BLOGGING 101 | Round-Up

blogging 101 round up

For today's blog post I thought it might be fun to round up everything I've written about blogging. This year I started a series called BLOGGING 101 and previously wrote some additional posts that should still be helpful (like my photo equipment!). I get questions daily about how to start a blog and how to grow on social media so I thought it would be nice to put everything in one place!

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I'm listing this post first because it talks about the blogging basics. Questions to ask if you're thinking about starting a blog, the first steps to take once you've decided to give it a go, deciding on a blog name, where to buy a domain, equipment you'll need, and some insight into my own journey. 

photo equipment to take your own photos

I highly recommend checking out this post if you're interested in taking your own photos. Trust me, it will make life SO much easier when you need a quick photo for the gram and no one is around. My boyfriend works a 9-5 and it's expensive to pay someone every day... but there are tools to help!

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This is by far the most commonly asked question. I wish there was a magic answer, but sadly it just takes a lot of time, consistency, and patience. Things used to move quicker, but nowadays with so many bloggers entering the industry and all of the social algorithms, it's much more of a challenge.

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I wrote this post because I know there is a lot of curiosity around blogging and how people make money. I chat about how I earn a living and my journey to making any money at all. It's definitely not an overnight process and it's important to know what's in store if you're thinking of blogging yourself.

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Another common question I get is "How do you stay inspired?" It's definitely not easy some days. I feel like I go through periods of time where I'm super inspired and then weeks where I hit a lull. Totally normal when you work as a creative - this post sheds light on my fave place to find inspo!

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Lastly, but probably most importantly, how to thrive as a blogger without feeling the need to always compete. It's a competitive industry where it's easy to lose yourself, and if you aren't careful, the whole thing can become not so fun. Read the post & quote that made me feel free to do my own thing.

I really hope these posts are a helpful resource.
I've had a lot of fun putting them together and will definitely do more in the future!

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