Work Wear | Start Your Week Off On the Right Foot

Hello, Monday (again)!

Today I thought I'd share some tips to starting your week off right, in addition to a pop of color and some print. This silk polka dot top was a recent birthday gift from my grandmother and boy, does she have good taste! I love that I can wear it now to work and it will transition well into the spring with a print that's still very on trend. My jeans are from STS Blue and are amazing for anyone vertically challenged, like myself. They are the only flared jeans I buy that don't need to be hemmed and I'm 5'2" (take into consideration I only wear them with wedges or heels). I've also linked a similar and affordable pair above and below. I threw in a fun pop of pink in honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday - a great way to incorporate a bright, love-oriented color for work. 

Now onto my tips for a brighter, more organized Monday!

Outfit planning. A great way to start your week off on the right foot is to plan ahead on Sunday. I like to do this by finishing chores around the house, grocery shopping, packing my lunch, and outfit planning. It may be a small step but it saves me time and energy in the morning. No back and forth about this shirt or that shirt, these pants or those shoes. I have a clothing rack in my bedroom where I hang them for the week to come, along with jewelry and accessories. 

Give yourself a little extra time. One of the worst ways to start off your Monday is by running late. I love having 15 extra minutes to get out the door so I'm not forgetting anything important and so I don't start off my day with an anxious mind. You can even try setting an alarm ahead of time as an alert that you need to get going or write out a morning schedule and try to stick to it. It's a good way of setting yourself up for success!  

A cup of coffee (+ a healthy breakfast). For you, this might be tea, or a smoothie, or even a glass of iced water, but my daily cup of coffee starts my morning off right. I look forward to it each and every day and I'll be honest, it even helps motivate me to get out of bed on time. In addition, it's best not to skip breakfast even if you feel like you're pressed for time. I like to keep cinnamon apple oatmeal and breakfast bars at work - it's quick, easy, and tides me over until lunch. 

Making a list. The first thing I do when I get to work in the morning and the last thing I do at night is to make a to-do list. It's my way of constantly staying organized and on schedule with all of my projects and deadlines. It's a great tool to jog your memory about what was going on the week before and allows you to highlight things that need to be done right away and mark out things you've completed (that's my favorite part). Your list doesn't have to be on can be electronic or even done using some of the cool, new innovative list-making apps. 

Updating your planner. After (or before) I've updated my to-do list, I update my planner. I'm a paper planner person and highly doubt I will ever schedule via my phone, but hey do what works for you! I keep my planner with me at all times so I can pencil in personal tasks & appointments, along with all of my meetings for work. I do have an Outlook calendar on my work computer which is convenient with alerts, but I also keep them in my planner just in case. 

Get in a workout. Another great way to start your Monday is by getting in a workout. I'm not so great at sticking to this one, but I find that if I workout on the first day of the week, I'm more likely to go back several times throughout the rest of it. Plus, a good workout gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy! And who doesn't want a happy Monday?!

I hope all of you had a restful and wonderful weekend! Justin and I (and Heidi) starting watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix and after just two days are pretty hooked. We aren't quite sure how there are so many seasons as so many things have already happened, but I guess we will see. We also attended a get together for Justin's work with friends which was a nice change of scenery. I've been working so much that I'm either at the office or at home with my face buried in my computer. Oh, and we also had date night Saturday at one of our fav local restaurants! Is it bad that I'm already counting down the days until next weekend?!



Bell Sleeve Beauty | + January Favorites

Green Bell Sleeve Top // Similar Boyfriend Jeans // Nude Patent Pumps // Tortoise Sunglasses
Crossbody Bag // Pink Nail Polish // Pura Vida Bracelets (c/o)

#tgif friends! It's been a long week and I'm definitely ready for some much-needed downtime this weekend. The past couple weeks of work have been crazy and I've definitely been scrambling to get everything done. But I'm determined the long hours will pay off in the end! For today's post, I'm sharing my January Favorites, one of which is this amazing green bell sleeve top (under $23!). I paired it with a pair of boyfriend jeans, nude pumps, sassy shades, and my fav crossbody bag. I also threw on some big blush earrings for a pop of color and have linked some that are similar below under Shop The Post.

On my wrist, I'm wearing some beautiful blush and cream bracelets from Pura Vida Bracelets. Pura Vida has sooo many pretty pieces to choose from, and luckily you can create quite the arm stack by mixing & matching your favorites. I'm sure you'll be seeing them often on my Instagram as I also received some in burgundy and black! Every Pura Vida bracelet is handmade by artisans in Costa Rica with a philosophy of living life to the fullest. The company has even given back almost one million dollars from their charity bracelet lines!

They have been so kind to offer my followers 20% off with the code PARDONMUAHINSTA20.

Below you'll find the rest of my January Favorites and can shop them below! 



Will You Be My Valentine?

Happy Hump Day Friends and welcome back to Wear It Wednesday!

Today I wanted to share another casual Valentine's Day outfit and the cutest Tiny Lips Printed Scarf from Frou Frou & Frill. It also comes in pink! The perfect piece for those of you who have to dress up for work and want to incorporate something a little more festive. It would also look awesome with a pink or red blouse! I paired mine with my favorite ruffle sweater (it also comes in black). I've shared my ankle skinnies many times before, because they are the perfect wash and work for so many occasions - definitely an investment, but well worth it if you wear them as much as I do! For footwear, I'm showing off a pair of lace up suede wedges that are sooo comfy and still in stock. Great for dresses, jeans, or even nice shorts and a tunic for spring & summer. 

On my wrist, I'm wearing some of my favorite Vday colored Lily & Laura bracelets. If you've never heard of Lily & Laura they are an amazing company that gives back to women in Nepal. All of the bracelets are made by hand in Kathmandu Valley where the women are able to work from the comfort of their homes. "Lily and Laura pays above fair trade wages greatly enhancing the quality of life for their artisans and their families." A cause easy to stand behind! Plus, each bracelet is a piece of art because no two are the same. Definitely, check out their Valentine's Day section - there are so many amazing pink & red creations to choose from!

They have been so kind to extend a 20% off discount code (use PardonmuahL+L) for all of my followers.



California Bucket List


Today's post is really a two for one. I'm talking about my California Bucket List and sharing some fun and cozy clothing & accessories. I was getting my daily cup of coffee before work one morning when I saw this California-themed mug in Starbucks...and of course, I had to have it (being a new Californian). Justin and I have been talking about traveling more this year and making the most of our time here in northern California. So I thought I'd share our destination bucket list with you to keep us accountable. Now, will we complete the entire list in 2017? Probably not. But hey, we will do our best! Now that we have Companion Pass on Southwest for our flights, it makes it easier to take quick weekend trips. You'll find our list below + one extra!

1. Tahoe in the winter & summer. Okay, okay. We should have done this eighteen times already, but we just haven't. We are homebodies by nature and find ourselves comfortable and not doing much on the weekends. Plus, I'm usually working Saturday and some of Sunday which makes travel hard. So, we'd like to make it up to Tahoe in the next couple weeks so Justin can snowboard (I will be taking lessons haha) and then we'd like to go back when it's nice and warm in the summer.

2. Disneyland.  I I need to explain myself here?

3. Los Angeles. I've been to Los Angeles once before when I was in high school but didn't get to do much sightseeing. I'm pretty sure Justin has never been, so it's one of those cities we've got to see while we live fairly close (with traffic it's decently far - we will most likely fly).

4. Harry Potter World. Justin is a hugeeee Harry Potter fan and I love the movies so we really want to visit Harry Potter World. I'm in the process of reading all the books so I can actually say I'm a fan. I feel like a "fake fan" right now since I've only seen the cinema versions. 

5. Pacific Coast Highway to Monterey Bay. Lots of facts about Justin today. He's a mechanical engineer and loves to race his track car that he basically built himself (not Nascar...think European racing) so we want to make it down to Monterey Bay where they have a really nice track. We want to take the scenic route down the Pacific Coast Highway to take in the gorgeous weather and scenery. 

6. The City for a Giants Game. We've been to the San Fransisco several times, but never to a Giants game so that's a definite this coming season. I'd like to take the ferry down, see a game, and then spend the night in a nice hotel!

7. San Diego. I threw this destination out to Justin because neither of us had thought of it previously, but we both agreed we'd like to make a trip. San Diego is more of the "California" folks on the east coast think about. Super sunny, (usually) void of rain, palm trees, the Pacific coast...the whole nine yards. 

8. Yosemite. One of the coolest things about California is all of the drastically different places you can go within driving distance. North to snow, south to sun, west to water. Yosemite is in the Sierra Nevada mountains and has amazing views and pretty places to say. 

9. Muir Woods & Bodega Bay. Muir woods is very close to San Fransisco and we could probably visit when we go down for a Giants game. It's a national monument that is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Bodega Bay, also nearby, is in Sonoma County and has lots of activities and things to do, many involving the outdoors. Beaches, hiking, horseback riding, etc. Justin suggested this one so I'm guessing there might be a track nearby...hmmm...

10. Hawaii. I realize this is not in California haha. But Justin and I have always said we'd like to go to Hawaii while we are in California because the flights are so much cheaper. No idea if we will be able to fit it in, but we've been talking about taking an all-inclusive, relaxing vacation together. Luckily, one of our friends is getting married in Costa Rica and another in Newport Beach this year so that will take care of part of our urge to visit a tropical destination. 

If you've traveled to any or all of these places before I'd love to hear your recommendations and reviews! Part of my 2017 Resolutions was to travel and shed some of my homebody ways so I'm going to do my best to make it happen - as long as the funds are available lol!


Valentine's Day Gifts | xoxo

Friday's post is very late...because obviously today is Saturday haha! 

I'm so sorry for being tardy, but this week definitely got the best of me, even with a day off Monday. All day meetings at work, double the commute time due to bad weather, and an entire day without power. Okay, I'll stop complaining because now it's the weekend and time to talk about Valentine's Day gift giving. I know it's still January, but it's never too early to start thinking about gifts for your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend...or heck, yourself! I've listed a lot of my favorites above and you can shop them below! 

I'm also going to add a Vday Gifts tab to the top of the blog for easy shopping. And like I said, you may find some cute things for yourself too - it doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to enjoy pink lipgloss, fuzzy blankets, cozy pj's, and a cute coffee mug! 

Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday.



Pink Ruffles

I almost didn't post today (insert hands over eyes monkey emoji). I'm still a day behind since Monday was a holiday. Which is great because Friday will come quicker than usual, but I feel like I'm playing serious catch-up. Work is going to be really busy for the next three days and I'm trying to stay as organized as possible before the weekend rolls around. I always look forward to Saturday and Sunday, but they are usually pretty busy with styling and blogging and taking photos, etc. Full of relaxation too, but I'm always stressing myself out thinking about what is coming next haha.

Since, like most things, it will be here before you know it, Valentine's Day is right around the corner! I received this adorable pink sweetheart ruffle top from Sid and Sam last week and knew it would make the perfect Vday attire. This top is perfect because it's under $50 and fits my petite frame like a dream. I normally wear an xs and am wearing the small so I would probably size up! 

On the bottom I'm wearing my favvvvvorite ankle skinny jean - I wear them so much I probably need to buy a second pair because I can tell I'm already wearing them out. The pumps are my preferred style and just enough height to help me to not feel so short. For accessories, I'm wearing a gold monogram necklace from Frou Frou & Frill and my new bracelet obsession. Wire bangles with gorgeous stones paired with my newest Lily and Laura baubles (c/o). And of course, my go-to tortoise sunnies. You can find it all linked below, in addition to some other blush tops I'm loving. 



MLK Day Sales

I totally forgot to post MLK Day Sales earlier in my hair post (+ it was already sooo long) so I thought I'd add a second post today! Below you will find tons of amazing deals from Nordstrom (click on the word Nordstrom to navigate to all the clothing sales). I tried to pick pieces that are available in most sizes and multiple colors. Also, my New Year's Eve dress is now On Sale for under $40 - get it while it's hot!!!!


Look Good, Feel Good | My Favorite Hair Products & Tools


There's nothing better than feeling and looking like a million bucks - am I right?! 

So much of the "feel good" comes from the inside, but sometimes a little hairspray and lipstick can't hurt! It's been proven when you feel like you look good, you work harder, feel more motivated, and may even empower yourself to do things you wouldn't if you're feeling down. Again, I preface all of this with, "It starts from within." I don't know about you, but when I'm having a "good" makeup day or an "outstanding" hair day, it boosts me in the right direction. It gives me confidence and many times, creates a positive outlook on the day ahead. 

So today I thought I'd talk about hair as a follow-up to my Snapchat Q&A yesterday because I know, hair, many times, is so much more than "hair" (do you feel me?). If you haven't had a chance to watch it yet, my Snapchat should be up until around noon today so make sure to stop by pardonmuahsnaps for a talk through and a tutorial on how I tease my hair (thanks to Justin's help). It was my first time talking on Snapchat while Justin watched so I felt kind of silly! But, luckily he was very supportive - he even gave me creative direction haha! 

If you see this post after 12 pm PST, no worries! I will share all of the products and tools again. Below are my go-to's for washing, conditioning, prepping, drying, volumizing, curling, straightening, etc. (They are in the order I use them, but keep in mind I don't always use ALL of them every time I do my hair).

But first...let's talk about hair type. Depending on the hair you were blessed with you may need more of one thing or less of another. Everyone's hair is different and, trust me, the grass isn't always greener. While you may dream of beautifully straight hair right out of the shower, the girl next to you may be wishing for thick, wavy locks like yours. I get the most questions about how I get volume in my hair and a lot of that is thanks to my curly, rather coarse hair type that holds teasing really well. Never fear, whatever your hair type, the hair gods have created all types of concoctions and tools to help! See below.

Shampoo - For the past couple weeks my go-to shampoo has been Briogeo Rosarco Repair Shampoo. It was sent to me as free PR and I ended up falling in love. Before Briogeo I was using Pureology Hydrate Shampoo (and conditionerand I still highly recommend. Both products are great for color treated hair and are free of sulfates which are a big NO NO. Say no to sulfates!

Conditioner - When I received my Briogeo shampoo I also received the Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask. It's supposed to help repair hair and it claims you will see a difference in three washes - and I absolutely agree! In my experience, I could tell that my hair was shinier and more manageable after only a couple uses. 

Wet Hair Brush - This hairbrush isn't only for wet hair, but it's called a Tangle Teezer for a reason. It helps to safely brush through wet (and dry) hair without pulling it out or causing you lots of pain. 

Blow Dry Repair Cream - My hair stylist recommended this product and I've been using it for several months now. I apply my Bumble & Bumble Repair Blow Dry cream after I get out of the shower and brush through my hair. Since I use so much heat and style on a daily basis, this helps to keep my strands in a healthier state. 

Thickening Hairspray - Another Bumble & Bumble product I love is the BB Thickening Hairspray. And despite what you may think you put this onto your hair while it's wet. I originally used it years ago and didn't really get it...granted I think I put it on dry hair haha. Now I see a huge difference! I section my hair and spray this directly onto the root. If you have coarser hair feel free to use liberally. For those with finer hair, I would use more sparingly throughout. I can actually tell my locks are more volumized after I apply, even when wet. 

Oil Treatment - Hello holy grail product! I don't think I could survive (happily) without my Moroccanoil Treatment. I put it into my hair before I blow dry, after I blow dry, and pretty much every day when I touch up my hair. Again, if you have fine hair I suggest buying the "fine hair" version as it won't create as much build up. My hair seems to eat this stuff up and I can use quite a bit without feeling like my hair is dirty. I even travel with this because the moment my hair senses precipitation it goes into "poodle" mode.

Hair Brush - A couple of months ago I decided to donate my usual hairbrush to Justin because I always caught him using it lol. I gladly gave it up and went over to Sephora to see what they had in stock. I'm not one to spend a large amount of money on brushes so I chose a pretty yellow version by Dry Bar. I use my Lemon Drop Daily Detangler in the morning when I'm getting ready and while I'm blow drying my hair to get it as straight as I can. It's not life-changing, but I have no complaints!

Blow Dryer - I like this tool so much it made my yearly favorites and I didn't receive it until November. Which I realize should probably take it out of contention as a "yearly" fav, but it's just too good. I had my last blow dryer for over eight years and in the end, it almost melted my hair off (not the dryer's fault, I kept it wayyy too long). So luckily, Justin got me a new one for Christmas! I'd been drooling over it for two years and did lots and lots of research. It does come at a pretty price, but it claims to have a ten-year battery life and a ten-year warranty! Plus, it's under a pound in weight so it's great for travel. It also has a heating mechanism that dries hair faster without getting scolding hot. Which dryer is this? It's the Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer! Another awesome product I forgot to mention on Snapchat is blow dry clips! I found mine at TJ Maxx, but you can also buy Sephora Collection for $10.

Round Brush - A good round brush is a must for any girl's hair tool collection. And I highly recommend learning how to use it with your blow dryer. I still feel challenged many days trying to blow dry and brush and curl my ends under - total octopus status. But it helps to smooth out hair while also creating fantastic volume. Right now I'm using a Revlon Perfect Style Ion + Ceramic Brush that I found at CVS. It's under $10 and does the job! I'd like to get another in a larger size because I don't want small waves in my short hair, rather straight, full volume. 

Round Brush Blow Dryer - Another cool product that comes in very handy is a round brush blow dryer. And it's exactly what it sounds like. A round brush with holes that blow hot air like the Helen of Troy 1 Inch Professional Hot Air Brush (Hot Tools also makes great versions). It's an easier option than holding both a dryer and a brush, but it's not as fast if this is your only option. I like to do both or I will use this as a touch up in the morning to curl my ends back under. Right now I'm growing my hair out so my ends are constantly flipping out and it drives me crazy!

Straightener - Another item to invest in is your straightener. One, because you want a tool that will get hot enough, but not burn off your hair. One that will smooth your ends, not break them. Two, because they will most likely last longer and come with a warranty. My last straightener lasted over four years! And after I retired it, I bought the same brand, GHD. Last year Justin got me the GHD Platinum Styler and I absolutely love it! It also has beveled edges that allow me to create waves and body. 

Texture Spray - One of my new obsessions this year is texture spray. I've owned Bumble & Bumble's Thickening Dryspun Finish for quite a while, but only used it to create a volume throughout in my hair when it was wavy. I recently decided to spray it on my roots before teasing and realized it helps to give "Wow!" volume. Quick tip: Don't use too much or it will make your hair dirty quicker. My newest favorite is Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray.

Comb - No fancy combs for this girl. I use a $3 version from Target. I don't like a fancier comb with short teeth and long teeth and I particularly don't like a comb with bristles. My favorite of all time was a carbon comb designed for high heat while styling. I found the large KeraStraight Carbon Comb online and it's super similar.

Hairspray - This is probably one of the most important products you will buy and I'd bet one of the most utilized. Hairspray has been around for a long time and thank goodness it has! My tried and true, go-to, I've bought so many cans, is Loreal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Unscented. Note, I highly dislike the scented version but loveee the unscented. It's a great everyday, hair with movement hairspray. For extra hold try Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Hairspray - it smells great! 

Dry Shampoo - And last, but certainly not least, let's talk about some dry shampoo! The product every gal needs in her hair arsenal. Lately, the weather has been making my hair more oily than usual so I've been utilizing quite a bit of shampoo in a bottle. A couple quick sprays on the roots and you're good to go. It also helps with volume if your hair is falling flat. My long time fav is Batiste Dry Shampoo. My new fav that I will even use with the first is Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-powder.

Phew! That was a longgg post ya'll!

 I hope it was helpful and please let me know if you have any questions I didn't answer. You can shop all of the products and tools mentioned below OR any time on the blog sidebar labeled "Hair Care."