Thanksgiving Bucket List
For today's post I decided to do write something a little bit different. I know everyone is inundated right now with posts about Black Friday deals and holiday outfits (see yesterday's post here) so I thought I'd talk about something slightly out of the box - my Thanksgiving Bucket List.

For me, Thanksgiving has really never been about the food, mostly because I'm not a food driven individual. For me, it has always been about my family. Even though small in size, it's a time for us to get together, to slow down, and to spend quality time together (even though everyone ends up on their digital devices...even my grandparents have iPads now!).

This year I almost worked through Thanksgiving, and for someone like me who has always been with my family, it was weighing on me quite a lot. I felt myself getting sort of disgruntled even though it was my idea to save my precious paid time off (does anyone else have to use PTO on the holidays?!). BUT, in a happy turn of events my plans have changed and I will now be spending Thanksgiving with family and lots of people I love. I'll be traveling out of town and want to make sure while I'm gone I get to relax and visit places I normally cannot.

Poor little Heidi will be staying behind to play with her puppy friends and I feel rather guilty as a pet parent, but sadly she isn't a good traveler. And you'd believe me if you spent hours (or five minutes) with her in the car while she throws a tantrum in her beautifully situated crate. Full of treats and toys and a soft mat to lay on...but oh no...Heidi won't have it. But if she isn't crated she will joyfully jump about trying to kiss me while I drive, investigating under the gas & brake pedal and one time she even managed to open my baby proof windows to playfully try and escape out the window (I almost had a heart attack). And yes, I have tried it all including a doggie seat belt which she quickly wound herself up in, all in a tizzy and then cried and carried on until I untangled her. I need the dog whisperer, a very good trainer, and probably a tranquilizer next time. Needless to say, it's better she has a puppy vaca! And don't worry she is happy as a clam at the kennel. I think it's one of her favorite places to be!

Now that you know what it's like to travel with Princess Heidi we can move on to the bucket list!

Dine at Virtue Grain & Food - my favorite restaurant!
Watch a Christmas movie (or two)
Spend lots time with loved ones
Ignore social media for a day - sorry in advance for this one
Try a turkey day food I've never had
Stay in my pjs for hours and hours (and hours)
Drink a glass of wine (or two or three)
Lose track of time
Cuddle with the fur babies
Wear an old outfit in a new way

I'd love to know what you're looking forward to this holiday weekend! Remember to be thankful for all you have, and remember not everyone is so fortunate. It's easy to wish and want for material things and forget all that you have that you can't buy at the store. I'm guilty of this many days of the year and am so thankful for my friendships, love, family, furry pup, presence of mind and health.

In an effort to spend true quality time with my family & friends I won't be posting on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. Thanks for understanding and Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Attire

Blouse // Vest // Jeans // Boots // Nail Polish // Lipstick // Eyelashes

Hello Hello Hello!

I decided to put together a warm, comfortable, yet fashionable outfit for today's post. I know a lot of people are in the midst of planning their Thanksgiving or holiday outfits and I'm loving black & burgundy this year. I don't know if your families dress up for Thanksgiving lunch/dinner, but in my family we always get dolled up for our holiday feast. Nothing too fancy, but dressier than the usual household meal. Jeans keep the look comfortable, while the vest and boots give it a little pizazz!

Don't forget your lashes & lips!


Sephora Holiday Wish List

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Why is it that Monday always comes around so soon? I think the weekend magically goes by quicker than any other days of the week...I vote for a 4 day work week!

My weekend was pretty uneventful. Heidi and I spent some quality time together, watched Christmas movies on ABC Family and cleaned out the house. It was pretty relaxing, but I feel like I need to be a lot more productive this week. Yes, it's Thanksgiving week, but that doesn't mean the work load will be any less (sadly). Plus I'm going to try and get a lot done towards the end of the week while most people are away from the office. It's hard to get organized with the phone never stops ringing and the emails keep flowing.

Today's post is super similar to one I published in October, but I realize that was so, so early for a holiday guide. I've tweaked my Sephora wish list a little and all of the links are above. I don't own any of these yet, hence the wish list, but I've researched them all and they come highly recommended. Most come at a higher price tag, but are worth the value. For example, the blow dryer from Bio Ionic is supposed to last you your whole life...your whole life! I'd say that's worth investing.

I hope everyone has a nice, short week and for those of you who are already on holiday vacation (lucky ducks), enjoy your time with your family & friends! It's fun to shop and wish for beauty items like the list above, but it's important to remember what really matters too - your sweet pet, a warm place to live, a meal on the table, and lots and lots of love!


Favorite Starbucks Winter Drink = Peppermint Mocha

Favorite Fall Coat = H&M (no longer available)

Favorite Sunglasses = Karen Walker The Number One

Favorite Fall Bag = Tory Burch Marion Quilted Tote (on sale)

Favorite Sweet Treat = Macarons! (Olivia Macaron is the best)

Favorite Affordable Brand = Lush Clothing

Favorite Piece of Jewelry = David Yurman Petite Albion Ring

Favorite Blanket Scarf = Sheinside Red Classic Plaid Fringe Scarf (on sale)

Favorite Furry Companion = Miss Heidi

Favorite Faux Fur Vest = Topshop 

Today's post is sort of random, but I figured I'd fill it full of favorites since it's Friday! Any products or pieces that are still available are linked for quick shopping. 

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!


Outfit For Under $100

Jacket (love this!) // Shirt // Pants // Heels 

Those of you who have been following me for a while now via my blog or Instagram know that I love H&M (okay I'm obsessed)! Partly, because where I live it's one of the only stores I like and partly because they have such amazing prices! H&M is also great for items that are trendy and won't stay in style for very long. You can have fun with your look without shelling out big bucks! Plus, they have some great sales (i.e. the outfit above). Right now they have up 60% off on many of their items, including a lot of jackets. Make sure to reference my outerwear post here!

The outfit above is perfect if you work in a corporate environment and don't want to wear a suit every day. Or if you enjoy dressing up for the day to day! Neutrals are always my go-to and I always get my money's worth by wearing work wardrobe staples over and over and over. I rotate the same pairs of pants so much during the year that I usually toss them after summer and winter and buy a whole new set (they are usually beyond repair at that point hah).

I'm a huge fan of cropped pants, because I'm 5'2" and usually that means I don't have to pay to get them hemmed. The pair above is only $14.99!! And can we please talk about how amazing this black jacket is - so sleek, so simple, so perfect for in between temps! It was originally $60 and is on sale for $29.99...if you like it make sure to check online or in the store, because it looks like some of the sizes have already sold out.

And yes, if you are doing the math this outfit comes to $104.96, but there's a catch!

You may not know this, and I didn't for the longest time, but if you bring in clothing items that you no longer want - [say things you would take to Goodwill] - you will get 15% off your purchase at H&M! That brings this outfit to only $89.22! The items you donate don't have to be from H&M either and you don't have to fill a trash bag full, as long as you bring in something it counts. It's part of their recycling program. There are signs posted around the store, but I don't think many people notice.

Have a great Thursday! 


Hello Friends!

My apologies for the late post today and no post yesterday. I've been running around like crazy this week on almost no sleep and a great deal of coffee. But I'm back and super excited for today's post!

I was going through some of my photos, cleaning out my phone, and realized I'd never posted specifically about this eye look. It's one of my favorites and all of the colors I used are from the same palette. I purchased my Too Faced Sugar Pop Sugary Sweet palette months ago, but have only recently been giving it a lot of love. The packaging is adorable with macarons all over! Some of the colors may seem a bit bold at first glance, but used the right way, are very pretty and even work appropriate

FYI: I started with the eyes before any other face products (other than moisturizer) to achieve this look. Make sure to prime the lids before you use any shadow! My go to is MAC's Painterly Pro Long Wear Paint Pot, which also doubles as an eye shadow. Priming the lids will help your eye shadow to last longer - it's not just a money maker. If I use a primer before my shadow, I can literally sleep with in my makeup and wake up looking like nothing has budged! But I don't recommend ever sleeping in your makeup hah.

I first used the color Peach Fuzz as a transition shade in my crease using my E35 brush from Sigma Beauty. I then took Malted Milk Ball on a MAC 217 Blending Brush and placed it on the outside corner of my lid and halfway into the crease, followed by Blackberry (usually using the same 217 brush) only on the outer corner so that the darkest color was concentrated on the outside. I then used Rock Candy on the inner corner and main part of my lid using my MAC 213 Fluff Brush so that it brought a lightness to my eyes. Only in the very middle of my lid I placed Macaron, a beautiful organge (the star of the show). I picked up the color using the same MAC 213 Fluff Blush and then sprayed the brush with Fix + before placing on my lid. Spraying with Fix+ gives the color extra intensity and staying power. Of course, once you've applied all of your color make sure to blend, blend, blend (I suggest MAC's 224 Tapered Blending Brush) so that you don't have any harsh lines in your crease. Lastly, I took Rock Candy and placed it underneath my brows for a lifted effect, making sure to blend it downwards (use a clean brush for this).

As for my eyeliner, I used KatVonD's liquid liner in Tattoo and my favorite mascara from Too Faced, Better Than Sex (try it!). Important! Once I finish my eyeliner I use makeup remover to get rid of all the eye shadow that has fallen under my eyes or my liner. I use a q-tip to make sure my cat eye is perfectly straight and even. I then apply all of my other makeup.

I hope this was helpful and I hope you give this palette a try! If nothing else, the packaging is absolutely delicious :). And I love that it's small enough to make traveling with it easy. 


One of my favorite casual outfits! I pretty much live in these sweaters (similar here) from H&M + this green jacket (no longer available) + jeans & boots (35% off).

Gel polish is Cajun Shrimp!

I'm starting a new series called Barre to Boulevard where I show how to take your barre wear to the streets for dinner, errands, etc.! So stay tuned for more posts. Tank is from Target, leggings & black jacket are Lululemon, vest is J.Crew (the original) and boots are from UGG (the best boots of all time).

Karen Walker tortoise The Number One Sunglasses - purchased during Shop Bop sale!

As you know, this vest has been getting a lot of love lately and will until the weather warms up. It also comes in a lighter color here. Tunic is here + work heels here (20% off). The pants are from the J.Crew Outlet Store and cost $15!

Tank is from T.J. Maxx - they have some of the best tanks with the best sayings for working out and they are always super affordable. These are my favorite barre pants and sooo flattering to the legs & booty. I wear them with booties in the winter, because they are so long.

The perfect winter jacket from H&M.  J.Crew Outlet pants + booties (super comfy).

I think I've mastered my perfect lash combo (no falsies needed). Using Loreal's mascara primer + Too Faced's mascara on the top & Dior Lash-Addict (will not smudge) on the bottom.

Another functional H&M quilted jacket (similar here) with a J.Crew Factory silk top + Express skirt (similar here) & Steve Madden booties (love these).

Using my new favorite holiday palette - Lorac Mega PRO2 Palette.

I guess I have an obsession with H&M jackets this year. Well I have an obsession with just about everything H&M...such great prices for trendy items and very versatile wardrobe pieces. Plus this jacket is $24.99 so you can buy multiple colors! Tank is from Express and my absolute favorite for under my work sweaters and jackets. They are great quality and fall at an appropriate place on the chest. Booties are J.Crew Factory from last year.

Discovered my Pure Barre studio has the perfect outfit mirror in their dressing room! My favorite grey pants from Alo [again] and my "See you at the barre" tank.

I cannot tell you how much I love my bedroom set up. If you missed my new bedroom post last week make sure to check it out! It's such a cozy space - I've been spending the weekends cuddled up watching lots of ABC Family in my pjs. 

Might as well call me the H&M spokesperson hah! Another amazing, long sweater great for work and for a casual look with leggings and UGGs or tall boots. Scarf is Burberry and a sweet surprise from my dad when he was working in England.

H&M sweater (similar here) that I've posted many times on Instagram (pardonmuahinsta). And the best distressed skinny jeans for anyone who is vertically challenged [I'm 5'2"]. I didn't have to hem these at all!

"Here's to the nights that turned into morning with friends that turned into family." - Pinterest

I hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing, semi-warm weekend. Here is SW Virginia is was pretty chilly, especially when I went out with my girlfriends Saturday night. My leather jacket above (similar here) was a steal and the perfect piece for cold nights out. I hate wearing a cute outfit and then covering it up with a big, bulky coat and then having to carry it around all leather jackets are the best! My tank is from Top Shop and I need it in every. single. color. 

Make sure to stop by tomorrow for a post about my favorite eye look!


Happy, Happy, Happy Friday! 

I seriously thought this Friday would never [ever] come. It's been a super long, taxing week and I'm ready for some quality time with my girl friends this weekend. Lately, I work all the time, even when I'm home and on the weekends I haven't really done anything fun. SO I'm in need of a glass of wine and some gt time with my gal pals! 

A lot of you have asked or requested a full face makeup routine so that's what I've got for you today. It's a long post (see disclaimer below), but I hope it's helpful! 

Disclaimer: This post is very long and very verbose. You absolutely don't have take this many steps or own this many different products to do your makeup and I definitely don't do them all every day. BUT, when I have the time and I want a very full coverage face, these are the steps I take and the products I use. This does not include an eye shadow routine - but I plan to have one up soon.

All steps and products are in the specific order I use them!

Step #1 - Wash Your Hands

So this might seem like an odd first step and super obvious, but it's important to start with a clean, germ-free face. It's crucial to wash your hands before touching your skin so you don't clog your pores with the daily dirt and grim. Also, I like to keep a small hand sanitizer in my makeup drawer so as I go through my routine I can rewash my hands if they get covered in product.

Step #2 - Prime Your Face
Why this is important? Priming the face gives you a smooth and beautiful canvas to apply all of your face products like foundation, concealer, etc. This does make a huge difference and it's worth the time!

Alcohol-free glycolic and grapefruit extract freshens and rejuvenates while soothing with aloe vera. I use this in the morning to make sure I've removed all of my makeup from the day before. I apply to a cotton pad and there's no need to wash off!

Skin refreshing mist. I spray 6-8 sprays all over my face to moisten and freshen my skin. This product is fantastic for long flights when the skin becomes dry and angry.

Oil-free with vitamin C complex, licorice root and pea extract to repair skin. You can use any facial cream you like, but I prefer something thin and weightless before putting on my makeup. Right now I'm using a sample of Ole Henriksen's Sheer Transformation cream. It creates a beautifully smooth surface for my primer and foundation, without making my skin thick and sticky. It's always good to let your moisturizer dry for 5 - 10 minutes before applying any other products.

To brighten and depuff! This is my favorite eye cream of all time. I use to think eye cream was totally overrated, but this one has brightening properties and makes me feel and look more awake. The ginzing wakes up the under eye area...and it's suggested for use only in the morning. 

Okay most of you are going to say that this amount of money for a lip balm is absolutely absurd...and that's because you have't tried it yet. This is the BEST lip balm of all time. Mine has lasted me a very long time and I use it at night and in the morning, especially in the winter, to keep my lips nice and smooth. There's nothing out there like this formula. When I wake up in the morning my lips are still super hydrated. And it smells like roses!

A pearly primer that amplifies skin's natural light & radiance. It only takes a small pump of this primer to make the skin glow, glow, glow. I place this on all of the more oily zones on my nose and chin and then I use what is leftover to cover the rest of my face. Yes, your face will look super shiny after the application, but this will go away when you add foundation. You can also put a pump and mix with your foundation for a combined step.

Hydrating radiant face cream. If you've ever heard of strobing this is the product to use! I place it on the high points of my cheeks and on the bridge of my nose. I don't rub this into the skin too much so it stays nice and bright. When applying foundation don't cover the areas you strobed for an extra light affect (I do cover the areas in foundation and it still glows through).

Step #3 - Apply Base Makeup

Once I've prepped and primed my face I will apply my foundation using my all time favorite foundation brush...the Marc Jacobs Face 1. When I'm not self tanning (see photo below) I use YSL's foundation which I own in a fairly light shade. If I'm self tanning I use Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation in. This is my all time favorite foundation for tan makeup days, because it's a little more matte and the coloring is perfect!

This is my newest makeup baby and it's amazing! I purchased because I was looking for something to put underneath my concealer that wouldd give my under eye area life AND Natalie Halcro  (nataliehacro on Instagram) used this in one of her tutorials so I had to try it. Her under eye highlight is always on point. This brightening cream instantly takes away darkness and wakens the face. It's a fairly sticky formula though so you need to set it with a powder! (see below)

This is THE concealer. If you love concealer or you haven't found one you love, YOU NEED THIS! Now let me say, if you don't like full coverage then you may not like this one. Even though it's called weightless it's very full coverage. I love that at the end of the day it never ever moves. Even if all my foundation rubs off during the day, my concealer still remains. I use Light Warm when I'm self tanning and Fair Neutral when I'm not.

Once my foundation and concealer are done I dust NARS translucent powder all over my face. This is one of the best powders I've ever used, because it's invisible and leaves the skin smooth without looking dry. It has reflective properties that keep the skin nice and bright while also matte to the touch. Before I move on to any other products I make sure my face doesn't feel sticky. If it does, I use more powder. I have the pressed version so it's hard to tell how much product you get on your brush - sometimes it takes a couple applications.

Step #4 - Contour, Flush & Highlight

The next step is one of my favorites. I use a very light or pink toned powder to set my under eye. Even though I've dusted with NARS powder, this step gives the under eye a much lighter & brighter look which I love. Some people don't like a stark highlight and that's okay! If you don't then just skip this step.

This is the step that may seem excessive, but to me it's essential. I find that even though the NARS powder and under eye powders set my makeup, they don't always keep my eye makeup and mascara from smearing. For some reason NYX's HD Studio Finishing Powder keeps my skin incredibly matte. I don't like putting it all over my face, but I will dust it directly under my eyes and on my eyelids to avoid any oil buildup and transfer during the day.

Now for the contour & bronze! I normally take the lighter, less orange contour color from the NYX palette and I place it right in the hollows of my cheeks and a little underneath my nose (to make it appear less long). I then blend out the color so that I don't have a defined line left behind. Then I use a bronzer (chocolate soleil and pro bronze are tied for my fav) and place it on the temples of my forehead, and lightly on my cheeks. I will also dust this down my neck with a big fluffy brush so my neck and face are the same color (I also do this with my foundation).

During the fall I try to use the blushes I own that aren't light pink (the majority are). Benefit's Rockateur is a gorgeous rose gold shade and Hourglass's Luminous Flush is a beautiful mauve (and much more pigmented than it looks). I place the color on the apples of my cheeks from the middle of the eye and sweep it backwards.

Highlighter = LOVE. I prefer highlighting powders that have white undertones as opposed to gold or copper. Moonstone is one of my favorites and makes my face luminous. I place it on the high points of my cheeks, above my eyebrows, the bridge & tip of my nose and my cupid's bow. I would suggest being light handed with this step, unless you love a super highlighted or strobed look (I probably use way more highlighter than a person needs).

Step #5 - Tame the Brows

I fill in my brows 1% of the time. Maybe that's bad, but I have really dark eye brows already so they don't need much help (I like to think hah). But I do like my brows to stay in place all day. This clear brow gel is an absolute must have. It takes two seconds to apply and brows don't move until you remove your makeup. They are stiff to the touch, but don't look it or feel it

Step #6 - Set Makeup

Once all of my makeup, except my eyes, is done, I will use 8-10 sprays of Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray all over my face. It's very refreshing and helps my makeup to even and settle so that it doesn't look too thick or cakey. I don't skip this step! I even bought the travel size to use when I'm traveling. You can also use MAC's Fix+ in addition to really create a dewy look.

Step #7 - Eye Makeup

Before my eye liner I put mascara on my bottom lashes. If not, I find that my eye liner creases (if I'm doing the usual cat eye). Before my Lash-Addict mascara I will use Loreal's Double Extend primer (the white end). I will let it dry and then place mascara over top. This makes a huge difference in the thickness and wear of my mascara. Important note: Dior's Lash-Addict is the ONLY mascara I've used that doesn't smudge under my eyes during the day. I don't even use it on my top lashes so that it lasts longer.

This is the only liquid liner I use and I'd be hard pressed to ever change. This eye liner stays on and stays matte black all. day. long. It's a very true black and the tip makes creating a cat eye so much easier. If I start with my eye makeup before foundation I will sometimes use makeup remover to make the lines super precise. If I do my eyes after foundation I just have to be very careful!

After my eyeliner is complete I will use my Loreal Double Extend primer again and then the best mascara of all time. Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara is the only one I own (other than the Lash-Addict) and I don't have a desire to try anything else. It lengthens and thickens and is build able. I normally use several coats of mascara, making sure to coat the tips so that they appear longer. 

Step #8 - Lips 

I'm not a huge lip liner fan, but I do love a nice nude liner. Boldly Bare is a little darker than what I normally use, but it's quite nice with a nude lipstick over top. It gives the lips dimension and makes them look larger. If you desire plumper lips you can create the illusion by placing a line straight down the middle of your bottom lip and then place lipstick over top.

For the final step I use a lipstick or a gloss and lately it's between the two linked above. Chelsea Girls is a beautifully universal lip gloss, sure to please all. It used to come in a pot, but they reformulated and placed it in a lipgloss tube - amazing! For lipstick I've been using Fleshpot, which is a very light, matte nude. I like it the best, because it doesn't have the usual orange underdone like Myth and Japanese Maple (other MAC favs). 

Congratulations if you made it through this whole post! I hope you found some of my product recommendations helpful. I linked most things to Sephora since they are currently having their VIB Sale - a great time to buy. If you ever have any additional questions feel free to let me know.


Welcome to my kitchen and my final home apartment post! I've had so much fun sharing and normally I wouldn't say this, but my kitchen is one of my favorite places in my home. It's basically in my living room, like everything else and I have so many cute pieces I've set out that make me smile.

My kitchen runs along one wall of my apartment. There is a decent amount of storage space for pots, pans, plates, silverware, food, etc. I really don't have a lot in the way of cooking supplies so I didn't have much trouble making it all fit. I also love that it's functional. I've set out items that I need to use on a daily basis (or eat...aka the bite size snickers). 

I set up my Keurig & coffee corner with some pink & white straws from a local craft store in a sparkly container from TJ Maxx. I keep all my k-cups, stirring straws and sugar packets in one of the drawers so that there aren't so many things on the counter. Next to my Keurig I have Heidi's treat jar, which I absolutely LOVE! It's also a TJ Maxx find (I'm going to be saying that a lot this post). She knows that every time we come inside from going out we go straight to the white jar. Where she patiently waits for her treat...and yes she actually waits patiently (not usual for my normally impatient princess).

All of the wall art, with the exception of the Heidi painting and picture, came from TJ Maxx. My biggest recommendation is to visit the store frequently, because they get new items daily. The Pop. Fizz. Clink. canvas might be my favorite piece in the whole apartment! The painted canvas of Heidi was done by my mom and it's so special to me. She took a picture from when she was a pup and it looks just like her! All of our dogs have had their portraits painted by my mom :). The other Heidi picture that is black & white came from Target. I cannot get over how much it resembles her and I believe it was around $10.

You'll also notice a couple Thanksgiving/Fall items sprinkled around my apartment. I'm not huge on decorating for every holiday since it's just me, but i do switch out my soaps and my dish towels. Since my color scheme is white and gold + a little animal print & pink, I like adding holiday items that are neutral.

Thanks for taking the time to view my apartment posts this week and I hope they gave you some inspiration or ideas for your own home. Tomorrow's post is a long awaited step by step full face makeup guide!