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This post is sponsored by ApotheCare, but opinions expressed are my own. 

apothecare shampoo and conditioner

You guys... we are only 10 days away from Christmas! Can you believe it?! I totally forgot I had this festive red dress in my closet and now am trying to figure out where I wear it. Maybe Justin will have to take me on a festive date night! I hope all of you had a fabulous week and are gearing up for the holiday season with some fun parties and Christmas gatherings. One of my favorite parts about get-togethers is that you get to dress up and do your makeup and hair!

I get so many questions about what I use to achieve volume and body in my hair. So lately I've been trying out new products I can review and share. And today I'm sharing a shampoo and conditioner combo by ApotheCARE Essentials. This is a brand I hadn't tried previously but can tell you I was quite pleased with the results. My first impression was that the company uses high-quality ingredients and shows off their scientific approach to hair care with sleek packaging. I also LOVE that the bottles have pumps - it makes showering so much easier!
apothecare essentials the booster shampoo and conditioner

apothecare shampoo and conditioner

apothecare essentials the booster shampoo and conditioner

apothecare essentials the booster shampoo and conditioner

apothecare shampoo and conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner also smell lovely. If any of you are fans of floral scents you'll love ApotheCARE Essentials. The specific shampoo and conditioner I used are called "The Booster" and they are designed for limp or fine hair to create weightless, thicker-looking volume and vibrant shine for color treated hair (like mine). I obviously don't need much more volume in my hair lol but hey, I'm always happy for a little extra. Plus, I get a lot of questions from readers who do have a thinner or fine hair type so it's great for me to give suggestions I feel will work well. And my first impression was quite good!

When using the products, it filled the shower with a beautiful smell, which was pleasant and also lasted through blow drying and straightening. Both the shampoo and conditioner are free of parabens, silicones, and dyes, which is ALWAYS something I look for in my hair products since I color my hair and want to keep it looking great as long as possible. Again, having pumps already attached to the bottles made my hair washing experience so much better. It may sound silly, but having to mess with a bottle and lid drives me crazy. 

Also, this is no joke, the shampoo actually made my hair squeaky clean. I almost laughed because as I was washing it out my hair literally made a squeaking noise and I loved it. I thought, "WOW, my hair is super clean." And I'm the kind of girl who needs a shampoo that can really cut through all the product I use like mousses and oils and hairsprays. 

After washing and blow drying my hair still felt very clean. Sometimes, because I have thick hair, I feel like I can't get all of the shampoo and/or conditioner out, so when I blow dry it doesn't feel silky soft... like there is still residue. So when testing new products I always hold my breathe when blow drying. But, fortunately, the ApotheCARE Essentials products didn't leave any residue. Quick tip: I also wash my hair in cold water right before I get out of the shower because it helps bring out a lot of shine.

ApotheCARE Essentials always follows a three-step approach. (1) Precise Selection of ingredients. My shampoo has rosehip oil, geranium, and aloe vera, and the conditioner has distilled cactus milk, extracted Moroccan mint, and steam distilled lavender. (2) Phyto-extraction Technique to harness core essence of each plant. (3) Unique Slow Infusion Process to gradually infuse the products with the ingredients. 

By using this cutting-edge scientific approach, ApotheCARE Essentials is able to bring together apothecary spirit and modern beauty. They even offer skin care products! 

If you're interested in testing out ApotheCARE Essentials products for yourself you can go to for exclusive access to the line before it launches in store in 2018

Have a fabulous Friday!

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