Style Edit | Blonde Perfection + A Giveaway

style edit blonde perfection root touch-up concealer

style edit blonde perfection root concealer

A special Thursday post is coming your way today. Face It Friday came early this week and I'm sharing an incredibly cool hair care product. I get so many questions about what tools, creams, color, and sprays I use so I thought you all would enjoy! I recently tried out Style Edit's Blonde Perfection Root Touch-Up and Concealer and think it's something you guys will absolutely love, especially if you color your hair. And don't stop reading if you're a brunette or red head because they make these products for you too.

Neon Summer

pom tassel clutch hot pink off the shoulder top white skinny jeans yellow tassel earrings

I cannot even tell you how excited I've been to share today's neon summer post. I snagged this amazing pom tassel clutch recently and after pairing it with my hot pink top and yellow new favorite summer outfit! The bright colors really pop against a white skinny jean and I can't wait to wear this to a fun event or get together. I definitely won't get lost in a crowd lol. 



A Glam Fourth Of July

flag glasses tee striped skirt pink pumps

Hello, and Happy Monday! 

As always, the first day of the week rolls around so soon. It seems like the weekends are always on fast I right?! I realized yesterday while planning out my photos shoot that Fourth of July is quickly approaching and I hadn't done any kind of outfit post to celebrate. And, until today, I haven't shared this adorable festive flag glasses tee from Rollick Threads. I decided to glam up this year's look because...why not lol? I started with the striped skirt (a new fav from Stitch Fix) and then by default, started adding pink accessories and then my new baby blue chandelier earrings



Summer Favorites Under $50

tops dresses bags shoes lipstick earrings

Hello, friends! 

I have a special Saturday post for you today. I put together several of my NEW summer favorites, all under $50. Tops, dresses, lipstick, earrings, and amazing detailed bags. And now is the time to snag them while they're hot because things go fast and fall apparel is fast approaching.



Lipsense | A Review

lipsense long lasting lipgloss

Happy Friday! Thank goodness, am I right?!

Today's post is one I've been excited to share ever since I tried a new beauty product last week. My sweet, sweet sorority sister asked if she could help find me a Lipsense color I loved and I said I would give it a shot, but with hesitation. Several months ago I tried this must-have product but wasn't wowed. In retrospect, I think I just didn't like the color and I didn't really give it a tried and true test.

But, thankfully I gave it a second chance and I found my perfect shade!



A Fab Floral Dress

groopdealz off the shoulder floral dress

Welcome back to Wear It Wednesday, friends! 

Today I'm sharing an adorable off the shoulder floral dress from Groopdealz, a fun site filled with daily boutique deals on clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor, and gadgets. And it's very affordable! For example, this dress was less than $20. There are so many items to choose from you'll end up like me, with several orders coming your way.



Currently Loving

ruffle top, peplum tee,shawl, tassel earrings, leopard sandals, mascara, powder, nail polish, blush
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Hello, Friends, hello, Monday!

I've been loving several items lately and thought I'd share them with you today. I've linked them above and am sharing why they're worth buying below. Many of the items I took with me on my recent trip and others I'm obsessing over for summer.


Why I Love Hydrafacials

the plastic surgery center granite bay skin care

the plastic surgery center granite bay esthetician Christine Verran

Good Morning Friends and TGIF! I'm still playing major catch up from our eleven-day trip and feel like I'm drowning in work. I can't wait to un-pile myself so I can finally get organized. It's so hard for me to concentrate when things are in disarray. Luckily this past Tuesday I was able to visit one of my favorite places to decompress for a bit and relax. I knew my skin was going to need some extra love and attention after so many flights and climate changes so I scheduled myself a Hydrafacial (my favorite skin care service) at The Plastic Surgery Center - Granite Bay, California before leaving for our trip. And thank goodness I did because my face feels sooo much better!



A Simple White Peplum Tee

simple white peplum tee with distressed skinny jeans and bow mules


Hello, hello!

Today, I'm finally getting back on the blogging track. Phew! It's been a long eleven days of travel and excitement and my body had no idea what time it is. I thought I was going to have a lot more down time than I did while on our trip, but I ended up planning poorly and missing two blog post days. But, today I'm back with a new Wear It Wednesday post featuring a darling peplum top under $40.

White Dress & Studded Sandals


Hello, Friends!

Today’s post is coming a little late due to our crazy travel schedule this week. We left Tampa yesterday and spent the morning and afternoon at Universal Studios and Harry Potter World which was so much fun! My favorite, hands down, was HP World and I think Justin would agree. We drank Gilly Water and Butter Beer, ate at Leaky Cauldron, and got chased by a dragon at Gringotts (my favvv ride!). Luckily, we didn’t wear our finest clothes because it poured rain for a good portion of our visit. We decided to opt out of the clear ponchos and fortunately, I brought a hat! After we had had enough and the lines to ride were over an hour, we headed to Orlando to see my best friend Nikki who was so gracious to host us at her apartment for the night. Not only did she take us to the yummiest pizza place with a gluten-free crust and vegan cheese, but she showed us all around UCF where she works and the most incredible area called Winter Park where we got macarons. It was so nice to catch up with her since we haven’t seen much of each other since we both moved away from Roanoke, VA. 

On Beach Time | Packing For A 10 Day Trip

sun hat with pink cami and floral shorts

tassel earrings with pink cami and floral shorts

blush studded watch and gold link bracelet with pink cami

sun hat with pink cami and floral shorts

blush studded watch and gold link bracelet with pink cami and sun hat

sun hat with pink cami and floral shorts

blush studded watch and gold link bracelet with pink cami

Hello, Friends!

Sorry for no post last Friday or this Monday. I've been updating my site and traveling and wanted to wait until I could unveil the new design. I have a couple of kinks I still need to work out but as you'll see there's a new header, sidebar, and excitingly, a new title bar with a drop-down menu for shopping! This will make things much easier for you do navigate because I can highlight sales and isolated certain categories. The rest of the changes should be done by the end of the week! 

For today's post, I thought I'd share a fun summer outfit and some tips on packing for a long trip. I won't be sharing and linking everything because that would take forever but I am including some key pieces and items from packing cubes to the best travel wrap you'll ever find! Feel free to leave me any questions or requests for links if they aren't included. 

If you haven't been watching my Instastories, you probably don't know Justin and I are on a ten-day trip. Last Friday we headed to northern Virginia to surprise his brother for high school graduation. He was so surprised to see us standing in the kitchen - it was so cute! The next day we attended his grad party where I got to meet lots new faces and enjoy tons of yummy food. On Sunday, we headed up to DC to spend the day with my parents who conveniently live less than an hour away. My sweet momma took me shopping for some dresses to wear on the back end of our trip while my dad took Justin golfing. On Monday they dropped us off at the airport and we traveled south to Tampa for Justin's three-day work trip which is where we are now. At the end of the week, we're headed to Orlando to Harry Potter World and Universal Studios where we'll play all day - we can't wait! Luckily, my bestie lives there so we get to see her for dinner and she's been kind enough to let us crash with her for the night. Then Friday, we're flying back to the west coast where we are attending a three-day wedding in Newport Beach. It's going to be quite the extravaganza and I cannot wait to see my beautiful friend tie the knot. Then finally, we will head back home to little Miss Heidi!

So...needless to say, we've had a lot to pack for lots of special occasions that require different types of attire. For the wedding alone, I needed to pack a welcome dinner dress, brunch attire, cocktail dinner dress, my bridesmaid sari, and a black tie gown -phew! And that's just for the last three days. I'm really particular about packing and don't like to take too much so I started putting my things together a week early. That way I could pack and repack more than once, dwindling it down to only the necessary items. I even left some additional things at my parent's house for them to send home that I felt were still excessive. Between Justin and I, we only took one large suitcase and a medium suitcase which I'm quite proud of! And luckily, flying Southwest, both of our bags fly free.

So how did I pack for eleven days without taking fourteen bags?! Keep reading to find out!

Think staples! Things you will wear more than once. Like your favorite pair of jeans, a versatile pair of shorts, and dark colored clothing that's less likely to show dirt. In the case of our special events, I only packed one item per occasion in case something got dirty, but luckily it's summer so things are small and easy to fold into a small space. See the shop widget below for the fun dresses I'll be wearing. 

When it comes to accessorizing and travel I prefer to take only what I need. I always take go-to's like my David Yurman bracelet and ring, a watch, a couple Alex & Ani bangles, and my new favorite gold link bracelet. Other than that I take only what is crucial for rounding out certain outfits. For example, for one of the cocktail nights, it's Indian-inspired so I'm taking some statement beaded earrings to give my dress a little pizzazz. And for one of my dresses, I brought a statement bib necklace to jazz it up. 

  • One beach hat (we squished it into the suitcase and it came out fine!)
  • One ball cap (for our Universal park day)
  • The usual simple jewelry for every day
  • Some statement tassel earrings (love these) for my event attire
  • Two bikinis + two coverups and the cutest unicorn pool koozie
  • An umbrella (that came in handy since Florida has had so much rain)


Shoes take up a lot of room so this is where I tried to pack footwear that go with many different outfits. The sandals I chose to take are absolutely amazing and so comfy which is crucial when you plan on standing and dancing during your vacation! It's also always nice to have a good pair of walking shoes and something you can wear all day to travel.


This is where it's really tough for me to pack light. Especially on a trip where I have to dress up and do my hair. I try and take as many travel size items as I can and luckily, they make almost everything in travel size these days. Because we are traveling a week on the front end of my friend's wedding I also had to pack self-tanner, a mitt, nail polish remover, and of course, nail polish so I'm not looking messy when we arrive in SoCal.


I'm not going to list all of my makeup because that would take all day (they will be listed under SHOP super soon) lol but I do, however, want to share my travel makeup case. I've been looking for a cosmetic case for so long that zips around the top so it's easier to find things. All of my previous makeup bags have had a top zipper and everything falls into a deep abyss where I can never find it. The one I found is amazing and had three compartments. A zipper section on top for smaller items, a section for brushes with a clear cover, and a bottom section for everything else. It's lightweight and big enough to fit everything a girl needs to doll up her face. Plus, it has a cute palm print!


Know that I can work on the go I always bring my laptop computer. I just ordered a new cover and case for it today because mine broke right before we left. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and hotel delivery! I love the hot pink & leopard combo and both were very reasonably priced.


A large lightweight tote works best for travel! I use my Louis Vuitton Neverfull and let me tell you, the Neverfull title never fails. I try to keep it relatively light but that never seems to happen. Oh, well! Inside I pack all the essentials that I can't bear to lose, items to keep me preoccupied, and sustenance to keep me full. I've also linked my packing cubes (these will change your life) and similar colorful hard sided suitcases below. 

  • Macbook Air
  • iPhone
  • Headphones
  • Cosmetic bag with small items I may need: eye drops, hair oil, facial spray, lip balm, touch up powder + brush, rollerball perfume, deodorant, wisp toothpaste, hand lotion
  • Sunglasses + case
  • Normal glasses + case
  • Plane snacks


Have a fabulous Wednesday!