Becoming A Morning Person

Good Morning Friends!

I've been struggling with one of my goals and I feel like if I share it with you then I'll be held much more accountable. This goal and hope is to become more of a morning person. Even a little bit of a morning person. Ever since I can remember I've hated waking up. I try to blame it on all sorts of things like low blood pressure, poor sleep, eating before bed, and Heidi gets a lot of blame for her restless leg syndrome when I make exceptions and let her sleep in the bed. At this point I've come to the conclusion I need to force myself to get over it and get up, and I feel like that starts with a new routine. I actually stuck to my "new morning" plan the other day and it really did help! So here it is:

Write in my Five-Minute Journal // Lately, I've been horrible about keeping up with my Five-Minute Journal. It's a journal designed to motivate your mind in a positive way each morning when you wake up and each night when you go to bed. It takes five minutes or less and is a great way to think about your tasks for the day and remembering what you are grateful for. I highly recommend if you're in to this sort of thing!

Take out Heidi // The most urgent task each & every morning. Letting Heidi out of her crate is similar to letting the horses out of the gate at the Kentucky Derby. Surprising and quick, like she never wants to go back again. Any time I tell her it's time to go "night night" she backs away and runs for the hills. Luckily, she sleep silently all night long! And luckily she makes this morning task quick and easy.

Drink water // This may sound simple, but I think it's important to hydrate right away when you wake up. Especially in these winter months when you sleep with the heat running and everything gets so dry. It's a great way to get the body moving and is so important for your health if you take any medications daily. I've found drinking a bottle of water is quite easy paired with my next task!

Work out // One of my biggest reasons for wanting to get up earlier is to work out before going into the office. I find that it's so hard to find the motivation at the end of the day and I hate leaving Heidi alone for so long. My body hates early work outs, but I'm not striving for high impact cardio, just an hour on the treadmill or the elliptical and some light weight lifting. I keep a Pure Barre mat in my apartment so I can easily do ab work outs at home. All I have to do is throw on my yoga pants, a t-shirt and my Nike's and in a minute be ready to go. + I feel like less people are in the gym early so I'm not too worried about anyone judging my scarily sleepy appearance.

Make a healthy breakfast // Usually I eat in the office, which is still usually healthy. I keep Greek yogurts on standby or bagels with cream cheese + my daily cup of coffee. What I would prefer to do is whip up a quick breakfast of eggs and coffee before leaving the house so that it holds me over and keeps me satisfied longer. I'm sure I would end up eating two breakfasts, but hey, it's the best meal of the day! 

Get ready in a leisurely fashion // I really, really dislike having to rush my routine in the morning, but it seems like more times than not that's what I do. Usually I hit snooze so many times I end up scrambling to get out the door. So if I stick to an earlier wake up call it'll allow me to take my time primping for work - which I love! 

Have my outfit ready to go // I like to pick out my outfits the night before or even a week of outfits on the weekend. It's usually pretty easy to plan what I'll wear, because I rotate the same pieces over and over and over. Black pants, neutral tops, versatile jackets and black or nude pumps. I keep an IKEA clothes rack, because I don't have much closet space and I like to hang up my outfits the night before so I don't have to put any thought into it in the morning. + it gives me time to take photos to share before I leave! A lot of you ask where I buy my work wear - and usually my go-to shops are Express, J.crew and H&M. I wear these items out so quickly I try to buy on sale or when there is a really good deal! I invest more in my accessories/bags since they don't see the same wear & tear.

Leave the house on time // This is obviously a biggie! Getting out the door on time :) - which usually means I can make a Starbucks run or get organized in the office before my email and phone go crazy. I've had a lot of people ask me what I do for a living (besides aspiring to blog full time). I work in healthcare marketing, which is why you see me dress up most mornings!

Now that I've shared I'm hoping it'll help me stick to my new routine and I'll let you all know how it goes! I'm a work in progress, but maybe one day I'll actually be able to say I'm a morning person.



Today's post is all about creating awareness. 

Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. The age of technology has now made cyber-bullying a problem and a growing concern. Being able to hide behind a screen creates an outlet for bullies to belittle and tease others. A lot of the time, people they don't even know. Sadly, I've seen it happen so many times online or on IG - watching people call each other names, while they fight and carry on. It's unproductive for everyone and no one needs the negativity. It's clear a lot of Instagrammers, Facebookers, Tweeters and YouTube watchers have forgotten the Golden Rule.

The old staying "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," could never be more false. Words hurt and in severe cases can cause depression and poor self esteem. Bullies choose to bully because they, themselves, have insecurities and the internet allows them to become whomever they choose, creating a false reality - while they take it out on those who choose to be themselves.

I've never understood the mentality behind building yourself up by bringing others down. I feel there's nothing more uplifting than giving someone a compliment or brightening someone's day. I know how good it feels for someone to say something nice to me when I'm feeling down - it completely changes my mood.

We need to #spreadlovenothate so #helpspreadtheword and #kissandmakeup. Let's help put a stop to #cyberbullying. Tarte Cosmetics and Bystander Revolution have teamed up to help promote awareness using the hand kiss photo. Post your own photo on Instagram with the hashtags #kissandmakeup & #anticyberbullying and tag a friend with a positive message. We can always use more love in the world!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, love-filled Valentine's Day! I was lucky enough to spend mine with an amazing guy - who loves me for me and embraces all my big, crazy dreams. I'm incredibly thankful for movie nights, lazy days and Netflix marathons that involve way too much candy. So happy to be with you babe (thanks for being my #1 follower) - and finally under the same roof :). 

btw - my lipstick is St. Germain by MAC.

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous week!

ghd Platinum Professional

I posted this picture on Instagram last week and asked if anyone would like to hear more about my new straightener and how I achieve easy, loose curls - and many of you said yes!

I love that I can straighten and curl with one simple hair tool. The curved edges of the styler help to keep the curls nice and smooth, without the harsh crimp sometimes left behind by flat sided straighteners. This styler is specifically designed to deliver 50% less breakage, two times more color integrity, and 20% more shine. It heats up in 20 seconds, shuts off after 30 minutes, and has a two year warranty. Yes, it comes with a high price tag, but it's oh. so. worth. it. I had a ghd previously and loved it so much I didn't even look at other brands when purchasing again.

To achieve the curls in the picture above I blow dry my hair straight (keep in mind I have curly hair so even if I blow dry it straight it will keep curl). Then I straighten the top half of my hair and the ends. I place my professional styler in the middle of my hair and curl the hair away from my face. For my length hair it takes one curl of the straightener, then I hold it in place for a couple seconds, and open the plates to release my hair. The key is to leave the top and bottom of your hair out of the curling process!

ghd professional styler

I've also linked my favorite styling products below!

Since it's Friday and I'm feeling sort of sappy I'd like to give a huge thanks and a blogging hug to all of you who follow and have followed Pardon Muah and who are so kind and uplifting! I have to say I've had such a positive experience since I started my blog and have met so many new friends and have talked with so many amazing people. Thank you for reading and continuing to follow along! It means the world to me! I am so happy to have the people around me who support me and believe in me (even if it's about my little ole' beauty blog). So thank you to all of you who continue to motivate me and stand by me - xoxo!

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Hello + Giveaway

So sorry for no post yesterday or today!

Having some technical difficulties, but another post will be up bright & early tomorrow :).

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Have a wonderful Thursday!


Living with a Princess

Today I have to tell you a classic Heidi story. 

If you've been following me for long you know that Heidi, my little puppy princess, does as she pleases. And yes, I may be partly to blame for her entitled behavior, but sometimes a mom just can't say no hah! This past weekend, though, her and I needed some time apart. I'm going to be traveling with little miss priss soon and will need to keep her confined to a dog bag for over eight hours (insert stressed out, crying emoji face here). I knew this was going to be a battle from the start, because Heidi hates to be confined. She's crate trained and sleeps through the night which is great, but when it comes to travel she's just not having it. I've tried treats in the bag, her favorite toys in the bag, leaving the bag out for her to get used to, and nothing has seems to help. I've now resorted to prescription sedation, not for myself, although by the end of this I may need some as well haha.

This past Saturday I had an afternoon appointment for Heidi at the groomer and figured it would be the perfect time to try out her meds. I'd tried them once before at the dosage the vet prescribed and nothing happened. So I upped the dosage and waited for the pill to kick in...and waited...and waited...after two hours I actually think she had more energy than usual. Still hopeful, I brought out the beautiful, pink dog bag I'd purchased online and placed her in it to see what she would do. No joke, in the five minutes it took us to get from my apartment to the pet store SHE CHEWED THROUGH THE FRONT OF THE BAG. I almost couldn't contain my frustration. How can such a precious, small animal be so destructive?! 

So as you can guess, my anxiety about traveling with her is now at an all time high and I'm $60 poorer as I had to buy another brand new pet carrier. I went back to the vet yesterday morning to explain to them what exactly I'm dealing with and asked them to help me find a different medication. Unfortunately, what she was given is the strongest sedative they prescribe (insert laughing crying emoji next to emoji blowing smoke out its nose). Apparently, much like people, drugs affect all dogs differently. He prescribed Heidi a different medication that I'm praying will have some sort of drowsy, happy, sedating affect. And I've decided if all else fails, I will be packing a muzzle, booties and some really strong duck tape (for the holes she makes in the bag, not her lol).

Luckily, Heidi's saving grace is that she's so stinkin' cute and so freakin' lovable.

While picking out a new pet carrier at I found these adorable Harajuku dog toys! Heidi goes through toys rather quickly, as you would probably guess, considering the dog bag was no match for her sharp little teeth and sheer determination. So far these two have lasted a couple days! 

A couple hours after writing this post I tried the new medication...


(a lot of people ask about Heidi's 
breed. She's a morkie -maltese/yorkie mix)


d is for danger + xoxo

Good Morning and welcome to a special edition Valentine's Day collab!

Today I'm teaming up with Alexus from Alexuslaneiaxo {beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger} to bring you a Valentine's Day makeup look! She's incredibly sweet, genuine and has become a sweet friend of mine through our love of all things beauty and fashion. + She's from Kentucky just like me!  I have to give Alexus a huge thanks, because I actually won the eye shadow palette I used in a giveaway on her Instagram account...if you don't follow her you definitely should ---> @alexuslaneia (you can find her on Twitter too!)

To create this look I used mostly neutral eye shadows, because I wanted the lip to be the star of the show. But instead of using the usual tans and browns I used peaches, orangey reds and burgundy. Alexus and I used the Lorac Pro Mega2 palette which was limited edition and offered for holiday 2015. Unfortunately, this palette is only available via Ebay & Amazon now, but I'll be linking very similar colors below! Here are some eye shadows  I'd suggest from MAC:

All over the crease // Malt ---> All over the lid // Arena ---> Corner of the eye // Nylon ---> 
Outer crease // Rule & Red Brick  ---> Outer V and lower lash line // Sketch 

For my liner I used my all time favorite tattoo liquid liner by KatVonD. I find the brown to be less harsh with my skin tone and hair color. I wear it all throughout the week, usually minus the cat eye, for work. The falsies I used are Double Wispies from Ardell. I featured them in a post last week here.

The STAR of this post is a beautiful red lipstick, perfect for Valentine's Day, called d is for danger from MACI paired the lipstick with Burgundy lip liner, also from MAC. I love Burgundy, because it's not too bright and can be worn with other lipsticks that aren't necessarily red. {d for danger} is a matte lipstick so make sure you exfoliate & moisturize your lips before you use! This color will last a very long time, but will sink into the cracks of dry lips if you don't use a lip balm beforehand. 

For a full face makeup tutorial you can see my post here.

Make sure to stop by for her Vday look!

P.S. Make sure to stay tuned this week on Instagram {@pardonmuahinsta} for TWO amazing giveaways!


January Favorites

January Favorites

h e l l o .

Here are my January favorites!

You've probably seen many of these if you've viewed my tutorials lately. I stand by each and every one and I think all of these products would be great for pretty much anyone! My favorite favorite is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette - incredibly beautiful and gives the skin an incredible luminosity. I'm also loving Loreal's Magic Lumi Concealer. I hardly ever like drugstore concealers, but this one is beautiful...a lighter consistency with great coverage.

h a p p y  w e e k e n d ! 



I love Kentucky and I love donuts, so this tee could not be more perfect! [Shop Local Kentucky]

My new blog notebook! Only $3.99! [TJ Maxx]

Loving Loreal's NEW Magic Lumi Highlighting Concealer! [here]

This coat has saved me from so many vicious winters. I purchased it for 65% off while working at Coach in college and it's like an oven and such amazing quality. I know these coats are super expensive without a discount, but they are really well made! [Coach]

The steal of the century - beautiful Nike sneaks for $39.99 [TJ Maxx].

You all have seen this 1,000,000 times, but it's still the best. vest. ever. [40% off! Topshop - black & tan]

TGIT - Thank Goodness It's Thursday! I'm so happy Friday is right around the corner, because I have a LOT to get done this weekend. I was super productive, but then took a bit of a break the last week or so...gotta get motivated! I even have a new morning routine to help myself get in gear which I plan on sharing soon!  

Make sure to check out yesterday's Valentines' Day post for pretty gift ideas!

Love + Love + Love

Valentine's Day Love

Hello Friends! Hello Love!

I [l-o-v-e] Valentine's Day, because I "love" love, but most of all because it involves candy, chocolate, and a whole lot of pink! I've put together some of my favorite items - some are little luxuries, while others would make great gifts for your friends. I know Valentine's Day isn't for everyone and not everyone is in a relationship, but that doesn't mean you can't buy yourself a gift ladies! Any of the items above would make a fabulous gift to YOU.

I'm also including and linking some fun Valentine's Day gifts from Pinterest. You don't have to spend a lot to create a memorable, nice Vday gift! Below you'll find some catchy ideas, most revolving around food that would be easy to create. I also linked a red velvet puppy chow recipe that looks incredibly yummy!

You're the Bomb // For Your Hottie // You Rock My Sock Off // Red Velvet Puppy Show

If you're interested in a Gift Guide specifically for men please let me know. I'd be happy to put something together before it's too late! 

Double Wispies

There's nothing like a great pair of falsies to make the eyes bigger, brighter and more awake. I've been on the hunt for Ardell's Wispies whenever I visit the drugstore, but most of the time they are sold out. The other day I found the Double Wispies and knew I wanted to use them for photos. I have to say the original Wispies are still my favorite for an every day, lighter makeup look, but the Double Wispies would be fantastic with a dark smokey eye where you really want your eyelashes to stand out. When I wear them again I will probably cut them off so the majority of the falsies are on the outside of my eye. Fake eyelashes tend to get on my nerves if they sit on the inner part of my lid. I've always used DUO eyelash glue, but have heard House of Lashes glue is amazing and keeps your falsies on all. day. long.

I also wanted to mention that I've been testing out Loreal's NEW Magic Lumi Highlighter/Concealer and I am very, very impressed. It's light enough, but also does a great job of covering dark circles and is very illuminating. I wore this look yesterday while running errands and went past a mirror and thought "wow," because my face looked so luminous. My foundation used in the photos above is Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation, which has been my go-to for quite a while.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!