September Favorites

Yay Friday is finally here! And I'm sharing all of my September favorites with you today. Does anyone else feel like the ninth month of the year came and went with the blink of an eye? I sure do! But, I guess it's okay because October means pumpkins, apple orchards, sweater weather, and yummy new Starbucks concoctions. See below for items I've been loving this month and why.

1. Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist. I read about this mist in a magazine and thought I would give it a try. Recently I've been testing out different facial sprays to see if I like one better than the other. The faint scent of this milk mist is very appealing. It contains hyaluronic acid & black oat, neither of which has irritated my skin (and I'm a very sensitive skin gal). It's also paraben free and not tested on any of our furry friends. The product is described as a mist-on moisturizer and can be used before makeup, before bed for added moisture, or any time during the day for a burst of hydration. The pricing of this is pretty middle of the road and definitely a quality product.

2. Essence Lash Princess Mascara. Okay...NEW favorite mascara alert! I randomly picked up a tube of this Essence mascara while perusing the aisles of Target and Oh. My. Gosh. It's awesome! There are several different kinds to choose from, but this one appealed to me the most. It gives a lot of length and pairs really well with the next product on my favorites list. + It's only $4.99!

3. Loreal Voluminous Base. If you don't know about this product or don't already own it, you are sooo missing out! I've talked about it before when it was a double sided mascara tube. One side with mascara, and one side with this volumizing base. Well, I guess Loreal got the message and now makes a sole volumizing base mascara. I own the Dior version and much prefer Loreal's! It's meant to use under your mascara and helps to give a lot more volume and length. Plus it will help your mascara on your bottom lashes not to smudge throughout the day.

4. YSL Plump-up. Another category of beauty products I've been testing out lately are lip plumpers. This one by YSL is definitely at the top of my list. It has a beautiful light pink sheer tint and smells like candy, as all YSL products do. It doesn't have a stinging effect when you put it on which is also a plus. The best part is that is dries fairly matte so you can put a lipstick over top without it sliding all over the place!

5. YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizer. #winner! This product is so perfect, I need to buy in multiples, because I'm pretty sure it's limited edition. There is a green tinted version and also a peach, but I'm in love with the purple for brightness. I place this underneath my concealer and it makes your eyes look so wide and awake! I love a bright highlight so this was right up my alley. Absolutely beautiful!

6. YSL Rouge Pur Couture 10. For a long time now, I've been trying to find the perfect YSL nude. I see them on bloggers all the time, but never knew which color I wanted. I ended up purchasing the color 10, which is the lightest of their nudes (but it's still not super light). I used the plump-up gloss, along with Boldly Bare liner by MAC, and it gave me such a "your lips, but better" look.

7. Beautycounter Blush/Bronzer Duo. I was pleasantly surprised by this Beautycounter for Target product. I've loved every Beautycounter item I own, but had never used any of their cosmetics. The blush is absolutely adorable on the cheeks, giving them a light pink tint. And the bronzer isn't too orange and you can build the color with additional applications. I would snag one while you can (the set also comes with a clear lipgloss)!

8. Beautycounter Nourishing Cream Cleanser. The thing I love the most about Beautycounter is that they make safe products by banning parabens, phthalates, and more than 1,500 other harmful ingredients. This cleanser is great for morning and night - another must have for anyone with sensitive skin! I forsee this 3.5 fl. oz. lasting me quite a while!

9. Beautycounter Purifying Mask. If you want to save money on a quality charcoal mask, definitely try this one! It's still not "cheap," but it's about half the price of the infamous GlamGlow mask (which I do own and love). I like that this comes in squeeze tube type packaging, and that it's travel friendly at 1.3 fl. oz. You place the mask all over your face and leave it on for 10-20 minutes (before washing off). The charcoal pulls out impurities from your pores and leaves your face feeling oh. so. clean.

10. The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray. I'd heard rave reviews about Honest Company's spray hand sanitizer, but was skeptical. I've previously owned spray hand sanitizer and hated it. But this one is awesome! It smells like oranges and is so easy to use. Justin and I always keep it on hand when traveling. I picked mine up from Target in the cleaning aisle.

+ Mossimo Quilted Makeup Bag. Last, but not least, I've been drooling daily over this adorable quilted clutch/cosmetic bag from Mossimo for Target. It's a very supple material and opens up nice and wide so you can fit tons of makeup and products inside. Plus the tassel is just too cute! AND it's only $12.99.

As always, thanks for reading, and have a wonderful fall-like weekend! We are expecting low 70 degree temps and are planning a day trip to a local apple orchard. I'll try to share via Snapchat (pardonmuahsnaps)!



Lovely Lace-up

Hi Friends and welcome back to Wear It Wednesday!

I almost started working on Friday's post instead of this one, and was like, woah. no girl. it's definitely hump day. I guess I'm wishing the week away hah! Definitely ready for this weekend, because it will mean I got a lot of work items checked of my to-do list. AND I'm getting a new desk for my at-home office this weekend and taking a fun trip to an apple orchard. It's supposed to be in the 70's this weekend and I'm elated that fall weather is finally on it's way to Northern California. I have so many cute fall pieces that I'm anxiously awaiting to wear. 

Anyhow, on to today's post! I'm featuring this adorable lace-up top from Pineapple Lace. It's perfectly effortless for the weekend and has adorable detailing. I'm loving it with skinny jeans and booties! Lace-up tops are all the rage right now and this one is very affordable at $18.99. That's such a great price for a top you're sure to wear all season long. Pineapple Lace has so many cute items to choose from and great customer service! I'm loving this, this and this.

Random note: I've gotten a lot of questions about what tool I use to curl my hair. It's actually a straightener and is linked here.

Happy Hump Day!



The Beauty of Change

Good Morning Friends!

I was up bright and early today so I could get a jump on the long week ahead. It's possible it may be even longer than last week, and phew, it was long! I'm working with a new team at my company, and I'm loving it, but it means taking on a lot more responsibility so I'm quickly trying to get up to speed with everyone else. This weekend I was thinking about how thankful I am for my new job and for all the wonderful things that have transpired the past couple I thought it might be time for a life update. 

Since it's Motivation Monday, there's no better time to discuss changes and the motivation to make them. Whether it's work, a relationship, where you live, etc. etc. etc. Change can be hard, and big decisions are usually pretty scary. Had you asked me a couple years ago if I would move to California I would have said "No way!" But life happens, and things change. When I met Justin I didn't automatically switch from east coast to west coast, but it didn't take long. I had needed and wanted change in my life for quite some time, but I didn't know what I wanted or where to turn. I hesitate to say this publicly, but many aspects of my previous job were less than positive. It was incredible experience that I do not and will not take for granted, but I knew I needed to move on. 

Always remember, even negative experiences can have positive outcomes. You encounter certain situations and different people in life so you can grow and learn as a person. For me, my job molded me into the resilient, efficient, multi tasking professional I am now. I am so thankful for the path I've already taken...but let me tell you, I've never been so glad to be where I am. 

Looking back, there were so many times I wasn't happy or that I kept wishing for tomorrow so maybe things would change. But you know what? You are the only one who can change your mindset and your situation. I don't think I ever expected someone else to hand me success or a roadmap to greener pastures, but I was definitely passive in my approach. It wasn't until I met someone special that everything changed. 

I spent many months being proactively selfish after ending my engagement back in Virginia. I promised myself I would never make decisions for someone else, and that I would finally figure out what Amanda truly wanted out of life. It was a period of time I needed and a period of time that helped me realize my own worth. Something every girl needs to find! So many of us see our worth in the eyes of others and we forget the most important opinion of ourselves is our own. If you don't love yourself it's impossible for someone else do to it for you. 

Learning to love myself eventually allowed me to open up and to let in a whole new kind of love. A love that is true and kind, and full of respect. So...I guess I have love to thank. Something I never thought I would say, but I'm so very glad I can. My happiness came when I started to follow my heart and I started to listen to myself. I've always had a hard time doing what I want and not what benefits others, but the minute I said "It's my life and I'm the only one who has to live it," everything changed. 

Fortunately, I have a supportive and loving family who understood my need for new scenery and who trusted my intuition. It's not often your parents say "Yay!" to quitting your job to move across the country for a boy. But they know how I am and that I'd planned out each piece and part meticulously. Please note, I'm in no way advocating for anyone to go into work tomorrow and quit their job. What I am saying is that you are the only one who can change your situation. Sometimes it means taking a leap of faith. Even when the fear of failure is present. Your intuition and that "little voice in your head" will almost always steer you in the right direction. 

So long story short, here I am in California. I spent two months without a job (which I had diligently planned for) and to be honest, it wasn't the worst thing in the world. Scary yes, but it gave me time to adjust to my new surroundings, register my car, learn my way around town, and spend quality time with Justin. I didn't want just any job, not after such a huge life change. I wanted a job that was meaningful, filled with balance, with a wonderful culture, where I could see myself growing. And thankfully, I found it. 

Obviously blogging is not my full-time job (i wish), but it's something I truly enjoy. Im so lucky to have found a man who doesn't think Pardon Muah is silly, and who sees what it means to me. He helps take my photos, corrects my grammatical errors, and religiously likes my photos on Instagram. And in return, I support the things he enjoys...i.e. gymming, racing cars, watching sports, and playing video games. Okay, so I can't even figure out the PS4 controller...but I happily blog while Justin plays away. I believe it's healthy to have your own passions and interests.

Quick relationship note: I once heard someone talk about compatibility and what they said really hit home. They said, compatibility isn't liking and doing all the same things, it's learning to respect and appreciate your differences. Justin doesn't blog, but he respects I love it. I don't know how to play Call of Duty, but I respect that Justin finds it fun. You get the idea. 

Respect will get you far in love and in life. Especially since change can bring on a lot of new and different experiences. I'm so appreciative of all the things I have and for the opportunities I've been given. Many of which would not have been possible without change and challenge. I encourage you to make yourself happy, in whatever capacity that may be. It could be right within reach, or a cross country plane ride away. You may never know if you don't try! 

Oh, btw, Heidi is loving Sacramento too! Lots of cuddles and lots of squirrels!

Have a fabulous Monday!


A Beautiful Fall

Swoon Sweater Dress (c/o) // Booties // Bag (also love this) // Lipstick (honey love)

Yesterday was the first day of fall and I'm so excited it's finally here! Now if only the Northern California temps would cool on down. Because this girl is ready to wear sweater dresses on repeat, sip some hot lattes, and show off this new wine colored cross body. 

The Swoon Sweater Dress in Mocha from Seasalt & Honey Boutique is already my favorite fall dress. It's super soft, great quality, affordable, has great criss cross detailing, and is appropriate for many different occasions. It'll keep you warm, while you still look chic! Try adding a burgundy floppy hat, some bangles and a trendy bag to complete the look. 

I'm also loving this sweater, this sweater, and this top

I hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend! My week has been absolutely crazy and so jam packed I need more hours in the day. I'll be getting organized and enjoying some much needed down time. And I'll probably make a couple visits to Starbucks lol. See you all on Monday!



White After Labor Day

Knit Crew Neck Sweater (c/o) // Jean Jacket // White Jeans (on sale) // Shoes // Bag // Sunlasses

Welcome back to Wear It Wednesday!

Grab a cup of coffee and take a quick break to shop some fun fall items!

I'm not sure how all of you feel about wearing white after Labor Day, but I say "Go for it!" I have so many shirts I love to pair with white bottoms that I just can't help myself. Plus, with these warm California temps, it sure feels a lot like the middle of summer.

I've paired my white pants with a super comfy knit sweater from Pineapple Lace and layered it with a jean jacket and my favorite pair of mint sneakers. It also looks cute with flared jeans and wedges (which is how I wore it to work yesterday). It fits true to size with a bit of an oversized feel - you can even pull it slightly off the shoulder. Some other pieces I'm loving are this, this and this!

Make sure to check out their online boutique here and you can shop the rest of the post below.


The Perfect Fall Wedge

Castle Wedges (c/o) // Tee // Jeans // Sunglasses // Purse // Lipstick // Nail Polish // Watch // Ring

Good Morning Friends! So sorry for no post Friday. Due to scheduling I couldn't get one up, but I did post my fave beauty oil on Instagram - so make sure to check it out! 

Today's post is all about seasonal transition and getting motivated to clean out and organize. If you saw last Monday's post, you know I'm very ready for fall to arrive, and in the meantime am preparing accordingly. It can be difficult to dress when the weather goes from hot, hot heat to cool & chilly temps, but there are some great pieces out there to help get the job done. See below for five of my tips to successfully welcoming autumn and it's wonderful weather.

1. Closet clean out. I like to clean out my closet before each season changes. It helps me to know what I have and what I need. I also take all of the clothes, shoes and accessories I don't wear any more to consignment for some extra cash. Because who doesn't love some extra spending money?! 

2. Invest in fall wardrobe staples. No one enjoys shelling out tons of money for shoes and clothes, but there are some items worth investing in. In my wardrobe these are jeans (especially because I struggle to find skinny jeans short enough, so when I do I snatch them up), outerwear like leather jackets, and boots and booties. I find I wear these items over and over and over, so I really get my money's worth. Plus, well made items will hold up better with additional wear and tear.

3. Save on trendy accessories. On the other hand, there are things I like to spend less on, like statement jewelry, scarves, and seasonally specific bags. The cross body bag above was less than $9 (not kidding - it was the good kind of sticker shock) and is a combo of olive colored leather & suede. I also picked up a wine colored cross body for under $30 featured in last Wednesday's post here

4. Pick out transitional footwear. Some of the hardest items to transition from season to season are shoes, especially sandals. They can be very season specific and flip flops in winter, for example, are usually a no go, unless you live in sunny southern California or bright & beautiful Florida. The wedges I'm wearing above are absolutely amazing and are called the Castle wedges. They are from Corky's Footwear and are currently on sale! I cannot say enough good things about this pair of shoes. They are made of leather and cork, making them incredibly light weight and comfortable for all day wear. Plus, the color makes them a great summer to fall shoe style. I plan to wear mine with skinny jeans, flared jeans and dresses. They are also perfect for anyone with narrow feet, like myself. I highly encourage you to check out Corky's site and all they have to offer (I'm loving these and these). Make sure to use the code AMANDA25 for 25% off your purchase! 

5. Plan ahead for the holidays. The holidays present many fun events and reasons to purchase new items for your wardrobe. Fall outings to the pumpkin patch, apple picking, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas parties, etc. etc. you get the idea. I like to plan in advance so I'm not scrambling at the last minute to find just the right outfit. Plus, you might just get a good deal or two if you shop sales ahead of time!

Have a wonderful Monday and make sure to follow me on Snapchat (pardonmuahsnaps) today for my first trip to San Fransisco! If you have any recommendations for restaurants, coffee shops or fun things to do send me a snap message!


Save or Splurge: Purse Edition

I had so much fun creating today's post! I can't believe how many bag twins I was able to find for so many luxury purses currently on the market! This past weekend I was at Target, and or course, got sucked in by the pretty purse display at the front of the store. i was really impressed with the new cross body and tote styles, and realized many of them were very close dupes to bags I've seen recently in department stores.

True story: On Sunday, I found a veryyy cute bag for less than $9 that is a veryyy close dupe for an $1850 bag! (I will have a picture up of it today on Instagram).

Above I've put together several pairings of splurge & save options that closely resemble each other. And below you can shop the splurges or saves! I hope this is helpful for those of you who want the designer handbag look without having to shell out tons of money. I'm a big believer that you don't have to spend a million bucks to look like it! Am I right?!

Happy Wednesday!




Fall Fever

Taking On The Town Blouse (c/o) // Jeans // Hat // Shoes // Shades // Bag // Lip (d is for danger) // Polish 

Is anyone else ridiculously ready for fall?! I've got September 22nd marked on my calendar and in the meantime am gearing up with a fall to-do list!

I've been collecting lots of fall colored items, like this adorable Taking On The Town Blouse from The Pink Lily Boutique. It's great quality and the bell sleeves are the perfect detail! I was so impressed when I first opened the package I had to post a picture right away on Instagram. This is the perfect top for the office, a girl's brunch, a holiday name it, you can probably wear it!

My color palette this year is going to consist of mostly burgundy, white, black, grey, tan, and olive. The next items on my list?! Lots of plaid blanket scarves! Below are several of the items on my fall bucket list.

Let me know what you're looking forward to this fall season, have a fabulous Monday, and make sure to follow @thepinklilyboutique on Instagram!



Bright Red Beauty

TGIF Friends! Not only is it one day until the weekend, it's Face It Friday!

I'm sharing my favorite red lip shade and this gorgeousss red dress from eShakti. When I originally picked out this piece I had no idea how incredible it would translate in photos - but wow! The color is so vibrant and the details so luxurious. Plus, the bow makes it! 

If you've never heard of eShakti or checked out their site you definitely should! The concept of their online boutique is really inventive. There's three easy steps! 1. You pick out your favorite design. 2. Tell them your measurements. 3. Customize your design to fit your style. For example, the dress I'm wearing above can be customized with different length sleeves and various necklines - so much fun to take part in the design process!

Some other styles giving me emoji heart eyes are here, here, here, and the colorblock version of my dress here.  

Word to the wise: If you plan to wear your maxi dress with heels make sure to take that into consideration when filling in your height measurements. If you want your dress to hit the floor, then add in your heel height! 

You can visit eShakti's Facebook here, their Pinterest here and their Instagram at @eshakti.

And drumroll favorite, most daring, red lip color is by MAC Cosmetics and it's called d is for danger. It's a darker red - oh so beautiful!

I hope you have fun shopping and have a fabulous weekend!