Products Used (in order)
Yes, there are A LOT of products used in this look. You don't have to use this many to achieve beautiful makeup, but if you have the time, it will create a gorgeous canvas and ensure your makeup stays on all day long!


apply all over the lid and up to the brow bone

blend into the crease

blend into the outer half of the crease

place on the outer third of the crease, blend well 

spray brush with fix+ and place onto the inner & middle lid

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Skimp  (special edition)
this is a light cream color. place under the eyebrow for definition

create a thin & subtle cat eye

place in the water line

**now is the time to clean the under eye area and create a more precise line with a makeup wipe 


blend into the high points of the cheek bones and onto the nose

blend all over the face focusing on the t-zone

blend with finger in the inner corners and under eye 

apply all over the face and blend down the neck

apply down the neck and décolletage so face and body match 

apply & blend in a V under the eyes, down the nose and on the middle of the chin

dip a triangular sponge into powder and place (don't blend) onto the places you concealed
leave this alone so it can "bake" - yes, you will look funny for a couple minutes

dust this powder all over the face and neck, avoiding "baking" areas

contour the hollows of the cheeks & blend into the skin
can also be used to contour the nose

place on the top of the forehead and outer half of the cheeks for a flush

**brush off brightening powder
place brush into yellow toned powder and then brush off all excess "baking" powder

place under eyes for a luminous highlight
run down the center and onto the tip of the nose

blend both shades and place on the cheeks focusing from the middle of the eye outward

place on the high points of the cheeks and above the brow

Back to Eyes

use a blend of both shades
apply under the eye from outer corner to middle

spray brush with Fix+ and place on the corner of the eye

using an eyeliner brush use lighter shade on the outer brow and darker on the inner half

brush onto brows so they stay in place all day

Back to Face

spray 6-8 sprays all over the face to blend in makeup

spray 8-10 sprays all over the face to set makeup

Eyes Again

place on the bottom lashes

place several coats on the upper lashes 

let glue dry for 30 seconds then apply lashes 
(i cut mine and only use on the outer half of the eye)

Finishing Touch - Lips!

line the outer portion of the lip to keep lipstick from bleeding

slightly over line lips for a fuller effect

the star of the show! 

Thanks for making it all the way through this post! 
I hope you enjoyed and please let me know if you have any questions - Happy Monday!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post amanda! XOXO you are stunning.