Emory James

I am so excited to share today's post with all of you! My sweet friend Jandyce was kind enough to let me model one of the dresses in her 2016 Spring/Summer Collection. Her company is called Emory James Clothing Company and everything is handmade in Lexington, Kentucky. 

The dress I'm wearing is called the Southern Comfort Dress (it's available in gray and navy). And let me tell you, it's called comfort for a reason. This dress is made of an ultra soft cotton jersey material so it's not only comfy, but it's great quality. I love that it's a casual material, but the wide neck and the high slit make it easy to dress up! I'm quite short so I paired it with my sky high nude studded wedges. I also wore a thin grey belt so my waist is more defined. I felt seriously glam during this photoshoot! Just be careful if the wind blows - I almost had a Marilyn Monroe moment hah!

If you'd like to learn more about Emory James Clothing Company you can visit their website here, Facebook here, and you can keep up with new styles on Instagram @emoryjamesclothingco.

Thanks to Jandyce for sending me this beauty to style and thanks to all of you for reading!


Motivation Monday



I thought I'd share some motivational quotes today. I know when I'm feeling a little down on myself or my abilities it always helps to head on over to Pinterest for a boost of mental moral. They remind me that I need to keep trying and that even the smallest bit of progress is still progress. It's easy to forget everyone encounters challenges and struggles, in life, in relationships and at work. And sometimes we can so easily become envious of those who are already where we wish to be. But you have to remember you're running your own race and that you'll get where you need to be at your own pace. As long as you give 100% and never give up, you'll inevitably find success...maybe even greater successes than you can even imagine! 

Make sure to stop by Wednesday for another outfit post and have a wonderful Monday.


Skin Care Game Changer

I've been meaning to talk about this amazing product for quite some time. I love it so much that if I were stuck on a deserted island and could only bring one skin care item it would most definitely be SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel. This complexion calming gel is designed to soothe sensitive or problematic skin irritation with botanical extracts containing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It can be used on the face, neck, chest, arms, and even the back of your hands. I started using it after my aesthetician recommended it for my facial redness. I've always had red undertones in my skin, but after I moved I noticed it got progressively worse, which I attribute to lack of hydration, change of climate and the usual stress. I love that this product is designed for people like myself with very sensitive skin. I'm able to use it twice a day, in the morning and at night - and all it takes is one or two drops, so the product lasts for a very long time! I've had my bottle since March and it's still half full.

SkinCeuticals recommends this gel for the following skin types: dry, normal, oily, combination, and sensitive. And for the following skin issues: sensitized, dehydrated, blotchy, discolored, acne, and aging. If you have additional questions about whether this product may be right for you make sure to check with an aesthetician.

See you all next week for some more motivation, style and beauty!


Red Hot Holiday

Red Hot Dress (true to size) // Shoes // Sunglasses // Bag 
Bangles // Foundation // Lipstick (cruella)  // Lip Liner (redd)

I say this often, but this may be one of my favorite shoots of all time. I found this dress at Nordstrom while using my 10 points day and thought it would be perfect for the 4th of July. Usually the 4th weekend consists of laying out, relaxing, watching fireworks, and usually going out on the town. It's supposed to be hot here, per usual, and this light weight, high neck dress is absolutely perfect! It's an attention grabber while still simple and classic. Plus, this is my favorite neckline of all time!

I paired my dress with my favorite sky high wedges (that are actually comfortable!) my go to sunglasses, some simple jewelry, and my LV Speedy bag. If I were going out for the night I may swap it out for a cross body, because who wants to keep up with a purse all night?! My new favorite foundation and this red lip are linked under the last photo with all other items! 

I wanted to post this today so you'd have plenty of time to shop before the 4th. It doesn't get much better than a gorgeous dress at an affordable price! And I'd call under $50 affordable!

I hope hump day treats you well - stay tuned Friday for another beauty post! I'll be honest I'm not sure what it's going to be about yet so you'll just have to wait and see. Thanks for following and if you haven't, make sure to subscribe! You can follow me on social media @pardonmuahinsta (Instagram) @pardonmuahtweet (Twitter) @pardonmuahsnaps (Snapchat) Pardon Muah (Bloglovin') and last, but not least, Pardon Muah (Facebook). To follow quickly see the icons at the top on the right side of the page. Thank you!


Instagram Round Up + Chit Chat

Favorite Makeup Wipes

Need this cardigan in every color! // Similar Blouse // Love this mint skirt

Chambray Top // Love this floral skirt // Necklace // Sandals

Love Essie polishes!

Activewear here

Cropped pants 10% off first purchase!

Who knew Trader Joe's sold pink lemons?! An article all about them here.

Cross Body Clutch // Cropped Black Pants 40% off w/ code SWEET // Love this peplum 40% off

Tassel Sandals on sale! // Pineapple tank is from here

Sunglasses // Love this tumbler // Bracelet

Hello Monday, Hello Friends!

I thought I'd share an Instagram Round Up today since it's been quite a while since I've posted one. I picked out pictures with items that are still available, and if not, I've linked similar items I love. Make sure to check under each photo for links! You'll notice that on Instagram my photos aren't shop-able at the moment, but I always do my best to link them here on the blog. My hope is to have Instagram outfit links back up soon! 

I also thought I'd insert a quick California Chit Chat. It's officially been over three months since I moved to Sacramento and I have to say it's been nothing but wonderful! I was so, so ready for a change of pace, a change of scenery, and a change of career - not to mention I was ready to say "bye bye" to long distance with my man. Surprisingly, moving to California was a much easier transition than my move to Virginia. Maybe because I'd already moved before and knew what to expect OR maybe just because I loveee living here! 

We still have A LOT of traveling to do - and our friends remind us daily hah! We will definitely get to it very soon...after all our weddings and holidays and trips back to the east coast. In the meantime, we're enjoying testing out tons of local restaurants and enjoying each others company. We are self proclaimed "home bodies" so we like nothing better than binge watching Orange is the New Black while ordering in pizza and cuddling with Heidi girl. 

I did start working so that's been a plus! Yay paycheck! I've absolutely loved working with my new company and had no idea a work environment could be so wonderful. A great home life balance and a very positive atmosphere - I feel very fortunate to have stumbled on the opportunity. I was scared of job hunting at first, because I wasn't sure I'd find a good fit and you never really know until you're there and you're working. But so far so good! 

Little Miss Priss aka Heidi is doing well! Had a bad haircut last week, but luckily she has no idea she looks rather unfortunate. We love her all the same...she's just a little less fluffy and a little less cuddly. She officially turns three this Wednesday, which means it's the big 21 in dog years! I bought her some toys that she's already destroyed and some very yummy treats! She's such a sweet pup even though she's a #diva.

I hope everyone has a wonderful start to the week and I'll see you on Wednesday for Wear It Wednesday. You won't want to miss it! I'll be sharing the perfect 4th of July dress under $50. 


Favorite (drugstore) Foundation

It's Face It Friday and today's post is a BIG deal! I finally found a drugstore foundation that I LOVE! I truly never thought the day would come, but it has arrived and I'm over the moon. My favorite foundations up until now have been from YSL, Dior and NARS, to name a few. All luxury brands, all only found at Sephora or the department store...all over $40 (or $50). So to find a foundation I love for the affordable cost of $7.99 is amazing! 

Stumbling upon this fabulous find was pure luck. I didn't watch any drugstore review videos, didn't hear anyone talk about it...just wandered the makeup aisle at CVS until I saw something that struck my fancy. The best part? I color matched correctly! I think part of my turn off to drugstore foundations has always been you can't try them out to make sure the color is right before purchasing. Fortunately, I got it right and loveeee the color. Pink toned foundations look terrible on my skin, because I already have red undertones, so I always end up looking sunburned or flushed (as weird as that sounds). In a lot of foundation lines pinks are prevalent so I can't always find the right fit. In Matte & Poreless I purchased 220. I matched myself while self tanning, because I'm rarely my natural, fair state in the spring & summer (or winter, let's just be honest)

Want to know how I knew I'd truly found a gem?! I was at the mall earlier this week picking up some items from MAC and wandered over to the Chanel counter to see what was new. I asked for some samples of their luminous foundation and they asked me what I was already wearing. I laughed and told them Maybelline's Matte & Poreless and you should have seen their faces...shock. They went on and on about how great the coverage was and how flawless it appeared on the skin (and this was after hours of wear). Coming from the ladies at Chanel, I took this as a major compliment and plan to continue repurchasing once my bottle runs out.

I hope this review was helpful! If you're in need of a less expensive foundation or just don't like what you're currently wearing, you should absolutely give it a try. The nice thing about most drugstores is that you can return used cosmetics if you get home and the color is off. I suggest buying two or three if you aren't sure and returning the ones that don't work. Sometimes you have to mix two to get it just right!

Have a fabulous weekend! Justin and I will be glued to the couch watching Orange is the New Black for the entirety of tonight - Sunday. I do want to see Finding Dory so maybe we will find our way out of the house for a couple of hours hah! 


Bright Orange + Aztec Kimono

Kimono (floral) // Tee on sale! // Shorts (similar $16!) // Sandals (love these) // Nail Polish

For today's Wear It Wednesday I chose several of my favorite pieces. An aztec print kimono, a cute camel tee, bright orange shorts, and some colorful gladiator sandals. I don't purchase a lot of fitted t-shirts, but I couldn't pass this one up - I love the bright colors and the camel's tassel accessories. And these sandals! So fun! I've linked a second pair with studs that I absolutely loveeee. I also plan to wear this kimono with black distressed skinny jeans and a simple tank. It's a great alternative for a shawl or sweater in the cool summer breeze.

See you all on Friday for a fabulous new foundation review!


Making Moves

Good Morning and welcome back to Motivation Monday!

I've been meaning to post this content for quite some time and figured there's no better time than the present! I thought it might be helpful to share some of my tips, tricks and advice for moving across the country. My move took months of planning and researching so if I can make the process easier for anyone else I'm happy to do so! I'm posting this today, because making big moves can take a lot of confidence and motivation. I know taking the first step to do so can be scary, but it may also be the best decision you'll ever make! 

Just a forewarning this post is long - you may want to go heat up some coffee and find a snack!

1. Take the time to plan. First and foremost, you must plan. There are a lot of moving pieces and parts whether you're going cross country or even down the street. Things will start to happen very quickly and you need to make sure you've thought of everything so that your move stays on track and small things don't fall through the cracks. Justin and I sat down and planned out expenses, dates, and expectations. When you're moving to be with someone else you have to take both of your schedules, space and money into consideration. I'm a planner by nature so I constantly make lists. I highly recommend making a list of everything you can possibly think of that you might have to do, pay for, schedule, or change (like your address).

2. Create a timeline. This is so crucial! When I made my move I decided to leave my job without getting a new one first, so it was extremely important I knew when to put in my final notice and how many paychecks I would need before leaving. So I made a list while planning of all my expenses, and then decided how many paychecks I would need to afford them, while having enough in savings to spend several months without a job. This dictated my move date and made it easy for me to choose the month I wanted to say farewell to Roanoke. Keep in mind, this can take time. I decided to move back in November, but didn't actually move until March. 

3. Read the rental fine print. Part of my expenses ended up including the cancellation of my apartment lease. I had signed until June, but knew I didn't want to wait that long to move. So I ended up losing my deposit, which was originally money I had factored into income. When I asked about canceling earlier on in the year I was told I would indeed receive my deposit, but upon reading the fine print realized this was actually not the case. So make sure you see things in writing when changing the terms of your lease.

4. Find inexpensive fares on flights. I've been told that Tuesdays are the best days to book flights, but honestly have never noticed a major difference. I chose to look daily and fortunately had the flexibility to choose the date I wanted. I ended up moving on a Wednesday because it was the cheapest flight I could find. I would also recommend Southwest. They are notoriously cheaper AND you can have TWO bags that fly free, which is amazing when you're moving. I was able to check two large suitcases and take a carry-on for free. Plus, their pet fares are a lot less expensive than other airlines (the flight attendant on my first flight even let me take Heidi out).

5. Shop around for movers and do what you can yourself. When you google movers you'll get all sorts of companies and a wide range of prices. Many will ask you for your email up front and unfortunately will then proceed to inundate you with phone calls and emails with pricing for a slew of vendors. I actually had a vendor tell me it would cost over $7,000 to move my items cross country - and I only had a room and a half worth of stuff! SO...I ended up choosing a relocube from UPack. It's basically a pod and my experience ended up being absolutely wonderful! We packed the cube at the loading station to save money which was a good workout  for my dad and I haha - and then a couple days later - ahead of schedule - it was dropped off in our driveway in Sacramento. We had three days + the weekend to unpack it and then they picked it back up! So easy and much less expensive than any other service I could find.

6. Clean out clutter. I clean out clutter on a regular basis, but it's particularly important when you're moving. Why pay to move a bunch of stuff you don't want or need?! Since everything has to go, it's a great time to really deep clean your closets. Ask yourself... "Do I love this still? Do I wear this? Do I use this? Would my significant other want sparkly pink pillows (haha)? Is this old? Would someone else benefit from this more than me?" If the answer is no, then get rid of it, donate it, or sell it!

7. Sell what you don't need for extra cash. I made the majority of my moving money by selling A LOT of stuff. I found a Roanoke Yard Sale page on Facebook with over 20,000 members and was able to sell most things within 5-30 minutes! Just make sure to price your items to sell and advertise them properly with great descriptions and pictures. I sold drawer sets, my couch, a vanity, rugs, makeup (mostly to friends), wall art, etc. Just be careful and aware of who you sell to, especially if you use a site where you can't do your own "background check." I always looked at people's pictures before selling so that I knew I wasn't inviting a shady lady or crazy creep to meet with me. 

8. Use Instagram to your advantage. Another social media outlet that can be very helpful is Instagram. You can win all sorts of items or contests and you should definitely try. I know some people are leery of entering, but I've won three $50 gift cards to TJ Maxx by posting items I purchased in their store - and used them to pay for some of my luggage I needed to travel!

9. Make sure you're covered. This is the least fun and most complicated part of moving yourself if you don't have a job lined up. Or even if you do and you'll have a lapse in coverage. Make sure to sign up for health insurance! Since I didn't want to pay over $700 a month to use COBRA I had to get onto California state insurance - the health exchange you've heard so much about. They were very friendly and helpful, but it can be a long process so start early! Most states have their own website you can go to if you're wondering where to start.

10. Stock up on necessities & medications. I wasn't sure how long it would be until I started working after I moved so I made sure to budget for and stock up on any medications I or Heidi would need, plus toiletries like contact cleaner, facial cleanser, lotion, etc...even mascara! After stocking up on quite a few items I realized I couldn't ship liquids or perishable items in my relocube so I ended up shipping them ahead of time. It cost me a little more, but I didn't have to pay for overweight luggage and it was nice to have several less things to pack.

11. Change your address ahead of time. Don't forget to change your address with the postal service. You can do this ahead of time, as their site allows you to pick a date for mail forwarding. Better to do this a week or two ahead of time so that your mail doesn't have to get rerouted. Also, remember to change your address on all your credit cards and accounts - I made a list of all of mine so I would remember when the time came to do so.

12. Keep track of expenses and paperwork. You never know when your card may get charged incorrectly or when you don't get a deposit refunded so make sure to keep all your receipts, paperwork, and emails. I also kept track of all my expenses so I could make sure I wasn't going over my allotted budget.

13. Prepare for pet travel. If you have a pet that is small enough to travel you'll want to make sure you're prepared. Not all animals are happy in an enclosed space (i.e. Heidi) and this can present some stressful issues if you don't have everything you need ahead of time. First of all, you'll need to purchase a pet plane ticket if you're furry friend is small enough to ride in the cabin. Most airlines require you call after you've booked your flight. I know on Southwest I didn't pay for Heidi's ticket until I arrived at the check-in counter. You'll also want to check the airline's website for their sizing restrictions on pet carriers, because as I discovered, they are very nit picky about such things. I knew Heidi was going to hate being confined and had to make several trips to the vet to find the right medication to calm her down and also to test how long it would take to kick in (which ended up being two hours)

14. Accept help from family & friends. Sometimes I can be too proud to accept or ask for help, but when preparing for a life changing move it's important to embrace the support. I ended up moving after two major holidays, Christmas and my birthday, so I was able to ask for moving money and gift cards instead of the usual gifts (this was very helpful). It also never hurts to have friends or parents who own trucks, can carry heavy pieces of furniture, and most of all, are patient. 

15. Stay positive and be patient! Even the best plans can fail, and at some point probably will, so remember to enjoy the process. For example, I hired movers that never showed up, and at the time I was really, really angry. But I quickly reminded myself that being mad wouldn't help anyone and that the best thing to do was solve the problem. Keep thinking about the end result, which is a successful move, and you'll get there! 

I know this was super long and I'm not sure anyone will make it through the whole post, but if you did thank you for reading! I hope this will prove helpful to those thinking or planning a big move. And if you are, congratulations! Enjoy every second and good luck!


Bright & Bronzed

Bronzer // Shirt (similar) // Shorts (similar) // Shoes (similar) // Sunglasses

Today's post is actually a two for one! It's both Fashion Friday AND Face It Friday

I'm sharing my thoughts on Loreal's Sublime Bronze Summer Express Wash-Off Body Makeup Lotion! I purchased this product after seeing it all over fellow blogger's Instagram accounts. I was very intrigued in a waterproof bronzer and am always in need of a product to mask my self tanning mistakes - because let's be honest, no one's tan is completely perfect. And I have to say...so far I am very impressed! I wanted to really test it out before sharing with you so I wore it last weekend on my legs to a baseball game where the weather reached 100 degrees, and then to girl's night Wednesday on my arms (my self tan was wearing off in a strange way so thank goodness!). On neither occasion did the product appear to sweat or wipe off. 

Keep in mind, if you were to spill water on yourself or sweat profusely it would definitely streak and smear. I put some on my hand and ran it under water and it washed right off. So probably not a good bronzer for the pool/lake/beach. 

BUT, in normal conditions it works very well. At the baseball game we sat down to eat and spent hours in direct sunlight and I loved the way it looked in pictures! The coloring is pigmented and the consistency is thick enough to actually bronze and even out imperfections of the skin. At girl's dinner we sat outside and I was worried my arms may appear streaky or spotty in the natural light, but they looked super tan and even! I purchased my Sublime Bronze in the color light and it's definitely dark enough. I feel like medium would be much too dark on me and may not look natural - but for those who tan easily and have a darker complexion medium would probably work well. 

My outfit above is all from Target...again...hah! The monochromatic bright white helps showcase the bronzer, making it appear even darker. I purchased the top, shorts and shoes last year so I linked some similar pieces and some sandals that are almost identical. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Make sure to stop by pardonmuahinsta for some exciting giveaways - some awesome prizes are up for grabs!