July Favorites

Stock photo c/0 wonderfelle.com

1. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation. I wrote on in-depth post on this amazing drugstore foundation here. I literally cannot say enough good things about this product. And I kid you not, it's the only foundation I've worn for the past two months. The coverage is flawless and the color range is fantastic (24 shades!).  Plus it'll cost you less than $8.

2. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. I've been pairing this concealer with the Fit Me foundation and have been unable to put it down. I recently bought my second one as I've almost used up the first! Like the foundation, the coverage is incredible for a drugstore product and lasts all day long - just make sure to set it with a powder!

3. Beautycounter Vibrant Eye Perfecter. I was approached several months ago by a consultant from Beautycounter about trying out some products and she was so very generous to send me several full-size items to try. I've been so impressed with the quality of their skin care line and love that they aren't made with any harmful chemicals. This eye cream is wonderful for nighttime, leaving your under eye feeling refreshed and luxurious.  

4. SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque. SkinCeuticals was so kind to send me this product last month before it launched. I raved about their redness reducing gel and this is the newest member of the phyto corrective family. I've tested this out several times and love the cooling sensation it gives my skin. I like to use it during my "full face" skin care routine. Simply apply and wash off after 15 minutes. If you have any issues with redness like I do this is such an amazing line!

5. Beautycounter Nourishing Night Cream. Another favorite from Beautycounter and a fabulous option for all skin types. I've been using this every night before bed time and have had zero irritation. Like all BC products, it's void of harmful chemicals and safe for absorption into the skin. I also use this all over my neck, because it's one of the first places you start to show aging!

6. Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar. Jaclyn Hill (beauty YouTube guru) got it right when she shared this gloss as one her monthly favorites. I searched and searched for it, but it was always sold out online and in store. Then randomly found one lone package sitting in Sephora and swiped it up! It's an incredibly beautiful nude...not an orange or brown nude, but a true nude nude haha...do you know what i mean? FYI, I checked Sephora last night and it looks like it's in stock!

7. Dior Lip Maximizer. This is a great lip maximizer/plumper for any gloss, because it's clear. My go-to has been applying a layer of this maximizer with Sugar Sugar on top. Sooo pretty!

8. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder. My third favorite Maybelling product this month! I swear they didn't pay me to talk about all of these. For years I've only worn a translucent powder, but have been loving this one with color that matches perfectly to my Fit Me foundation. It's nice to touch up during the day if you have any placed where your makeup may be wearing or melting off (thanks to the crazy high temps!).

9. Make + Model V-Neck Tee (#nsale). Okay you all, this tee is everything! I discovered Make + Model a few weeks ago, purchasing their infamous Best Boyfriend lounge pants. They are without a doubt the softest, most comfortable pair of lounge/PJ pants I own. So much so I wear them every night and probably need to purchase in bulk. This tee is no exception to the soft nature of Make + Model pieces. My PJ game has been struggling for quite some time now so I'm glad to have some new items to choose from. I mean, can think of anything better than a slouchy tee and some soft sweats after a long day at work?! Okay, well maybe a slouchy tee, soft sweat pants, and a glass of Rose hah.

10. Lush Deep-V Neck Tee (#nsale). Make + Model's tees have been my favorite for lounging while Lush's pocket tees have been my favorite for every day (even to work). Also, these are perfect for small chested gals! The V is deep enough to not be constricting, but it isn't so low that you need a tank underneath. 


Have a wonderful weekend and remember you can still get 20% off Sunday Brunch Boutique with the code PARDONMUAH until Sunday!

Sunday Brunch on Wednesday: Romper Edition

Romper c/o // Wedges (on sale!) // Similar Sunglasses

Welcome back to Wear It Wednesday!

I'm sharing another adorable piece from Sunday Brunch boutique. The Hutton Black Romper is not only super cute, but it's very comfortable! It has some flirty details and covers in all the right places. Plus, it's made of a lux woven fabric that is sure to keep you cool in these hot summer temps. The elastic waist also helps it to fall in just the right place so that you can make the shorts a little shorter or a little longer, depending on your preference. Again, I'm so impressed with the quality of the items I've received from Sunday Brunch! I cannot encourage you enough to give them a try.

They have been so generous to offer a 20% off discount code when you enter PARDONMUAH at checkout...until Sunday! That would make this romper less than $32 ya'll!

You can check out their other styles online HERE or on their Instagram shop.sunday.brunch.


Best Workout Bag

Tank // Leggings (love these) on sale! // Sneakers (want these!) // Sunglasses

Good Morning Friends and Happy Monday!

I'm excited to share one of my favorite work out accessories today. Part of my motivation for hitting the gym is feeling organized and prepared for my work out. For the past couple weeks I've been down and out thanks to a back injury so I'm working hard to find ways to get excited about my fitness routine again. For a long time I've been in search of a "real" gym bag. Usually I just take a tote, but it's hard to keep my items organized and to fit everything I need since I usually go straight to the gym from work. 

I found the Everything Tote at Lululemon and have been in love ever since! The detailing is incredible and the price is very fair considering the quality. The bag is made up of eleven pockets! They literally thought of everything! Here are some of the specifics:

15 inch laptop pocket
Drawstring shoe bag
Hooks for a yoga mat
Cell phone pocket
Water bottle pocket
Sunglasses pocket (padded!)
Snack pocket
Mesh pocket for valuables
Sweaty unmentionables pocket 

If you're on the hunt for a gym bag or even just a tote to keep you organized this bag is just what you need! It would be awesome for travel too - a great way to keep everything in it's place. Plus I love the grey!



Hair Must Haves + A Video

Stock photo c/o @wonderfelle
Good Morning Friends and #tgif!

Today's post is, without a doubt, the most requested post of all time. I get so many questions about how my hair is cut, what products I use, and most of all, how I get volume and/or tease my hair. SO grab a cup of coffee and a snack, because this is a long one! Below you will find a list of all the products and tools I use + a quick video of my stylist cutting, drying, straightening, and teasing my hair.

Note: All products and tools are linked at the very bottom of the post!

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner. I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner for well over a year now. They are formulated for color treated hair and are sulfate free. They don't have a particularly alluring smell, but my hair stylist from back in Roanoke recommended them, and I trust her opinion! I got the HUGE bottles from the beauty supply store and I’m pretty sure they will last me for another year or so (not kidding).

Batiste Dry ShampooThis is a cult favorite for a lot of bloggers. It’s the only dry shampoo I’ve used that actually makes my hair feel clean. It's also great to use for extra volume! They come in a variety of scents and colors AND can be found for half the price at TJ Maxx. #winwin

Bumble & Bumble Repair Cream. My hair stylist here in Sac recommended this and I’ve been using it ever since March. For anyone like myself who flat irons their hair every day, blow dries consistently, and who has colored their hair for many years, this cream helps to repair the damage and helps your strands to look less dry and fried.  

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray. If you want lifted roots, you want BB Thickening Hairspray! I tried this product several years back and didn’t really get it, but I was using it all wrong. Yes, it’s a hairspray, but you want to use this on wet hair. After I get out of the shower, I will towel dry my hair, brush it out, put in my repair cream, and then spray sections of my roots with this product. I like to be rather systematic about how I spray this in, because I only want it on the root. I find that if you spray it all over, it can cause your hair to feel a tad dirty.

Bumble & Bumble Curl Creme. I can’t tell you this is the best curl cream out there, because I’ve only used it once. Recently my favorite product ran out and I was at the salon and thought I’d try something new. I swear by every other BB product so I figured I would love this one as well. So far I don’t have any complaints. My hair felt pretty soft and supple and it created nice waves.

Miss Jessie’s Curling Pudding (the purple version). This has been my favorite curl cream for several years. I purchased mine at Target on a whim and fell head over heels. If you have unruly, thick, curly hair, you understand how hard it is to find a great cream/mousse that doesn’t leave your hair feeling crunchy or that weighs it down. Miss Jessie's got it right - link is down below!

Moroccan Oil. Holy grail product right here. There’s nothing better for frizzy hair than the original Moroccan Oil. I’ve tried others and cheaper versions, but this is where you should spend your money. I like to purchase the larger bottle with the pump and it lasts for a very long time, because a little can go a long way. I use this every time I blow dry my hair and usually once in the morning for shine.

Loreal Elnett Unscented Hairspray. I cannot even tell you how many cans of Loreal Elnett Unscented Hairspray that I’ve gone through. It has to be over 10. It’s such a great every day product, that holds enough, but leaves hair feeling soft and clean. & I love the fine mist that it sprays. 

Bumble & Bumble Hairspray. Like the curl cream, this is a very new product to my hair collection. So far I’m pretty impressed. Not sure it will beat out Elnett, but I think it’s a great option for days you want a little stronger hold, but a look that doesn’t look stiff. My hair stylist said it’s great for updos, top knots, etc. (for all you brides out there).

CHI Blow Dryer. Okay this is going to sound crazy, but I have had this blow dryer for over nine years!! Yes, I said nine years! I’d say that’s a testament to CHI and their blow dryers. It’s a very powerful dryer and has an infrared technology. I know it’s time for me to replace it and I’ve been looking for a lighter version for travel, because this one is rather cumbersome. And I think I finally found it!

Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultra Light Speed Dryer! I’ve done lots of research and have come to the conclusion this is the blow dryer I need in my life. It comes with a steep price tag which is why I have yet to purchase, but the battery life is supposed to be incredible and it weighs less than a pound – so great for travel and for keeping your arm from getting tired while drying. 

CHI Hairbrush. I’ve never owned or used an expensive “fancy” hairbrush. I probably should, but I’ve always used a plastic bristle brush from the drugstore. The one I’m currently using is a thin CHI hair brush I picked up at TJ Maxx. I've linked some other great options below.

Round Brush. Again, I’ve never owned a fancy round brush, but I am in the market for something new, because the bristles on mine have just about had it. Until very recently I never even used a brush like this, because I thought it was hard and I always gave up when my arms got tangled. But now that I have shorter hair and it’s an angled bob I find using the round brush with my blow dryer when it’s 80% dry does wonders. I section my hair and roll the ends under around the brush and then blast with hot air. It gives a lot more body, especially if you blow dry your hair in the opposite direction first.

GHD Straightener (on sale). I use to own a CHI straightener for many years…well a couple CHI straighteners. Unfortunately, mine would die every year or so and I was always feeling like the heat setting just wasn’t high enough to get my coarse hair super straight. Now I swear by ghd. I’m on my second one, after retiring my first after over four years. This time I purchased the Platinum Professional Styler and love it! It heats up in less than 30 seconds and turns itself off after 30 minutes of no use. It also has rounded edges which makes it perfect for curling your hair! AND right now it's part of the #nsale at Nordstrom for over 30% off! You can purchase it here.

Nume Curling Wand. Now that I have short hair I don’t curl it very often and when I do I usually just opt for my straightener, because it’s less hassle. But when my hair was long I used my Nume 25mm wand and it does a great job. Whenever I decide to grow my hair out again I’d like to try the 32mm for bigger, bouncier waves. Using a curling wand is definitely a learned technique, but becomes quick and easy once you master it. I’d recommend using the heat protective mitt, as I’ve burned myself more times than I can count.

Carbon Comb. I love my carbon comb and it’s probably time I get another or disinfect it. One of my hair stylist friends from back in Kentucky recommended this, because it’s made so that it doesn't melt when exposed to high heat from drying or straightening. I’ve had mine for over four years now and it’s still holding strong. Here is one similar to what I use. This is also what I use to tease my hair!

It's teasing time!

Just a quick note: I have an angled bob and my hair coloring technique of choice has been balayage. I haven't colored it in months and still love the way it's slowly growing out darker and darker. I'm in the process of deciding what to do next, or to let it stay my natural color - which is a light brown.

I also want to put a disclaimer that I was blessed by the hair gods with very thick, rather course hair, which from the get go makes teasing and volume easier. I actually have to have my hair thinned out every time I go to my stylist so that it isn’t so heavy and weighed down. If you have baby fine, straight hair, teasing will always be more of a challenge and usually will work better with second or third day hair. 

Here are my tips & steps to teasing:

1. Straighten. Straighten/curl hair as usual applying frizz serum if necessary.

2. Apply Product. Spraying a product like dry spun hairspray or dry shampoo on your roots prior to teasing can help to give a lot more volume and creates a texture that is easier to tease.

3.  Section. I like to section my hair into three parts. From the middle of my head back and then two front sections. I will leave the front sections alone and tease the back section from the bottom up. Grabbing the entire back first, then drop a section and tease again, and so on and so forth until you get to the top. I like to leave the very top section alone so it’s not frizzy from teasing. Then I do the same thing in the front.

4. Hairspray. Spray a fine mist all over even if, at this point, your hair looks crazy. 

5. Smooth. Carefully smooth out your hair using a comb and/or fingers. Be careful not to flatten out all your hard work. It’s also a good idea to double check the back of your head with a mirror so that you don’t have any funky spots!

6.  Hairspray. Once hair is in place spray another mist all over, concentrating on the top where all the volume is. Sometimes I even use a stronger hairspray (like Bed Head's Masterpiece Shine linked below) on the front section of my hair so that it doesn’t fall in my face all day.

7. Add Shine. If your hair needs a little somethin' somethin' carefully pat in some additional smoothing serum or spray. Spary serums are great for after teasing, because it doesn’t mess up all your hard work.

drum roll please...

Huge thanks to Justin for coming with me to the hair salon to take these video clips. I'm not a videographer or vlogger so I know the footage is a little rough. The HD version was too large to upload so I apologize if it's a little fuzzy (if I can get up a high def version I will), but hopefully it'll still be helpful. Especially the part where it shows her teasing technique! 


Thanks again for 10k on Instagram and have a wonderful weekend!


Sunday Brunch on Wednesday

I literally cannot say enough good things about this tank from Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch is an adorable online shop stocked with floral dresses, flowy tanks, pretty tees, and so much more. I am so impressed with the quality of the fabric and detailing of the Gia Tank Top. When I received it I went on and on about how much I loved it (Justin will attest to that). So if you're in need of some cute additions to your closet you absolutely need to check them out. You can go to their website here and they have an Instagram shop.sunday.brunch where you can see their items styled. 

My favorite things about this tank?! The flounce hem and the gold detailing on the back tie! I also love that it's not cut too low in the front, but just enough to make it #sassy. And the colors are just perfect! 

And Guess What?!
Sunday Brunch is offering my followers an amazing discount code for 20% off until Sunday! Just use the code PARDONMUAH when checking out.

Have an wonderful Wednesday!


#nsale workout wear

Hello Friends! Hello Monday!

For today's post I thought I'd put together a fun fitness outfit & accessories from items on sale at Nordstrom. My favorite sneakers of all time are Nike Free and the Juvenate version in mint above is on sale for under $75. I found a mint colored jacket to match, a white tank with a cute cut out, really reasonably priced leggings, and a great gym bag. I took my Longchamp bag to the gym for the longest time, but sadly had to retire it a year or so back. They are great because they are lightweight, easy to pack, and fit so many items. The one above can be found here.


I can't believe a new week is already here. I had so much fun this weekend that time literally flew past. Saturday Justin helped me take a series of styled outfit photos for upcoming posts, we went to a new fav dinner spot, and we saw Life Of Pets, which is such a cute movie! On Sunday Justin had a work trip so my girlfriends and I headed to the local farmer's market, where we found the most amazing fresh fruit and gorgeous flowers. Then went to a yummy brunch, followed by a trip to a beautiful winery. It was such a nice day and great girl bonding!



one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten. eleven

The #NSale is here ya'll and it's the best time of the year to buy fall favorites and basics from Nordstrom. I've tried on all of the items above, minus the tall boots, so my thoughts below aren't just speculation. I have to say, I'm really impressed with the selection of items on the racks this year, and the price points.

One. Since today is technically Face It Friday I had to include a beauty pick. I'm loving this palette from Bobbi Brown, because it comes with two pretty pinks, a bronzer and a beautiful brush!

Two. This sweater is a must have for fall. I've been on the hunt for long cardigans for work I can layer with tees and tunics. This one comes in so many fantastic fall colors...I would seriously buy them all if I could (+ how can you beat the price?!). Note: these run big so size down.

Three. I'm sure many of you have seen this tunic in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before, but I particularly love this year's style, because it isn't as long as the version featured before. Last year the tunic was so long it was basically a dress, and as much as I wore it, I always wanted to chop off some of the length. But luckily this year a shorter version is available, and in tons of fun colors! I consider this a wardrobe staple.

Four. This is such a fun shirt for work. Appropriate enough for the office atmosphere, but designed to be a little more fun, with a high-low cut and a wrap front. Plus, burgundy is going to be big again this coming fall!

Five. I am so excited about these wedges! They are black suede and are perfect for shallow or wide feet because they tie on the top! I actually got mine for free, because they are 50% off during the sale and I had $40 in Nordstrom bucks (yayyyy!). Plus, they will transition really well into fall, due to the fabric and the color.

Six. I would call this the perfect cami! I've been thoroughly cleaning out my clothes lately and have had to let go of some well worn items, many of which are t-shirts, tanks and camisoles. I've been trying to find some higher quality v-neck camis for underneath my shear tops and tunics and thank goodness for the helpful girls at Nordstrom! These camis are 2 for $30 during the sale and come in tons of colors! They are made to stay in place and hug you in all the right places.

Seven. So recently I purchased a pair of sweatpants from Make + Model and shared them in my June Favorites post. The same brand makes an equally comfortable tee for sleeping. Once you feel the fabric, you won't walk out of the store without one (or two, or three).

Eight. Speaking of tees, this one is "the best." Yes...THE BEST. It's a high-low cut which makes it a little more interesting and the material is super soft! Plus, if you're smaller chested the v-neck doesn't fall into a scandalous zone like most, so you won't need a tank underneath.

Nine. I've been without an actual wallet for quite some time now. Partly because I enjoy not having to tote one around, and partly because I can't decide what I want. But...If I was going to buy one I'm loving this version by Tory Burch (it comes in tan, grey and black).

Ten. This is such a perfect work top! Great under a blazer or the long sweater above. The ruffle adds such a fun element, and it's very flattering on. I'd pair it with white pants in the summer and black pants in the fall.

Eleven. If I were able to splurge I would absolutely buy these boots. They are even prettier in person and would look amazing with dresses, leggings, or skinny jeans. Definitely a splurge, but better than full price!

Enjoy shopping the sale! I'd love to hear what you buy.


Sips & Sundresses

This Cami Dress is such a summer staple! Great for a wedding, girl's night, a day date, brunch...you name it, you can probably wear it! And it's from J.Crew Factory so it comes at a great price as well. I paired it with some bubble gum pink lipstick and nail polish to match (all linked below). My wedges (now on sale!) are super tall, but also quite comfortable. I'm only 5'2" so I love shoes that give me a longer leg and also work well with extra long maxi dresses and palazzo pants.

For my accessories I'm carrying a light tan cross body bag with gold hardware that, like last week, can be worn as one long strap or two shorter straps! My sunnies are pretty much the only ones I wear other than my pink ray bans - they go with everything and protect a good portion of my face from the sun. And how cute is this phone case?! It's from Casetaboo and perfect if you don't want your case to feel cumbersome and thick + it's great if you have a sweet tooth!



Planning 101

How cool is this planner I found from Target for under $12?! It has each day separately with individual times, to-do lists, and even cute quotes! It's linked HERE!

This cute little notebook has a running calendar at the top so you can keep track of your to-do lists or even a food journal!
Good Morning Friends! 

I thought for today's Motivation Monday we would talk about planning. Those who know me well know I'm an extreme planner, organizer and office supply enthusiast. I truly enjoy finding ways to more efficiently organize my work and home life. Organizational skills have helped me to take on numerous projects at work without added stress, and at home help me to keep a clear mind. And luckily Justin lets me organize to my hearts content! Here are my top five tips for planning:

1. Find what works for you. Not everyone plans the same way. For example, I love my planner (as shown above) and I'm a "paper person." Planning on an electronic device just doesn't work for me. I like to physically write tasks, dates, and times down, and in a way, this helps me consciously remember. But, for others, scheduling via smart phone or tablet works very well. This can be trial and error...if one way isn't working for you, then try another. I'm also a big utilizer of sticky notes. If I have a very important appointment or task to complete, I stick a note right to the side of my computer or on top of my desk where I will see it. Sometimes I even use them inside my planner to bring attention to urgent items like bills. 

2. Use tools to your advantage. As I stated above, I'm an office supply junkie. Nothing makes me happier than new highlighters, pens, post-its, sharpies and pretty notebooks (okay, maybe a Chanel bag would make me happier haha). When scheduling in my planner I'll use different colored highlighters to designate different things. Work events are yellow, personal appointments are pink, and so forth and so on. That way I can quickly designate what I have going on in the week. Again, sticky notes can be your best friend, if used correctly. I'm even a big fan of binder clips (and they make really fun printed and bright colored ones) to keep my projects separated. It keeps paperwork and proofs from getting mixed together.  

3. Keep a notebook nearby. This is something new I've been doing. Now that I'm taking my blog much more serious, I don't like to let ideas pass me by. So I keep a small notebook (seen above) in my purse at all times. When I have an idea, or think of something important I need to do, I make a list. Lists are my best friend. Sometimes I even plan out my whole day hour by hour. I know this may sound excessive, but it helps me to stay on task, even if I don't stick to the schedule exactly. My life and work have always been very chaotic, so keeping myself in the right place, working on the right project, at the right time is crucial. I also make lots of to-do lists...I'd say I make at least one a day. If I don't complete something from the day before I transfer it over to the new list. 

4. Find everything a place. A major reason to organize is being able to find things quickly when you need them. Everything should have a place. And it's a continuous process. I'm constantly reorganizing our house and finding better ways to store things. For example, our laundry room has a large shelf where we keep cleaning supplies, detergent, beach towels, etc. It's a decent size space, but has felt cluttered and messy. Plus every time I go to pull something down, another item falls with it. So this weekend at Target I found six of the most wonderful milk crate type wire baskets (linked below) with rose gold handles, just the right size. It turned our messy shelf into a well organized space, where we actually have even more room.  

5. Make planning fun! I know planning isn't for everyone and it definitely shouldn't feel like work when you do it. If you're not a planner by nature, like myself, it will take time to get into a routine. It's like anything else...the more you do something, the more natural it will become. Luckily, office supply stores and places like Target and Walmart make organization and planning more fun. Buy a bright colored, magnetic to-do list to place on your fridge, buy a weekly calendar that doubles as a mouse pad (I recently found one at Target), use colored sharpies instead of boring black pens...you get the idea. 

I've linked some fun office supplies, notebooks and planners below!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable, relaxing weekend! My apologies this post is up a little late today. I took Heidi to a "meet & greet" at a new kennel here in Sac. How funny is that right?! It's seriously like school for real kids. We got to meet all the girls who supervise activities and all the others doggie pals Heidi will be hanging out with. I was very pleased with the facility and feel like little miss priss will be in great hands. Justin was gone most of this past weekend so, shocker, I organized and cleaned the house, getting everything ready for the week ahead!