pom poms are all the rage right now and so many companies have come out with adorable pieces in lots of fun colors.

I've decided to road trip with my gal pals somewhere sunny and fun for the 4th of July and many of the items above I'm craving for the trip. The Steve Madden Sashi Sandals in particular - omg! So cute! The neutral color will go with just about anything and in my experience Steve Madden shoes fit my narrow, shallow feet really well. I'm planning to order this week! (P.S. these are from Nordstrom).

I'm also dying over the colored Ray Ban aviators. I wouldn't have picked them out without seeing them on someone else first, but I've seen many many bloggers wearing the pink and they are awesome! Plus pink is my signature color :).

Hopefully your having a wonderful week!


Hello Tuesday! Hello New Hair!

I am so so so excited to share my new locks with all of you. My dear friend Taylor Blackford, who works at Bang! It's a Hair Thing did such an amazing job. She helped me to get rid of a lot of damage and gave me a gorgeous color. Originally we were going to go even more platinum, but I couldn't be happier with the outcome. If you live in the area you should absolutely give her a call. I'm extremely picky about my hair and who comes near it with scissors, but she is phenomenal. 

The technical term for my hair color is Sombre Balayage. It took a couple of hours, because the color is hand painted. I also got a conditioning treatment, my hair toned, a cut and a fabulous blow dry! I'm a big believer that if you want your hair done right you'll put in the time (and money). 

I feel so ready for summer now and some trips to the lake and the beach!